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Pics: Incredible winter styles you can copy right away

November 16, 2016 15:30 IST

From trendy jackets to gowns, colourful separates to leather outfits, these clothes will give you serious winter vibes.  

The recently concluded Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 unfolded like a dream with ample of modern, trendy designs and styles.

Red ruled the runway and models strode down the ramp dressed in some breathtaking outfits. 

The highlight of the fashion week was the play of colours and some stunning art-inspired clothes. 

Take a look!

#1. Here comes the bride

Vietnam fashion week

IMAGE: This breathtaking winged gown is designed by Francis Libiran, a designer from the Philippines. The outfit promises you that winter weddings can be beautiful and stunning. 

All photographs: Kind Courtesy Vietnam International Fashion Week/Facebook  

#2. Dots are fun to wear

Vietnam Fashion Week

IMAGE: What fun to wear polka dots like these with a shredded jacket and gladiators. This cheerful party outfit by Dolce Gusto screams fun and style at the same time. Wear it to a party and be the subject of envy.

#3. The Royal Bride 

Vietnam Fashion Week

IMAGE: Doesn't this outfit look resplendent with that stunning headgear and luxury crystals embellished on the Chinese silk fishtail gown? The yellow pipping on the hemline and the red headgear add colour and drama to the outfit. 

#4. Glamorous in sheer

Vietnam Fashion Week

IMAGE: Now that's a splendid outing in red! This gorgeous black sheer gown with sprinklings of red floral work and a matching Chinese silk cape is by Singapore-based designer Frederick Lee's collection. When a party invite reads black tie, this outfit will come in handy :)

#5. Aviators on the runway

Vietnam Fashion Week

IMAGE: Isn't it a rarity to see a collection inspired by the desert? Well, that's the reason the Desert Storm Collection is such a standout. Feminine yet extremely sexy, the leather cropped top, voile skirt and silk coat (right) make for such trendy separates. The brown dress, fur stole and Linda Farrow aviators (left) is quite trendy too.

#6. Tradition is a treat

vietnam fashion week

IMAGE: So good to see the traditional and rich Vietnamese culture depicted through these outfits on the runway :)
The bride in her bright red gown, gold necklace and matching hat looks so pretty. The groom looks dapper without moving away from his roots. 

#7. Victorian fashion makes a comeback

vietnam fashion week

IMAGE: A throwback to the Victorian era, designer Phuong My's asymmetrical gown in orange and green symbolises the warmth of the sun combined with the beauty of nature.  

#8. An arty affair 

Vietnam Fashion Week

IMAGE: Can't afford paintings? Then buy art-inspired clothes :)
A model takes to the ramp in a stylish jacket with prints inspired by the famous painter Frank Stella and lemon yellow palazzos, which hints at a new emerging trend. 

#9. Landscapes painted on clothes 

vietnam fashion week

IMAGE: These ballroom gowns by designer Phuong My's Pristine Collection. The dark and light blue hues are symbolic of the colours of the sky and depict the variation of time and space.
Planning a fairytale wedding? Then these gowns are sure to command people's attention on your BIG day. 

#10. A silk route

Vietnam fashion week

IMAGE: It's hard to take one's eyes off this beautiful orange gown with a black belt and matching beret cap! The layered bodice adds a touch of contemporary style to this impressive gown by fashion brand I Hate Fashion. 

#11. Paintings on cloth

vietnam fashion week

IMAGE: Take a look at this red dress (left) by Tiny Ink that's inspired by bomber jackets! The puff sleeves and hand-painted motifs make the outfit look striking yet effortless. 
The model on the right is wearing a red wine corset with an turquoise green skirt with gold fine art paintings.