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Lenovo ThinkPad T470s Review: What's not to like?

August 14, 2017 12:46 IST

While this model does not introduce any innovation, what it does is improve upon proven concepts -- placing it somewhere between the Lenovo T470 and the flagship ThinkPad X1 Carbon, says Uttaran Das Gupta.

Lenovo thinkpad

There is nothing revolutionary about it, but everything it has serves its purpose.

It is thinner, and has more computing power than the T460s, though these are not quite in the same range as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon that many experts feel is the ideal business laptop. However, at its price (₹78,908), and with its features, the T470s might be a more utilitarian option.

There are quite a few things it borrows from the X1 Carbon, such as the carbon fibre material that makes up its body. This also makes it light and portable, without seeming cheap.

Though the size and feel is the same as the T460s, there are many more ports and features inside that make up for this.

At the same time, it claims to be resistant to humidity as well as temperature and altitude variations.

The keyboard lives up to the ThinkPad reputation, making typing even for long hours comfortable.

The 14-inch screen isn't an innovation, but its high resolution and touchability is a big boost. The glare is minimal.

What's a tad disappointing is the sound, which can be loud without much depth or variety.

A number of ports, including a four-in-one card reader, a power adapter, a smartcard reader, a micro-SIM slot and an Ethernet jack provide users with all options they might require.

The storage capacity is standard for a similar machine.

T470s' performance is pretty competent, with an Intel Core i5-7300 U processor and 8GB memory. Multitasking is smooth; many tabs do not introduce a lag.

Battery life is strong, and can last up to 12 hours with regular use. But the battery is not removable.

Gaming performance is weaker, but how many of us play computer games at work?

While this model does not introduce any innovation, what it does is improve upon proven concepts. So, what's not to like?

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Uttaran Das Gupta