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Remain invested, ride the tide

August 31, 2004 19:39 IST

abc : Hey guys, Ramesh Damani has not come ... don't get misguided by other persons
Ramesh S damani : hello everyone thanks for joining lets start

nriinv : Mr. Damani last time you mentioned about 1st September the new capital gains tax will come into effect. Is it on or has the date been postponed?
Ramesh S damani : we don't have the date of notification yet

devang : Sir can i buy sundaram finance,Godrej Inds & gillette at current price level?
Ramesh S damani : they look okay to me. I own all of them

keshavagarwal : Mr. Ramesh Damani will be here after 4. please note that the reply of damaniji is in blue colour. there is a person who is cheating us. so not value himm
Ramesh S damani : thanks

HiRDamani : When HNI will sell their equities to take the advantage of new capital gains tax ...... abt 2 weeks from now and i guess that time we can expect a dip in prices.... am i correct in my assumption or i m missing something here?
Ramesh S damani : that is logical, but new money is also flowing, so exact impact is hard to gauge

hasmukh : Dear Mr Damani, It's been a long time. Sir,I have been tracing a company since a long time...Titanor Components..Co is manufacturing anode/cathode tubes for alkali industry..Anode/cathode tubes are having a life-cycle of 5 to 6 years. Industry has not added any capacity since last 5 years & the company has just come up with excellent quarter. It has a very good colaborator & also management. I have been accumulating this script since it was Rs 52& have accumulted more than 5000 shares. I wish to add more of these shares but after a green signal from your end. Should I send you a balance sheet? Thanks as always & wish you all the best
Ramesh S damani : i have heard they are doing well. B/S would help.

sudhir : sir what is your directional call on the market in the near term in view of rising int. rates
Ramesh S damani : remain invested and ride the tide

anfänger : sir, what should I do with E-Serve now?
Ramesh S damani : sell in market after Finance Bill notification date

HiRDamani : sir, what are ur views abt SBI... I m very confused now.... I m overweight on SBI but i had purchased keeping a 2-3 yrs timeframe
Ramesh S damani : i still own it, but have been disappointed with new govt policies on banks (PSU)

sudhir : sir did u come to kolkata investor camp
Ramesh S damani : yes

mansri : sir, MAZDA is on fire for last 2 days, is it a buy at this level? pl advise on linc pen also. THANKS!
Ramesh S damani : both look good. linc is doing well

bikashdamani : sir what do u say about finolex cables and essel packaging at current prices. plz do reply
Ramesh S damani : i like essel at current rates. i own it

sudhir : sir when do u think valuation in macmillan to erupt.
Ramesh S damani : technically it is ready to move. i own it

baracuda : radico khaitan has had a very good run. are yu still bullish on this liquor stock? would yu hold or sell,and by the way have yu had a look at mount shivalik breweries, taking over breweries is big business abroad but not yet in India?
Ramesh S damani : it will be, i have said all on liquor so lets discuss another sector

keshavagarwal : sir your view on apollo hospital. you recommended it at 200. now its is at 235.90. will this stock cross rs 275 in near term?
Ramesh S damani : looks okay to me for investors

sudhir : sir heard that nelco is going to raise additional capital. in view of this what is your directional call
Ramesh S damani : at these rates bullish

venkatnara : sir on last friday mcdowell-n volumes are around 28 lakhs is there any FII is accumulating the stock what is the break out of the mcdowell-n
Ramesh S damani : value buying

JoeGranville : Ramesh, i email moneycontrol to send me ur presenetation at investor summit in mumbai based on joe granville theory but they did not respond? if feasible, can u send it to me on thanks
Ramesh S damani : i'll try to mail it

punit : good evernig sir !!!! my quetion is about titianor componenet as the same asked by mr hasmukh as i sutdy a technical ananlysis i found two scrip atterctive titinor component and invrcl infra and both are going exxeclelnt chat pattenrs and ready ti flair up and can be callsidfied as future mulitbagger and i have heard that they are doing well pls elaborte in deatils and give us some idea about his. as i am just atech man pls asist as fund anyalist
Ramesh S damani : i'll look into it

