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UK student visa: Finance documents that you need
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July 06, 2006

You have got admission in the UK university of your choice. Now, you need to get your finances in order so that nothing stands in the way of your education in the UK.

This is what Kevin Woods, head, visa department, British Deputy High Commission, Chennai, suggests you keep in mind while preparing your financial documents for that all important visa application:

Anyone can sponsor you. If it is a non-family member, you will need to satisfy the visa officer as to why he or she would do so.

You will also need to show evidence that the funds will realistically be available throughout the course length. They need not all be available immediately but you will need to show evidence of how they will be over the following two years.

For more information, read the transcript of the chat between Woods and Get Ahead readers. This chat was held on July 3:

Part I: Do you want a UK work visa?

pavan asked, good morning kevin,i want to know about the colleges in london other than universities,but are affiliated to they have any value

Kevin Woods answers, Again the DfES administers a register of education providers. It is worth examining the websites of colleges to determine exactly who confers the degree. In some instances it will not be a UK University

karthik asked, i am interest to go and attend the conference for that what are the documents required it is for a week time please answer this question immediately

Kevin Woods answers, You will need to provide evidence of your personal circumstances, employment, financial and domestic.

mohsin asked, Is it ok if my sponsor's IT paper showing loss in the first Financial year out if the 3 years IT papers that will be produce.

Kevin Woods answers, Yes. It is the current circumstances that are relevant.

farooq asked, Dear sir, I am from Hyderabad applying for student visa ,can i apply for visa at New Delhi

Kevin Woods answers, There is no reason why you should be applying in Delhi and they will refer back to us in most circumstances. Our student team here will be able to provide a decision on your application normally within 48 hours.

tutul asked, What is the amount to be shown so that a permanent resident of u.k can sponsor an indian student to study hotel management in u.k? ( 3 yrs course)

Kevin Woods answers, You will need to show evidence that the funds will realistically be available throughout the course length. They need not all be available immediately but you will need to show evidence of how they will be over the following two years.

mini asked, greetings kevin!i have obtained an offer to study in Uk this sept.What id like to know that while filing the visa aaplications,in the process of showing the availablity of liquid funds,are current account balances sufficient specifically if my sponsor is a business man and most of his funds lie within his self owned organization.

Kevin Woods answers, Again, we would need to see specifically that such funding will be available. If there is no evidence in the current accounts, there may be fixed deposits or student loans that will assess this.


Kevin Woods answers, Students may take their spouse and children with them to the UK providing they can show evidence that they will be able to maintain and accommodate them adequately without recourse to public funds.

manish asked, Hi i have got two business visas till date, but both i got for months, how can i get for a longer term

Kevin Woods answers, Normally visas are for 6 months. You may apply for a longer validity on the payment of the appropriate fee.

Wiqar asked, Dear Sir, I want to know if a person other than relative can be my sponsor? And also can a Trust or Charity sponsor my studies

Kevin Woods answers, Yes, anyone can sponsor you. You need to satisfy us as to why a non-family member would do so.

kiran asked, Dear kevin , I have Bachelor's degree in computer Science from Mumbai University and 2 .5 years of IT experience. I would like to study in Uk for M.S degree in Computer Science. What are the exams that i should appear in order to apply for Uk universities and what are the charges

Kevin Woods answers, Best advice is to go to the British Council and establish which universities offer the programme you are interested in. If you find one, then approach the university directly. You may also find that they will be represented at one of the Eductation UK seminars later this month.

mahendra asked, hello,i am staying in germany doing my Phd there,and i wanted to viist UK for an weekend,could you tell me how much time will it take for an visa since i tried to contact the UK embassy in germany but unfortunately nobody is picking up the phone and the call per min is almost 2 euros

Kevin Woods answers, Sorry, I am unable to ascertain how long the process will take in Germany.

Hussain asked, Dear Kevin This is the third time I m asking you a question regards Student Visa Sponsor, but none has been answered only two or three people' quesitons are answered regularly are there any bias?

Kevin Woods answers, No bias, just that there are several questions on the same subject.

handu asked, HI KEVIN SOMEONE IS WRITING HERE "Don't come UK for study if u think u want to work in UK. It's ok if u want to go back India after finishing your study. After finishing ur study u will not get a job as u will not get a work permit and u will not get a work permit unless u get a job. So it's deadlock." IS THAT TRUE?

