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'I don't believe in superstitions!'

January 25, 2005 13:52 IST

PriyadarshanMalayalam director Priyadarshan's last film, Hulchul, may not have drawn critical acclaim, but packed audiences into the theatres. Now, in an interview with Patcy N, the director discusses his upcoming film, and his desire to not name it with an H-word. Here are some excerpts:

It is basically my own film; I made it in 1986, called Thalavattam. That was inspired by the novel, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, but this is not the same film – I've written a new screenplay. The basics are the same, of course, but I have adapted it. It's a love story where the hero is hospitalised due to some tragedy, and it's a love story between the patient and his doctor. The patient is played by none other than our own Salman Khan, and Kareena Kapoor plays the doctor. It is a sad romance, with its own entertainment value.

Other actors in this film include: Jackie Shroff, also playing a doctor; Om Puri, playing Kareena's father; and then there is Rimi Sen.

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The movie is still untitled as the producer wants the title to start with H and I don't want it to start with H, as I don't believe in such superstitions!

I was planning this movie with Shah Rukh Khan first, but he had his back and neck problem and he asked me to wait, and then Main Hoon Na stalled it. Then we had some differences of opinion about the end of the movie, and I shelved the project, started Hungama, and completely forgot about it.

Salman KhanOne day, I happened to narrate the story to Sunil Manchanda, the producer. He liked it and asked Salman if he was interested. Salman liked the story, and he was in the project.

Working with Salman Khan was a great experience. Everybody told me that Salman interferes, he never comes on time, etc, but I was working with Salman Khan everyday at 6 in the morning! And he would be there at minus temperatures in Ooty, and never did he give any trouble. In the movie you can notice fumes coming out of his mouth during the dialogue delivery. What else can I expect?

I was very very happy! I have closed everybody's mouth about Salman. I shot the whole movie in Romania and Ooty, and it will release in May.

Patcy N