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Angry Indresh Kumar reacts to Aseemanand interview: 'It is a fraud'

Last updated on: February 07, 2014 16:48 IST

'A government which is so inefficient, what hope of justice can we have from them?' RSS leader Indresh Kumar tells's Prasanna D Zore.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Indresh Kumar, who finds mention in Swami Aseemanand's explosive interview to Caravan magazine (since recanted by the swami) -- where the latter has alleged that RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat was aware of his plans to set off blasts on the Samjhauta Express and at Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid -- tells's Prasanna D Zore that it is a conspiracy and a fraud.

Your name has cropped up in the Caravan interview (where Swami Aseemanand is saying that RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and you knew of the conspiracy to set off blasts).
It is a total fraud. Let me ask you this question. On whose name (Swami Aseemanand) the interview has been published, is it not the media's moral duty to ask him, ask Swami Aseemanand, if the interview is a fraud or not?

The entire media is indulging in an immoral practice. His lawyer may have refuted that no such interview took place, but what I want to ask you is, isn't it the media's duty too to ask Swami Aseemanand if he ever gave this interview in question?

If his lawyers are saying that such an interview never took place, then whatever Caravan magazine has published is a fraud.

Were you present at that meeting that Swami Aseemanand says took place in July 2005 when he revealed to you and Mohan Bhagwat his terror plans?

When he has not given such an interview, then aap ek fraud pe se sawaal kyun pooch rahe ho sahab (how can you base your question on the basis of a fraud interview)?

But the magazine's editor Vinod Jose has offered to submit the interview tapes for forensic analysis...

(Interrupting) If he has published a fraud, then will you also go with the fraud? Is this fair and just?

If Swami Aseemanand has denied such an interview, then it has been proved that this story is a fraud.

If you are asking a question based on such fraud, toh aapka kya bhala hoga bhai mere (then will you ever lead a peaceful life)?

But the magazine's editor is vouching for the veracity of the interview and he is ready for a forensic investigation of the tapes.

A magazine has published such a big fraud and if your questions will be based on it, then such questions will also be treated as a fraud. Again, you are a fraud.

But the magazine's editor is saying that the tapes are genuine.

Woh forensic evidence de, falana de (let him give any piece of evidence), but the man who is sitting there (Swami Aseemanand) is saying that he has not given any such interview.

Aap us se jakar pooch agar woh kal criminal suit karega toh tumhare upar bhi ho jayega criminal suit (If Swami Aseemanand files a criminal suit against the magazine, then there will be a criminal suit against you too).

Woh yeh karenge, woh karenge, kare na... (let the magazine editor do whatever he wants to), but fraud can never become the truth. If they do it (forensic analysis) from such a place (government agencies which are inimical to the RSS) and they (the analysers) say that the tapes are genuine, then it (the interview) doesn't become a fact.

Will you file a defamation suit against the magazine?
I don't need to do such a thing.

But even your name is mentioned in the interview.

Joh sarkar itni nikammi ho us sarkar se kya justice ki ummeed karenge sahab (a government which is so inefficient, what hope of justice can we have from them)?

Even if you think that the government is biased and you are a victim of injustice perpetrated by this government, there are courts that dispense justice.

We will see that. But for the time being the person who has committed such atrocity, nobody is asking him questions and I feel pity on what you (the media) are doing.

Aap Hindustan ko itna undemocratic kyun bana rahe ho (Why are you making India such an undemocratic country)?

Hindustan ko itna immoral kyun banane pe lage hue ho (Why are you making India so immoral)?

Disconnects the telephone...

Prasanna D Zore in Mumbai