Kevin Woods answers, It is true that an employer will need to satisfy Work Permits UK that they are unable to fill the vacancy from either the UK workforce or the EU before being able to employ someone from overseas. There are no guarantees of employment in the UK for anyone. But we are moving towards a more transparent service with the Points Based System which will be implemented in phases from mid 2007.

sriaknth asked, Dear Kevin, How long it might take to get a work permit Visa to UK? Do I have to visit the consulate in Chennai, given that I am presently in Bangalore? Is there any specific process, that I must follow?

Kevin Woods answers, It is not open to you to get a work permit. Your employer must do this on your behalf. As stated earlier, they must satisfy the WPUK that they have been unable to employ either UK nationals, resident workforce or EU nationals before being able to employ from overseas.

JOHNY asked, Dear Kevin Do you see an increase in the number of students applying to UK after the home office has extended the SEGS schemes to all PG and Ph.D students?

Kevin Woods answers, The extension of the SEGS scheme took effect in May this year. We have yet to see the increase in the applications as the academic year does not commence until September. That said, I hope that it will make the UK a more preferable destination.

Niladri asked, I have got admission offer at University of Southampton with Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I will staying in UK for 4.5 months as per course schedule. What documents I have to present at the VFS Office besides those mentioned in the UK Visa website

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Niladri, You should check the website for what sort of documents you need to provide. If you need further help, you can approach VFS or the British Council for advice.

Krushang asked, Dear sir, Good Afternoon ,I would like to ask that which is best college of architecture in london

Kevin Woods answers, I am unable to say please check the quality assurance website at for further information

anubhav asked, sir could u please tel me what will be the right time to apply for visa as i want to join in this coming session only in september this year. and how much time all it takes.

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Anubhav, you should be applying for your visa at least 2-6 weeks before you are due to travel to the UK to start your course. In the busy period (UK Autumn), you should apply one or two months in advance.

RAKESH asked, My Brother who will be sponsoring me does not pay IT (he is working in gulf country).What suporting document could I provide besides his bank statement.

Kevin Woods answers, You will need to show his bank statements and what evidence he has of his other financial commitments (i.e which other family members does he support)

vsathya23 asked, Hello Sir, I want to do Internship/Traiing in Uk.You consider in this category of visa

Kevin Woods answers, Internship and training are two different things. An internship is normally applicable when you are already a student and training falls under the remit of work permits. For further guidance, you should consult

Shabnam asked, Hello Sir,GoodAfternoon I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering,and I work as a Software Developer. I wish to pursue my MBA. My C.V has been selected for WestMinster University. PLease let me how to go about processing my Visa for the same and also how mush is it possible that I can Earn and Learn at the same time there?

Kevin Woods answers, You will need to submit your application through VFS. You may do so in person or through an agent, but be careful whom you select if you do so. Some agents may charge large amounts of money for doing what is essentially nothing other than processing, which may be done free of charge by yourself. The current visa fee is Rs 7,650 and VFS will charge a small processing fee in addition to this. Students may take part time work (up to 20 hours a week) whilst in term time and full time work outside term time. You must be able to meet the costs of your course and accommodation without working though.

karthik asked, if i got hsmp after that i need to show any financial statement or any family circumstances please reply me
Kevin Woods answers, You will need to show us that you will be able to maintain and accommodate yourself until you find a job. This will generally mean that the answer to your question is yes.

sumi asked, Dear Mr. Woods,I would like to know what sort of accomodation proof can i provide in my visa application considering that i don't have university accommodation and will be looking for the private accommodation once i am in the UK.Also, does it has to be for the permanent accommodation or can i apply with proof of temporary accommodation like b&b hotels or the temporary university accommodation? please throw some light on this issue.

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Sumi, when your application is assessed, Entry Clearance Officers will use guidance from the British Council for an approximate costing for the accommodation and living expenses for the area of the UK that you have chosen to study in. If you have obtained accommodation through your UK institution, then you should include it in your application. If not, then some documentation of any accommodation arrangements you have made is helpful.

Hussain asked, My apologies Dear Kevin. As I thought I was sidelined, but I know there are many questions and u are answerign all of them very satisfactorily ! Thanks a lot. If a business man wants to come to UK for an exhibition then what documents does he has to produce to get a Visa? Thanks

Kevin Woods answers, Business visits are the same as any other. we need to be satisfied that your circumstances -- domestic, financial -- are as claimed, that the benefits to be gained are commensurate with the costs involved and that you will leave the UK at the end of the visit. General documents that will be useful include bank statements, IT returns, salary slips, business documents, invitations and evidence of previous transactions with them.

Part I: Do you want a UK work visa?
Part III: UK degree = Job in UK?

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