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Avoid Perumal

Last updated on: March 23, 2009 12:46 IST

There are films that negate your capability to react, either positively or negatively; they just leave you jaded and numb, not knowing how to react. The latest Malayalam release Perumal, starring Madhu, Seema and an ensemble of recognisable and non-recognisable actors is one such film.

Directed by Prasad Velacherry, this film can't boast of any novelty except for the fact the veteran stars like Madhu and Seema are in the lead.

The fact that there were only a handful of people in the theatre to watch the movie just shows how 'excited' the audience is about the film. The plot is old though it has Tharavadus, Thamburans and Thamburattis basking in full glory.

There are so many parallel threads running here that it is like an unending television series. There is an elopement in the beginning, followed by multiple affairs, murders and suicides. It is very difficult to elaborate on even a single thread.

Seema is an heiress of a royal Tharavadu, who eloped with Mathai (Madhdu) a servile in the palace leaving behind a trail of blood. The story then moves to the 'happily ever after' period. They have two sons; the elder one is Job (Babu Antony), who helps his father by sharing his responsibilities, and Josekutty (Riyaz Khan), who is not yet old enough to expect anything out of him. Then we have the typical tale where the elder one silently suffers as he is wiser and mature. The younger one is wayward and irresponsible; easily manipulated by the villains to fight against his own blood. There are more murders and bloodshed and senseless stretching before a 'free for all' climax.

Madhu and Seema try to give some dignity to this C-grade film by the virtue of their presence. Babu Antony is sincere while Riyaz Khan is the prodigal son who gets to showcase his rippling biceps in the climax.

On the whole, Perumal just turns out to be yet another disappointment of the season.

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Paresh C Palicha