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Shyamalan's mysterious Happening

May 28, 2008 16:14 IST

What is M Night Shyamalan's The Happening all about?

Well, the director isn't telling, though he did let out thatĀ theĀ film is as a cross between The Birds and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and neither are the critics, who haven't been allowed to review it.

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Everything about the film -- starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel -- is shrouded in mystery.

According to the film's PR team, this has been done deliberately to 'preserve the mystery' as critics would spoil the surprise if they were allowed to write about it, reported The Scotsman.

Even the trailer of the film is of no help. All they show is that something is 'happening' to make people die in large numbers.

Well, it looks like we have to wait for June 13 to find out if the film, whose script was originally called the Green Effect (something about nature making man pay for his ill treatment of the planet), is really happening.