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Everyday heroes: The bravest you ever came across

October 10, 2011 14:11 IST

You don't need a cape and a suit to be a hero -- tell us about the bravest person you ever came across. Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

Last Friday, French newspaper Le Parisien carried the story of an Indian immigrant who tragically lost his life trying to defend a French woman from a thief.

Thirty three-year-old Rajinder Singh, a deliveryman, paid the ultimate price when the attacker pushed him off a Northern Paris metro train platform, where he was electrocuted by the live rail.

While the incident has seen an outpouring of sympathy and anger from the French public, it also serves to remind us that help can come from the most unexpected avenues. You never know who will come to your aid when the going gets tough.

And practically everyone has come across an everyday hero -- the man who's rescued a child crossing the train tracks, the woman who's fought off a thief, the youngster who's single-handedly raised thousands for a worthy cause.

We want you to share your story of an everyday hero doing his/her part to help someone else. It could be anyone, a friend, a neighbour, a stranger -- someone whose actions in particular circumstances inspired you to be a better person, a braver person.

Write in to and we'll publish the best entries right here on