JoeGranville : ramesh,thanks for suggesting me a book PIECE OF ACTION some time back. do u have any book for me based on same lines (i mean the book which gives a prospective of entire industry or segment of any industry?) thanks
Ramesh S damani : Cable Cowboy on cable industry

bikashdamani : sir what do u say about derivatives career for someone who wants to pursue it permanently for his entire lifetime in india. plz sir give your suggestion
Ramesh S damani : it is not for the faint hearted. only 2 in 1000 will be good in it

amardelhi : sir will godrej industries cross rs 75 in near term?
Ramesh S damani : over time i hope so, in the short run no idea

Sharad : Sir, Could you please throw some light on these stocks at current valuation How do u rate them....(Shree Raj,TVS Elec., Nelco)
Ramesh S damani : looks good

baracuda : please suggest 3 or4 books which I can read can be on any subject
Ramesh S damani : in some previous chat i have recommended 10 great books

Kiranl : Ramesh. Please comment on recent recommendations made by Money Outlook. Most of the time they were successful, I have a great respect to you and I equally respect Outlook. Please comment about Sona Steerings also. Thanks Ramesh
Ramesh S damani : i dont know what stocks they recommend

baracuda : do yu feel that indian hotels is still worthy of long term investment? do think the indi-one group of new hotels will click would yu buy more at 375?
Ramesh S damani : i think tourists arrival are going to increase sharply. so it should do well

Kiranl : I just want to watch any of your presentations , interviews or any other participation, please suggest me where and when I can catch u personally or in TV?
Ramesh S damani : it is sporadic , no plan

HiRDamani : balaji telefilms : sir , last tuesday .... u said u will probably not tender ur shares of balaji but u r not sure .... have u decided now what are u going to do with itz shares?
Ramesh S damani : not decided yet

Parag : Sir, Goldium Int'l is planning to expand their business 6 times, zero debt company, is it a value buy at current level ?
Ramesh S damani : six times? where do ou get that number from?

shraddhatilloo : Hello! Mr. Damani, I have a question. I bought TISCO stock two weeks back at 375, now it has gone down to 250. What's your openion about it? Will it ever touch 400? How long should I hold it?
Ramesh S damani : it has gone x-bonus

kans : I had entered HLL at 160 levels ? Do you think the current price of HLL is bottomed out and worth accumulating with 2 years
horizon ?
Ramesh S damani : i am

BASANTMAHESHWARI : Have you seen the shopper stop IPO details. They are issuing shares at a PE of 35. 2 questions is the market ready to absorb that kind of a valuation and in the run up would the existing stocks (Pantaloon trent and titan respectively at P/e 's of 20,17 and 22)come near about that value
Ramesh S damani : market cap is small, so no major worry

sashi : sir vol. in macmillan are pathetic to say the least. what do u say
Ramesh S damani : when it crosses 350 volume will spurt

mavrick1 : Mr Damani...tell me any 2-3-4-5 stock ur Reallly bullish upon...I wanna make money too:-(
Ramesh S damani : money making comes from conviction and patience. i know of no quick way

bikashdamani : sir what is your opinion about the textile stocks in india are they still undervalued for a 3 months view
Ramesh S damani : i am not sure for a 3 month view

ash : Sir, apart from Crest Communications can you suggest any other company that deals with animation works ?
Ramesh S damani : tata elxsi

HiRDamani : sir , we all know ur core portfolio but u must have purchased all those shares at the time when they were dirt cheap.... which scrips of ur core portfolio do u think can still be purchased ?
Ramesh S damani : sundaram finance and elxsi are still good for long term investors

kans : Outlook Money recommended - Glenmark, Sona Stearing, Blue STar, Blue Dart, Maaharashtra Seamless, and few others ? What is your view on them sir?
Ramesh S damani : they look okay as a basket. i own glen mark, blue dart

shraddhatilloo : One more query. How do you feel the Mphasis (BFLSFT) will do in future? What's the time line we can look at?
Ramesh S damani : i am looking at it

bikashdamani : sir this technique about delta hedging. sir can you suggest me a book where by i can learn about advance techniques in derivatives using alphas betas deltas and gamma of an option and hedge position too
Ramesh S damani : search the net i forget the name

BASANTMAHESHWARI : If tourism is the key to Indian Hotel, would you not buy Thomas Cook. Indian hotels I feel should do well because of its launch of budget hotels. your take
Ramesh S damani : i have and it looks good to me. The budget hotel is an interesting idea and worth watching

