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'Market may fall for few days in Oct'

September 22, 2004 11:52 IST
rutu : The annual report of Opto Circuit is out. I think the promoter wants to sell out in 2-3 yrs...Elekon USA has been sold. His outlook of Rs. 700 cr by 2008 is not unrealistic but why does the MD's wife get paid as much as the MD? She adds no value at all to the company:( Your impression?
Ramesh S damani : I have just received the balance sheet but have not gone through it.

ssree : sir what will the impact on volumes after turn over tax implementation from october 1st any big moves turn around
Ramesh S damani : Market may fall in the first few days. However it will lead to a sustained rally.

pawandelhi : sir can you tell wether these stocks will contribute to the statement made by you on money about the target of senses by march 2005? stocks are MARUTI,TELCO,HEROHONDA,TISCO,HTMT,PFIZER,TCS,INFOSYS,ONGC,?
Ramesh S damani : HTMT is not in Sensex. It is dificult to say, but we should have a strong rally.

chandani : hello sir, TORRENT CABLES now that all powewr stocks are zooming up how does this stock look??
Ramesh S damani : Looks okay to me.

uday : 1) Sir i hav bought BERGER @40.2 what is your view on it? where are you seeing it in near future?2) What is your view on Sail on current price? Is it good to buy at 42.50?
Ramesh S damani : Sail is a good trading bet, I don't follow Berger.

pawandelhi : sir on 30 august 2004 ramanews print was trading at Rs 10.80 with low volumes. last week it was trading in range of Rs. 12.20-13.10 with volume of more than 25 lacs. today is closed at Rs. 11.65 vith volume of 6.65 lacs. sir do you track this company ? please reply sir. pawandelhi says, sir do you track balaji telefilm ? can we enter at the level of rs 95 in this stocks ?manish says, Sir, Are you there
Ramesh S damani : I like Balaji. It is a good bet.

amanashah : Sir Kale was good at 40 rs. you recommende it Now at 60 rs. still low market cap or trading bet and do trading in it?? your views on the stock on possible steam left considering overall market with stock specific view?? Thanks.
Ramesh S damani : I think I would hold on. The company is still not out of the woods but risk rewards favour buyers.

pawandelhi : sir can tata elxi target Rs 200 in march 2005 ?
Ramesh S damani : I have no idea.

Ramesh S damani : I can't make that call. You will have to decide. The most risky probably is Kale since it does not pay a dividend. I own all 3.

rutu : why dont guys like you, RJ, Abhishek Damia play a more activist role in ensuring corp governance? is it the indian 'tolerance' at work? constructive confrontation can always result in unlocking value. eg infomedia, RJ and icici ventures vs Hoshang Billimoria? You should seriously not remain just a passive investor but add value with your knowledge and wisdom. Cos. would save the obsene fees paid to the merch bankers.
Ramesh S damani : Something to think about.

ValueMan : Do u feel that the current bull run is genuine and that the market will not collapse within the next few weeks .
Ramesh S damani : I can't predict that unfortunately.

Mihir : Sir, hows Cholamandalam finance.Also Is Gillette a good buy considering that Govt may scrap Press note 18
Ramesh S damani : iI think it is a good bet. Gillette is a good bet.

ValueMan : From where can we get details of daily FII activity ?
Ramesh S damani : From Sebi site.

sudipto : Sir U seems quite bullish on TCS. What is the catch. Why are u so bullish. Thanks
Ramesh S damani : Just a good company.

ssree : sir last week u told us that u r going to recomend books on stock market(10)books
Ramesh S damani : I did, I am sorry but I forgot to bring the list with me today.

ahmedabadguy : Mr.Damani have you looked at GMM Pfaudler (7.5 rs. div.)market cap of 45 crore, MNC status, Monopoly business with strong orderbook...PMS buy candidate..your views on the company???any buzz??BSe code 505255
Ramesh S damani : I have not personally but some friends are recommending it.

blazi : Sir, i am a beginner. I have planned and executed something like this: 5 stocks from index(SBI,RIL,TISCO,WIPRO,BPCL) and 5 growth stocks (tata elxi,?,?,?,?) for 3-4 yrs with currenlty 35K invested. also looking for 4 growth stocks with 3-4 yrs persp from diff sectors. does the srtategy seem wise or amount too small to really matter or diversification with small amount wont reap benefits? Please advise.
Ramesh S damani : At 35k it is too small to diversify.

rajesh : Sir, If you have given a choice between macmillan and Tata Elexi.which will you select. I am overweight on macmillan I want to swich some shares to tata elexi. pl give yr guidance
Ramesh S damani : I own both as core holdings. I think however it is time for MacMillan to move.

Newbieatstock : Sir whats your call on hindustan zinc i think non ferrous metals have a way to go from here, your views ? also have you been traking a company called UNiphos enterprise (650 rs) i was going through numbers the company seems to be doing well.
Ramesh S damani : Hindustan Zinc will do well. I don't really follow Uniphos but like you I heard they are doing well.

rajesh : Sir, is it right that currently market is moving due to less selling pressure. As every body like to sell after the turnover tax implemented. My sense is that market will fall 200 300 points in a weeks time do you agree.
Ramesh S damani : That could happen, sellers have been waiting for new tax laws to be passed.

sanujkadavil : sirafter stars acqusiton , balaji B/S has cash reserves of over 225cr. market is talking out a hugedividend payout. what is your call on balaji for short term
Ramesh S damani : I
would expect a nice dividend.

vikas : TATA ELXSI : At current price it is at 28 PE for 03-04 and with projected EPS 9 for this year its PE is 17 its looking expensive so why do u still like it. Is animation going to become so big that even at this price Elxsi looks good to hold as core holding
Ramesh S damani : It does. But market has an inate wisdom about these things. I think at 450 crore market cap I would hold on. Let's see the next few quarters. I could be wrong, but I have to trust my instinct.

