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Alina: Diana Hayden will win Bigg Boss

September 22, 2008 13:06 IST

Alina Wadiwalla, the only non-celebrity in Bigg Boss, was evicted from the house last week.

Based in Mumbai, Alina had gone to the UK for further studies. She is a professional wedding photographer, who considers herself lucky to be a part of Bigg Boss 2.

Known for her helpful and hard working nature in the house, Alina was voted out because the housemates thought she was creating misunderstandings among each other.

Alina clarifies to Rajul Hegde.

Do you regret getting evicted from Bigg Boss?

I wish I could have stayed on for a few more days but I have no regrets for being evicted. There are no regrets because I am leaving one family and joining my parents, brother and sister. Either way, I am happy. Now, I will go out with fond memories of Bigg Boss.

How was your Bigg Boss experience?

It was a mindblowing experience. I enjoyed every moment in the house. I thank Endemol production house and Colors channel for giving this wonderful opportunity to take part in the show. It has made me popular. I feel bad because we couldn't complete some of the tasks given by Bigg Boss.

You were the only non-celebrity in the house. What was your impression when you met the celebrities?

When I entered the Bigg Boss house, I only knew Ketki Dave and Rakhi Vijan because I had seen them on television. The others were strangers to me. I can gel easily with people, and everyone was co-operative so I never felt like a commoner. Initially, I did feel out of place when I saw Payal's obsession with the mirror. But when I learnt that she had come with a purpose, it didn't bother me.

How did this show happen to you?

I cannot talk much about it; I'm bound by contract. It was my sister's dream to be in a show like this but I was the fortunate one to get the opportunity. I wanted to see how long I would be able to live without my family, and be totally disconnected from the outside world. 

Who was your favourite housemate?

I didn't have any favourites. I was close to Rakhi Vijan and Sambhavna.

Did you dislike anyone?

No, but I could not connect with Payal Rohatgi and Zulfi Syed. There are no bad memories. But if there are, I will forget them. [laughs].

You were not happy with the reason your housemates gave for your nomination.

The reason they gave was not valid.  A lot of misunderstandings were created by people, who were scared of being nominated. It went out of proportion during the nomination proceedure. I have never created any kind of rift. My only mistake was I got very attached to people.

Who has the best chances of surviving till the end?

Diana Hayden. She has already learnt the tricks and is playing safe. She is intelligent and knows how to keep a distance from controversies.

Will you watch Bigg Boss?

Yes, I will watch every episode till the Bigg Boss ends.

Would you like to go back to Bigg Boss house?


Last season's Bigg Boss non-celebrity Ragini Shetty did not make waves once she came out of the house. Do you think the same will happen to you?

I have no idea who was the commoner in the last season. As far I am concerned, I know I will do something. I don't know what is in the store for me. Let's see where my luck will take me.