HiRDamani : which one do u think will give us better returns from a 2 yrs perspective --- macmillan or godrej industries?
Ramesh S damani : difficult to say. i would own both they are different cos

vikas : Goldiam Int'l : Kindly update us its been long no news from you on Goldiam. Is co. on track and do u expect the valuation to unlock soon as it is still aviulable at just 3 PE
Ramesh S damani : i think it is good value at rates.i trade in it but scenario is optimistic

mansri : sir, the spurt in tourism & AIR travel will have any positive impace on KALE CONSULTANTS business? Pl advise.
Ramesh S damani : generally it helps but not directly

bhavyagarg : hello sir. hope today you will give us some new stocks beside mcmillan & godrej. thanks in advance
Ramesh S damani : i recently bought trading positions in VST tillers and Torrent Cables.

Mathew : Hi Ramesh, your views on the current mid cap rally pls. Should one wait for an entry or do you think there is a lot of steam left even now?
Ramesh S damani : i think Indian investors will put money in to mid caps

HiRDamani : do u think godrej industries is a multibagger?somewhere ard 5 times its current valuations .thanks
Ramesh S damani : hopeully around 150

BASANTMAHESHWARI :  All analysts are going gung ho on cement. From mar 2005 once vat is implemented most of these cement majors who enjoy sales tax exemption will take a hit Guj Amb cement being the top most of it all either the govt. should give them a life line on vat or these analysts will have to rework their numbers. have you thought of this angle in valuing Cement stocks?
Ramesh S damani : i have not thought about it

ahmedabadguys : Damaniji your view on Kale consultant please??
Ramesh S damani : risk reward favours you

sureshmakhija : sir recently GAIL cmd's interview in business world in which he told that they have a huge investment in pipe lines and now Reliance has got the permission for laying pipe line and ONGC also announces the 2700core pipe line and the much action is to be in middle east and russia so what u think abt pipe line industry plz suggest
Ramesh S damani : that is why the pipe manufacturers are doing so well. however due to steel price rise stock has been a bit beaten down

devang : Sir please...... answer me whether you still hold goldiam intl.
Ramesh S damani : i do but remember don't buy or sel lbased on what i do. develop your own conviction. i am not obligated nor likely to tell my portfolio every day

kvg : sir, any mid-cap scrip at the break out stage .please give one
Ramesh S damani : maybe HOEC and VST tiller

Mathew : Your views on the proposed SAIL - IISCO merger pls. Though the market cheered SAIL, I think it is negative for SAIL as IISCO posted it's first ever profits only this yr at the peak of the steel cycle. Wont it bloat the already bloated cost structure of SAIL?
Ramesh S damani : it is small peas, I think, for sail

raksheshr : damaniji, do you recommend trading in such illiquid counters like VST tillers and torrent cables?
Ramesh S damani : volumes tend to pick up with the price

ahmedabadguys : Damaniji two stocks have fallen and are now stabilizing at current level. 1) EIH hotels 2)D-link..
Ramesh S damani : yes they are

sureshkumar : I Think today D-link is break out with good movement i think worst is over for this stock what do u think sir,
Ramesh S damani : looks like that

raksheshr : damaniji, my broker says markets are going to collapse once STT is applied- because everybody will be selling
Ramesh S damani : may slip, not collapse

devang : Sir, i have studied goldiam, i think it is a best value pick, with ROCE of 20% div. yield of 8%, P/E of 3 & book value of 87. So i just wanted your valuable opinion on it at current levels.
Ramesh S damani : looks okay and they are a well run co, however jewellery co rarely get a great discounting from the market

HANRIMsia : Dear Sri Ramesh Damani,i have been following the chat for the past 3 years. i have been immensely benefitted from McDowell, Macmillan, Logix Microsystems, Sundaram Finance. thanks a lot. May GOD bless you. Now, what is your opinion about TVS Motor? Large volumes have been traded recently.
Ramesh S damani : Thanks

ROX : sir,are you as rich as your friend rakesh
Ramesh S damani : NO!

Matthew : Your views on VSNL pls. Co is sitting on lots of cash and more is coming. It is entering US ILD market and is very aggressive on broadband. Cheap on trailing PE and BV basis. Your views pls
Ramesh S damani : I am keeping an eye on it but cannot make up my mind

pawan : dear sir ! please give us some good stocks ? please sir
Ramesh S damani : nothing new others than the stocks mentioned earlier. thanks and see you next weekbye