StockLover : Mr Damani, would you please clarify this. Isn't there a 0% Long term Capital gain tax for BSE500 listed securities bought under the Vajpayee regime. Or is it out the door ?
Ramesh S damani : Ask your tax man, he would give the best advice.

we : Sir can we buy sundaram finance at Rs. 225
Ramesh S damani : Yes

Newbieatstock : Sir what makes you so bullish on sundaram finance, what are the triggers you see for the company, whats your timeframe ,i dont you've mentioned much other than its a good tax paying company,
Ramesh S damani : They have 3 subsidiaries -- insurance, asset management and home finance a small but growing BPO business.

ddrpk : sir do you think that govt is going to disinvest loss making psu ? sir can you suggest some oif them ?
Ramesh S damani : ITI, HMT Scooters India. When I don't know.

StockLover : I mean, why do you insist selling would occur only after the new laws come under effect. The new tax laws would affect only for the short term gains in a major way, is it not ?
Ramesh S damani : Long term ones.

ssree : You asked, sir the portfolio includes nalco,pfizer,neyvelli lignite,container corporation of india,raymond,tata elxsi looks for medium to long term bet after coorection u r view on this.please
Ramesh S damani : That porfolio looks good to me. Container may be getting too expensive.

StockLover : Well, I am not asking the Long term Capital gain for my specific case. I am only asking this in a broad term. Had anyone held a BSE 500 listed security for over a year (as of today) and is likely to sell it before Oct 1, the interim governments tax laws comes under effect, is it not so ?
Ramesh S damani : Then it would be tax free.

punit : sir you had recomanded mazda controlat rs.15 level but i was unable to buy the due to my involment in tata elexi now mazda is at 32 level should it be vise to enter at this level???? pls answer
Ramesh S damani : I would not buy at current rates.

sanujkadavil : sirare you tracking champagne indage. at 24cr mkt/cap we are buying 70% of indian wine market. what the promoter mr.chougule says that wine usage in india is half a spoon per head. the day it touches 1 litre the market will be 1 billion litre. what is your call on these smalll company
Ramesh S damani : They will probably do okay, however people are not going to drink Indian wine.

sudipto : Do u still hold HP/BP?IOC/ONGC. Why are U soo bulish on indo-matsusuta. Thanks
Ramesh S damani : None of the above. Indo-Matsusuta is a good consumer durable play at a great market cap.

vikas : ALOK TEX TILE : MOst of the brokers recommend alok , you are probably only exception, is it u dont want to follow the crowd or u dont like the co./ co. mgmt
Ramesh S damani : Too big an equity, management wants to raise money consantly.

Newbieeatstock : sir i read this book called "the bull" recently i was amazed at the story, dont you think all markets are similar. i always thought bad about our markets in the way things are run, i feel its the same all over. ?
Ramesh S damani : It is a great book I think you will find all market run on phsycology.

vikas : NEW IDEA : We are waiting for some nice confident idea from u like u used to give earelier
Ramesh S damani : I recently bought SKF Bearings a play.
punit : , as per technical indicators gail has made a breakout at 187 lelvelsand it is moving up can be traget of 215-220 in short to medium term,i like to have advice from yours....
Ramesh S damani : Good long term investment.

amanashah : Mr. Damani what is your view on polaris going forward??I have small holding in it
Ramesh S damani : My sense is they will get sold soon.

sanju : sir i have just been to sebi web site and the have mentioned the FIIs were net buyers of Rs481 crs or 103 million dollar do u think it is very postive for the marketfor thed ay ended on 20/09/04
Ramesh S damani : That accounted for the rally today.

Sharadbhatt : Sir I am confused between ITC & TCS long run which will be better??
Ramesh S damani : They are different companies.
SPBagri : Sir, is BEML fairly priced at the current levels or still the steam is lefft?
Ramesh S damani : I think some steam is left.

sanujkadavil : sirany new news on ub holding. stock is languishing in 38 levels. do you think stock should re reate after the kingfisher airline take off
Ramesh S damani : It should look at the latest balance sheet.

Mihir : Sir can u suggest some good stocks in tourisn sector
Ramesh S damani : Tomas cook, GVK Hotels and India Hotels I own 1 &3.

chandan : hello sir STOCKS you recommended all this period have run up very much so any NEW IDEAS of stocks whose value is yet to be UNLOCKED??
Ramesh S damani : Try SKF bearing. I recently bought IRT.

sanujkadavil : sirare you coming for mcdowell and ub agm coming on 29th.
Ramesh S damani : Not really. Thanks for joining. See you next week. Bye

rajaramss : damaniji- what do you mean by -- skf bearing is a play on Capex?
Ramesh S damani : Cap spending means great demand for bearings.

rajesh : Sir, UB is coming out with optionally convertible preference shares. Optional for whom share holders or for the company. One should subscribe to the issue or not. Pl give yr guidance . thks.
Ramesh S damani : Maybe next week.