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Rediff News  All News  » Cricket » Chat with Harsha Bhogle: Should Sachin have played the Windies ODIs for ton of tons?

Chat with Harsha Bhogle: Should Sachin have played the Windies ODIs for ton of tons?

Last updated on: December 01, 2011 10:00 IST

In the verbose, repetitive world of television's cricket commentators Harsha Bhogle stands alone, his knowledge of the game combined with his passion for it making him a sheer joy to watch.

If it's value for money to watch Harsha dissect the game with the precision of a Sachin Tendulkar cover drive, his written copy is no less -- the elegance of an Azharuddin wrist flick being the closest cricketing analogy.

And now with his Samsonite Step Out video blogs, there is added access to his expertise. 

As India under a resurgent M S Dhoni nail the West Indies challenge at home and look at a daunting Australia tour next month, where the men will be separated from the boys, questions abound:

  • Will the Men in Blue pull it off against an Australian team that everyone agrees is not what it used to be?
  • Will the young blood be able to stand up and be counted in conditions that can wring out the best of men?
  • Will the new generation of spinners be able to cement their place?
  • Will our batsmen be tormented by the pace conditions?

  • And, of course, the question everyone wants an answer to: Will Sachin Tendulkar get that elusive ton of tons in Australia -- or should he have counted himself in for the Windies ODI series, got to that landmark, and gone to Australia without that monkey on his back, as Sunil Gavaskar has said?

    To answer these and any other burning cricketing questions you may have -- and we are sure you have thousands-- we present you Harsha Bhogle!

    Join Harsha on the Rediff Chat on Thursday, December 1, at 3 pm to have all your cricketing questions answered.

    Want to travel to Australia and meet Harsha? Watch his Samsonite Step Out video blogs on Rediff iShare to know more.

    Harsha Bhogle, only on the Rediff Chat. Be there!