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Sultan offers nothing new

December 08, 2008 13:26 IST

Watching a Malayalam film starring a young hero is very rare, and one hopes to find freshness in its theme and treatment also. But almost always, you will come out disappointed. Director Sreeprakash's Sultan, starring Vinu Mohan, is no exception. The film starts as a campus caper and ends up as an action thriller.

The story begins to unfold with a lovers' tiff that ends in a minor road accident. The lovers Sivan (Vinu Mohan) and Nishi (Varada) are students of a medical college. The fight is later resolved by the girl's parents (Lalu Alex and Sari). A love triangle follows, reminiscent of Kamal's Niram.

Then a group of friends of Sivan sprout up. Sivan was supposedly the leader of the gang of five, and thus his nickname Sultan. The narrative becomes predictable. Sultan's friends are involved in an unlawful activity with an aim to earn pocket money. By the interval, Sivan is arrested by the police, falsely accused of murder.

The rest of the film shows how Sivan proves his innocence, and even teaches a lesson to his friend-turned-foe Vivek (Shijith Ravi).

Writers Jayan Sivapuram and Vinod Guruvayoor, in an effort to make an wholesome entertainer, reduce the film to a hotchpotch of many things. It tries to project Vinu Mohan as the ultimate hero, who can handle humour, romance and action. He had made a decent debut in Lohithadas' Nivedhym and somewhat established himself in Cycle, with Veenith Sreenivas. But this young man has to take care of his physique.

Lalu Alex plays the jovial father, which he has been doing for the past few years. Varada as Nishita have screen presence. Shijith Ravi as the villain has a sinister grimace permanently.

Sultan is a hotchpotch of many films, and has nothing new to offer.

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Paresh C Palicha