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Stay away from Magane En Marumagane

May 24, 2010 15:20 IST

If you expect a rip-roaring time from Magane En Marumagane simply because the cast has Tamil cinema's funny man Vivek as the protagonist, then you will be disappointed.

There's very little that's funny about director T P Gajendran's movie, except maybe the serious parts.

The background goes back to the time of Sivaji Ganesan and MGR films: Actor Nasser plays a zamindar, who is willing to sacrifice his wealth and family for the people. His wife (Saranya) doesn't think so, and aided by a wily brother (Livingstone), she arranges for her son to study in a boarding school, so that he learns the value of money, while his sister lives with her parents.

But her schemes come to naught, as son Raghu (Mithun) turns out to be a miser who won't spend a paisa on anyone. Aided by his uncle, Raghu divides his attention between switching jobs and eyeing his two voluptuous cousins, even as the household maid, Thenmozhi (Thenmozhi), talks to Lord Muruga and dreams of Raghu as her Prince Charming.

In the meantime, disaster strikes the household: Naseer's only daughter Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma) is tricked into marrying Singaram (Vivek), a gambler. Raghu and Singaram come to blows and the latter is even tried for murder.

The second half veers into a complete weep-fest as Singaram tearfully vows to make good, walks out of the house and turns into a millionaire overnight.

Perhaps Vivek isn't really cut-out for serious roles; when he's sobbing his heart out, he looks like he's going to wink at you. He spends a good deal of his time shifting genres, so that doesn't help either.

The rest of the cast is barely there. Yamini, as the dutiful wife scores a few points; Thenmozhi wrings more laughter than ever with her impassioned speeches to Muruga. Mithun is angry for a while, and then weeps like everyone else, including Nasser and Saranya.

The climax is an endless sobbing jag. The music does absolutely nothing. Watch Magane En Marumagane only if you are in love with tearjerkers.

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Pavithra Srinivasan in Chennai