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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Can love really last a lifetime?'

'Can love really last a lifetime?'

Last updated on: March 20, 2014 09:00 IST

'Can love really last a lifetime?'



Nursing a broken heart? Confused about your relationship? Love Guru is here to help!

Is your love life down in the dumps?

Has your chosen one left you for someone else?

Or maybe you don't know how to approach the person you fancy?

The all-knowing Love Guru took questions from you, our dear readers today.

Here are the unedited excerpts from the chat:

Sheetal: How do you know when someone wants to break up with you? How do you break up so you understand what happened? I recently went through a painful breakup with a man I had been involved with for eight months. I thought we were doing fine until towards the end he started

Love Guru: Sheetal, the signs are inescapable, when someone wants to break up with you. You have not been able to read them so far?

SantraMantra: love guru...mai ek ladkee ke sath engaged tha...lekin ek saal se vo muze chod ker chali gai...mai usko dubara paneke liye kya bataenge pls!

Love Guru: SantraMantra, kuch nahi. She's gone for a year, she's gone forever. The best thing for you to do is to move on, too.

vaishali: Hi! I am 33 and have been dating what seems to be a very insecure guy. He is very jealous, and is always accusing me of wanting to break up with him or of having another man. I thought maybe he was trying to tell me that HE indeed wanted to break

Love Guru: vaishali, maybe you are right about his intentions. Ever thought of asking him, or do you have a communication breakdown?

hezal: hi, my parents they want me to get married i have seen 6 guys but i dont know why i reject them, Am i wrong for being picky?

Love Guru: hezal, no, you are not

carefree: I am married with a kid but I don't find my wife attractive any more and attracted towards young girls. please advise

Love Guru: carefree, the important point here is, are the young girls attracted to you too, or is just a fancy you nurture in your heart? If the latter, well, a lot of people nurture many things in their heart, so join the gang. If they are also attracted to you, and they are of consenting age, then you have to be clear in your head what you plan to do

mustafa: Can love really last a lifetime?

Love Guru: Mustafa, I gather you don't think so? What do I think, you want to know? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. I'd rather focus on what is in hand right now, than worry if it will last till my last breath.

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'I think that she likes me back. What do I do?'

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Dananjaypuri: a girl came in my neighbours house and she sees me everytime and me 2 but many see had been coming to my neighbours house butthis time she is giving me lots of responses what should i do plssssssssssssssss tellllllllllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Love Guru: dananjaypuri, so you don't know what to do when a girl is giving you lots of responses? What you should do depends on what you want to do. You can start by smiling, and chatting her up. Maybe ask her out for a coffee. And see what kinds of responses she gives you.

manisha satpute: He's older and the problem is that we never talked to each other, I see him maybe twice per week in college and I don't know how to become friend with him. It's just seems weird to me to start talking to him or write him on facebook or something just like that (like my friends recommended me) when we barely know each other. so can you please give me some advices ?

Love Guru: Manisha, if the problem is you never talked to each other, the solution is simple. To talk to each other. Which, in this day and age, should be very easy, no? A simple smile should start it, then a hi/hello, then exchanging names etc. I know this is not part of the college curriculum, but surely this lesson is available in the college cafeteria?

Firoz Khan: I like a girl and think that she likes me back. My problem is ,im not sure how to ask her out and if I should or not

Love Guru: Firoz, many a male has fallen prey to the silent killer syndrome, aka the inability to tell her. Breaking the mould is quite easy, all you have to do ask her for a coffee which, given the number of CCDs, Baristas and Starbucks, should be simple. After that it should be easy

Satish Pulli: We've become very close. Last weekend I saw her hooking up with my best friend. The next day she apologized and said that she wants to be more than friends with me. What should I do?

Love Guru: Satish, how close is close? Were you in a committed relationship? If not, what she does/did shouldn't matter, should it?

shobhit shivprakash srivastava: Hi I am a 22 years old guy.I am in love with my colleague who is 2 years older then me. She always treats me as a friend but I have started feeling love for her. But I am unable to express it with the fear of losing her friendship. Moreover her family is quite orthodox and she wont go against her family.Kindly help me what should I do??

Love Guru: Shobit Shivprakash Srivastava, are you sure you are not nurturing a false hope, like countless men, of love where it doesn't exist? If she felt anything but friendship for you, beleive me, you would know it. So if you feel that she treats you only as a friend, that's because she considers you nothing but that. So, based on the limited information from you, my advice is, don't misread her message.

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Love Guru will answer all your questions every Thursday.

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'How do I approach a girl?'

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Amol chille: Should I tell the girl I love her if I've met her after years of not getting in touch?

Love Guru: Amol, what a daft question! You are meeting her after a long period. Presumably you were in a relationship with her but left without proper closure. But now you are back you feel the urge to tell her you love her. Sure, go ahead, but if I were her I know what my response would be.

suman singh: Our issue is related to morality. If I stop him from touching me intimately, he backs off and says that I'm not attracted to him. I told him many times that I am attracted to him but that I stop him because I don't feel it is right. It's tough for me to think about breaking up with him but I feel like it will be what's best for him.

Love Guru: Suman, touchie-feelie is all fine but is there more to your relationship? If yes,it will survive If no, then you need to decide what is more important for you. Btw, you have a problem with touchie-feelie?

abhishek srivastava: Hi I have a very serious problem sir. My Marriage is fixed with my Gf and one of her friend creates some big misunderstanding between us and our marriage cancelled. neither my gf nor their family ready to talk. I met to her Brother and he told me leave the girl she is not ready to marry U. when i ask the reason he said no reason just leave her please help me

Love Guru: Abhishek, was the basis for the misunderstanding real or false? On that hinges your chances of reclaiming lost love. If your had only played mischief, and the girl's family fell for it, you have to reach out to them to clear the air. But if there was more to the story than a simple 'misunderstanding', then the better option for you would be to let it be

Sam: Saw a girl in the gym, damn couldn't get my eyes of her, how do i approach her ?

Love Guru: On foot, Sam, on foot. And a bit cautiously. No swag nothing please. Don't act like you are god's gift to womankind, even if you believe you are. Women like confident, but not cocky, men.

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Love Guru will answer all your questions every Thursday.

Photographs: Dominic Xavier/

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