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Evadaithe Naakenti is promising

February 12, 2007 12:42 IST

Angry man' Rajasekhar returns, this time round to cleanse the political system in his latest film Evadaithe Naakenti, directed by Samudra.

Loosely based on the Malayalam movie Lion, the film conveys that the threat to the country is not only from across the border but from within, and therefore, people should be alert and weed out corruption.

Besides writing the screenplay and dialogues, Rajasekhar also plays the role of an army officer turned politician, who comes home for a visit only to find his family embroiled in corruption. With his mother and younger sister by his side, our hero takes on his father, who is a corrupt education minister, and others.

He joins hands with the opposition parties, wins the election and becomes the home minister. He then embarks upon the task of ridding society free of corruption, succeeding to some extent. How he goes about the task makes the rest of the story.

Making a comeback after a long hiatus is Sai Kumar. His dialogues make Rajasekhar sound almost forceful.

Rajasekhar, who stormed into the top league with Ankusam, manages to keep the flag flying with his performance in this flick too. Mumaith Khan as a junior police officer, on the other hand looks more like a street-walker than a police officer.

Though there is nothing new about the story, there is a flow in the narration which makes the flick watchable.

The action scenes have been well executed

Overall, Rajasekhar's comeback film looks promising.

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G P Aditya Vardhan