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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'I proposed to my best friend and she stopped talking to me'

'I proposed to my best friend and she stopped talking to me'

Last updated on: March 27, 2014 16:21 IST

'I proposed to my best friend and she stopped talking to me'


Love Guru took questions from you, our readers, today. Here is the unedited transcript of the chat.

The thing about love is that there are no rules.

Which can make things fun... or terribly tricky.

Which is where our very own Love Guru comes in!

Every week Love Guru shares advice on the matters of the heart.

Here's some advice for those in love:

Palash Barma: I'm in love with a girl. I broke off last year because of some reasons after which I reunited with her. I apologized for my mistake and the pain I caused. Recently, she has broken off citing my instance of leaving her. Is it a temporary phase, her revenge or what? I'm at a loss and am going into a depression. Counseling and all has not helped.

Love Guru: Palash, you seem to be in major trauma, my friend. When she broke off with you, she didn't tell you why? You didn't ask why? Have you tried speaking to her, to ask her why? If you feel awkward about talking to her, in this digital age an email should be easy enough? Write to her, but if she doesn't respond there's nothing much you can do about it.

vaishali: There is this guy in my school, he is really nice sweet plus vv good looking, someone said to me that he is a player but I cant stop thinking about him and I think i am in love. He asked me out and I said maybe, what should i do?

Love Guru: vaishali, are you teaching or studying in school? If teaching, I hope the guy is not your student. If you are studying in school, isn't it a little too early to be talking of love etc? Since he's asked you out and you've already said yes, you must follow through

anil: Are there any possibilities that you can fall for your best friend and is it right to do so?

Love Guru: Anil, the heart has its reasons, so sure, you can fall for anyone. Your best friend included, And sometimes one's worst enemy, too

rahul: Hi LG, I broke up with my partner 6 months ago. Now she is getting married to someone else. But I'm still not able to forget her. Do you think I should talk to her once?

Love Guru: Rahul, what for?! She has clearly moved on, and I suggest you do to. What you seem to have in mind happens only in Bollywood, not in real life

Raju Nair: I love a girl who is a divorcee and has a kid. I am single. But she is not responding just because I am younger and she thinks that she will become a burden on me later. What should I do??

Love Guru: Raju, has she told you her fears -- that she will become a burden on you later -- or are you presuming just it? If she has actually spoken to you about it, didn't you try and convince her otherwise? If she is still unconvinced after that, you will have to try harder, I am afraid

kapadia: How does one find out if the person you love loves you too?

Love Guru: kapadia, I am tempted to say, by asking the other person.

sudaram: I'm in love with a man who is a divorced and has two kids from his first wife. My parents are against this match. How do i convince them?

Love Guru: sudaram, only you can convince your parents, but I trust that before you do that, you are convinced of the correctness of your decision. I am saying it, because, the picture you paint comes with its own problems -- without parental opposition adding to it later. Please think the decision through, convince yourself, and then it won't be difficult to convince your parents.

vishal: I have just been through a break up is it fine to fall in love again soon after the break up?

Love Guru: Vishal, there's no universally acceptable "cooling off" period between relationships. Some take years, some months, some take weeks, and some take days. Although in some cases it may seem like too soon, life, in the final analysis, is about moving on, being happy. But whatever you do, don't be heartless

salim: Hi I really love a girl a lot and she is my best friend and i told her that i love her a lot but there is no response from her side what to do?

Love Guru: Salim, perhaps she doesn't love you. Perhaps she needs time to think about it. Could be anything, honestly. We are not in the business of divining the truth, but dishing out simple, plain advice. The only way you can know what's on her mind is to ask her. And the sooner, the better for your troubles

Kunal Arukha: I love a girl; she has many boy friends and she’s also very close to all with them. I love her so I want to marry her but sometimes her relationship comes on mind and I feel depressed. please advice me shall I marry her or not ?

Love Guru: Kunal Arukha, before you worry yourself over marrying her and her many boyfriends, the question is, does she want to marry you?

Vinayak Tavade: This Valentine's day, I proposed to my best friend and since then she has stopped talking to me and answering my calls. She says she doesnt want to be friends with me. How do i get my friend back?

Love Guru: Vinayak, you've landed in a soup, it seems. Before you proposed to her on V Day, did she send any signal that she wanted more than friendship with you? If she didn't, obviously she is disappointed with you. You can try talking to her to explain it was all a mistake, but before that you need to be clear in your head that you can, going ahead, be "just friends" with her

rupali mehta: Few months ago, my neighbour's husband who i barely speak to sent me a request on Facebook. When I ignored his request, he sent flowers to my office and has even asked me to share my phone number. pls advice how to deal with him.

Love Guru: Rupali, the man is being a pest! What to do, a lot of men misread signals and make total asses of themselves. You need to handle this man firmly. You can start off by warning him off that if he pursues you, you will inform his wife. For most men this is warning enough, but if he still persists you will need to carry out your threat.

haresh: Hi Love guru, I'm madly in love with a girl from my class but she loves someone else. What should i do?

Love Guru: Haresh, what else can you do but respect her choice and move on!

Nitin Deshmukh: What factors are important to build a strong and long relationship?

Love Guru: Nitin, there's only one thing that counts to have a strong and long relationship, and that's love. Nothing else matters

Image: Discuss your relationship issues with The Love Guru.
Photographs: Illustration by Uttam Ghosh/