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BJP undecided on backing no-trust move by Andhra MPs

December 11, 2013 19:16 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party is undecided on supporting the no-confidence motion moved by Andhra Pradesh MPs of Congress and Telugu Desam Party against the UPA government, said senior party leader L K Advani.

Advani told reporters here that the Andhra MPs had initially approached BJP for support but after looking at the text of the motion, the party has decided to give it a relook as it did not give any argument.

"We have not finally decided. But when this morning, they came to us, TDP members came to us when we were having a meeting in our party office. They came to request us that we have been trying to mobilise numbers to strengthen the motion put to the House.

"So, we were inclined at first when we saw the text of the motion. It did not give arguments. It was a single line motion. We were inclined to support it. But on second thoughts, we considered as our party also suggested (the formation of Telangana), we thought it needs a re-look," the BJP patriach said.

On Congress from AP members bringing no-confidence motion against the government, Advani said such a thing had never happened in the past that any member from the ruling party had brought a no-confidence motion against its own government.

Noting that it were Congress allies which were disturbing the functioning of the House, Advani said this situation helped Congress because without restoring order, the no-confidence motion cannot be put up even for consideration.

"I found that Congress party and its allies are trying to see that the motion does not come up at all on the ground that there is disorder in the House and so we cannot put it to vote and without restoring order, we cannot put it up even for consideration.

"So, that kind of situation was a fear situation. It should not happen as it is mainly towards the end that only the allies of Congress party who are disturbing the House," Advani said. 

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