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UK visas: 'Apply from your country of origin'

August 07, 2007 10:32 IST
UK universities offer Indian students exciting opportunties and a world-class education. To explore these options, however, you must understand the protocol and procedure.

Namely, how should you navigate the student visa process? What information must you include on your applicatoin? Which details should you emphasise?

Paul Dryden, Third Secretary (Consular and Visa) at the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, answered questions about UK universities and student visas during a July 23 expert chat.

He discussed employment in the UK after graduation, the student visa process and resources for prospective students.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

Part I: 'Glasgow attack won't affect student visas'

gauri asked, wht all documents visa officer will see apart from financial one i went to uk on business visa also does it affect mine student visa application

Paul Dryden answers, 
You will need you to show an unconditional offer from your UK educational establishment that is listed on DFes register, educational qualification certificates and evidence of accommodation. An IELTS is not mandatory, but very useful.

Settle asked, I want to live in the UK after my graduation. Under what possible method may I obtain this?

Paul Dryden answers, 
If you are studying in Scotland you may apply for a Fresh Talent visa or if you are studying in Scotland or the rest of the UK you may apply under the International Graduates Schem after you graduate. See

Taleyarkhan asked, Our daughter studying at Nottingham Univ has to extend her student visa enable her complete her graduation studies in Year 2008. Her Student visa expires end Sept 2007. Filing for the extension in UK costs Pounds 295 as per the Form FLR(s). since she is visiting us in September, can she apply for the extension in Mumbai? How long will the Student Visa Extension take pls? and what would be the cost for her application in Mumbai pls?

Paul Dryden answers, 
Yes she may apply at our office in Mumbai. The fee would be Rs 8450.

manish asked, I have applied for hsmp, suppose it gets approved , then can i apply for the dependent visa for my wife along with me and take her with me ?

Paul Dryden answers, 
Yes, you may.

Sujay asked, Hiii Paul, My name is Sujay.Should I study the IELTS course compulsorily to get the higher studies in UK Universities or not?

Paul Dryden answers, 
IELTs is not compulsory but it helps the visa officer make a swift decision.

feerdaus asked, am i in needed to learn the english to go to the study uk?

Paul Dryden answers, 
Depends what you are studying. If the course is taught in English then it would be expected that the student would be able to follow the course.

VESNH asked, Paul is it advisable to get UK study visa?

Paul Dryden answers, 
If you wish to study in the UK, yes.

lalit asked, is it true that we have to show that a part of fees is being payed in advance to get the visa, i mean fees reciept should be produced for getting a visa?

Paul Dryden answers, 
It is not mandatory, but it helps.

munjal asked, can i get stamping of hsmp visa from uk on the basis of student visa

Paul Dryden answers, 
It is advisable to apply from your country of origin.

gauri asked, i have to look for accomadation i don;t know any body in london i am taking 9500 pound along with my self for accomadation is there any other evidence required and how much ielts score required for post grads course i have got 6 band

Paul Dryden answers, 
You should contact your educational establishment for accommodation details.

srik asked, what are the exams do i need to take for UK universities

Paul Dryden answers, 
You need to fulfill the educational establishments specific requirements and or contact your local British Council office.

monica asked, Would you recommend a consultant gareanteening a uk study visa? my mother has found one who will do all these services for 15,000 rupees.

Paul Dryden answers, 
Definitely not. VFS will give you advice for free. Alternatively all information required is available on the following websites: and

sajays asked, do postgraduates need different visa from fresh undergratduate?

Paul Dryden answers, 
No, you need to apply for a normal student visa.

Deepika asked, Sir, I was told by consultancies, If I choose diploma course, I would get rejected? Is that so?

Paul Dryden answers, 
Absolutely not unless the diploma is awarded by an institution not recognised in the UK or outside the UK. Please contact and or contact your local British Council office.

lalit asked, sir can i apply for visa by 2nd week of august my classes begin 28th sept , will it be too late to apply for the visa ?

Paul Dryden answers, 
You can apply any time.

gauri asked, how much ielts band required for post grads courses i have got 6 band will it be okey

Paul Dryden answers, 
Each educational establishment will set its own requirements..

kiran asked,  Sir, Please let us know on what basis Documents are assessed for a student visa? Please give in details.

Paul Dryden answers, 
You need to show an unconditional offer from an educational establishment listed on the Dfes register, previous education certificates, evidence of funds (liquid funds) covering your course and stay in UK and accommodation details.

reena asked, I have done + PGDCA 4 yr. in private tell MKT. i wanna know that wherther i can got immigration for uk & what is the procedure. plz tell me

Paul Dryden answers, 
Please clarify your question. Which category do you wish to travel in? If you wish to study in the UK, you will need a student visa and you may apply at any time you wish. It is advised that you apply in your country of origin.  

Paul Dryden answers, Highly Skilled Migrant Programme details can be found at If succesful, the HSMP visa duration is 2 years.

Part I: 'Glasgow attack won't affect Indian student visas'

Paul Dryden is the Third Secretary (Consular and Visa) at the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata.