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'Individual stars don't make a team'

December 12, 2006 09:35 IST
Viren Rasquinha says, Hello everyone. This is Viren Rasquinha here. You can start sending your questions now.

Rups asked, We taught the World hockey and now we are nowhere near the top, How come this happened and How can we get back on top ?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think it was a slow, gradual process. I guess we were living too much on our past records. Its very essential that we move with the times and now we got to play catch up modern hockey with the rest of the world.
Rajesh asked, What are your plans to get back into the team
Viren Rasquinha answers, As of now I will just be playing domestic hockey for my company team IOCL and then the PHL for Maratha Warriors. There isnt any international tournament for quite a while, so I got the time to think about how I go about it.
hari asked, Viren, Do you think modern hockey has gone from skillful game to physical one?Why are we not up to the mark
Viren Rasquinha answers, Fitness is very essential in modern hockey. Its all about speed, power and endurance, but skill is also very important because that is our traditional strength. We have to make sure that we do not fall back too much on the fitness front.
bobby asked, Hi Viren, Do you feel that indians are lacking in physical strength compare to european players and pakistani players. I don't know much about hockey other than seeing it on tv. Since you have played kindly let me know your view.
Viren Rasquinha answers, We are definitely a bit behind the Australians and the Europeans as far as fitness is concerned. But we got to make up for this by using our skill, intelligence on the pitch, good strategy, intelligent use of rolling substitutions.
Kayvian asked, Hi Viren, our performance in Hockey is a sad state of affairs. What are we doing wrong?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think there is no single major problem, but a little of a lot of problems, which cumulatively result in a consistent poor performance in the last few years. I think we got to focus a lot on the grassroot levels, on development of infrastructure, providing the best facilities and modern coaching to the most talented kids in the country in the age group 12-16.
Guruprasad asked, Who do u think is the best player India has produced in the modren era ?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think its definitely Dhanraj Pillay for the simple reason that he could change a game at any moment with a piece of his magical skills and stickwork.
shree asked, Only , dedicated people like u only can change in IND hockey
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think no individual can do anything. Its really upto everybody involved with the sport, the players, the coaches, the fans, the media, the administration that have to work together to get hockey back to its glory days. We must ensure that merit alone is the sole criteria at every level.
mcdonald asked, Hi Viren u remember me Ardens Mom
Viren Rasquinha answers, Of course buddy. How are you doing and where are you right now? Still in Bombay?
sehwagkimaa asked, Hey Viren, you must be interacting with lots of international players? What is one specific and major difference you find betweend us and them? Is it there mental or physical approach that makes the difference?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think an important thing that Indian players lack is the mental strength and self-belief that they can beat the best teams in the world. I think this lack of self-belief has cost us a lot of international matches.
Anand asked, What do you think was the real reason to drop you??
Viren Rasquinha answers, I dont really know the real reason as I havent been given one yet.
Rohan asked, Viren, I like you; you are young, energetic and skilful. Looks like the Indian team (and I am not talking just hockey) is so used to losing, it doesn't need people like you. On a serious note however, what it which lacks in Indian sport - the one big difference between winning consistently and being just a flash in the pan?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I dont really think winning consistently can come by changing any one single thing. It takes years of meticulous planning and honest implementations of those plans that will give you a winning team.
sachinchowdhary asked, IHF is always blaming players or coaches for bad performances when it will be vice-versa? Losing to China should be a wake up call for us and infrastructure is can not be justified reason for last 10 years for the declining of Hockey in India?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think the wake up call has been long overdue. Changing players and changing coaches all the time is just not the answer. As I said before we got to improve hockey at the grassroot levels, domestic levels, coaches at the domestic level should keep up with the modren developments of the game. There has to be more number of astroturfs all over the country and things like diet, training, education for our talented young hockey players should be well looked after.
bobby asked, Hi Viren, I know that your brother used to work in Infosys bangalore. Is he still there?
Viren Rasquinha answers, Yeah, he still works for Infosys, but right now he has been in the States for the last three years on a project.
Arun asked, Viren, I admire you skills, please take things in a positive way, take this break to build up your physical fitness, so that you are fresh for the next call
Viren Rasquinha answers, I will definitely be taking your advice. I think I need to rest a bit to get fresh for a new season and hopefully I will come back a better and a stronger player.
Abhijit asked, Can india go in the semis of Doha Asiad.
Viren Rasquinha answers, Its going to be very tough for India now because they have to beat Oman and Korea in their last two league matches and also hope that other results go favourably.
Gautham asked, dont u think IHF has to work more proffesionalism and result oriented on Managing the team and Hockey in India
Viren Rasquinha answers, Professionalism has to be brought in at every level of the game. That along with responsibility and committment to improve the standard of the game has to be shown by the players, coaches and the IHF.
J Singh asked, Politics is killing the game but I am sure you be back soon
Viren Rasquinha answers, Yeah, I hope so too.
binoj asked, why dont we send a team of 10 juniors to get groomed under florisbovelander or take takeama..if not the entire game at least we can be assured on penalty corners like the netherlands..?
Viren Rasquinha answers, Just getting a foreign coach will not change things drastically. That would be expecting too much. First we got to work on the root causes of the downfall of Indian Hockey. So getting a Takeama or Bovelander to train our juniors would be a great idea, but we would need to do a hell of a lot more! But I do agree that the best coaches should train our junior players.
Saswat asked, Viren , Who do you think to be the best player in the World ? Is there any IHF player of the year (Some think like FIFA player of year ?)
Viren Rasquinha answers, For me the two best players in the world are Jamie Dwyer of Australia and Teun De Noojier of Holland. They have been named as the FIH player of the year in the last two years and very deservedly so. There isn't any IHF player of the year.
mcdonald asked, Viren Just wanna tell me that ARden's,getting married on 21st dec and you gotta be there
Viren Rasquinha answers, Congrats Aunty! Thats great news. Please wish Arden from me. Unfortunately I won't be in Mumbai at that time. But my prayers and best wishes are definitely with Arden.
kamal asked, hi viren, do u think punjab lobby is behind ur outster
Viren Rasquinha answers, I have never really believed in lobbies. I might be naive but I have always thought that merit is the sole criteria which gets you into the Indian team. So as I just said I haven't been given a reason for being dropped, so I dont really know.
J S Singj asked, Best of luck boss
Viren Rasquinha answers, Thanks boss.
DINESH asked, India has never been a nation which has been good in sports and i think we never will be. Just see where we stand in cricket, hockey, Asian games. we get disgraced everywhere
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think you complaining about it isn't really helping matters. What we got to do is encourage the kids in the country to take up sport and pursue it to the highest level if they are good enough. We must encourage
them and not just sit and complain because that would be the easy route.
maneesh asked, hi viren
Viren Rasquinha answers, Hi Maneesh. Do you have a question?
vishal asked, hi viren, though i m a cricket fan, i m a ardent fan of players like you, dhanraj pillay, aashish ballal, jugraj singh, prabhjyot singh and deepak thakur. i firmly believe that it was a drastic decision to drop u. i rally appreciate ur guts to come out all guns blazing at the IHF and demand a explanation as to why u were dropped. well done. what r ur future plans?
Viren Rasquinha answers, As of now I am concentrating on playing domestic hockey for my employers IOCL and the PHL which is coming up soon. I am also studying for various exams and I got to go to my IOCL office in Mumbai. So all this keeps me busy.
Sushant asked, Hi, Veren. Hru, what is the key factor that we are not able to win a single major tornament , is it lack of tecehnology OR is it coz of the politics going in indian hokey, and why we always depend on foreign coach as india has produce lot of great hokey player who can coach better that out foreign coach. i would appriciate if u answer my question.
Viren Rasquinha answers, I have played under a lot of Indian coaches and there are very few who have kept up with the modern game and use the latest coaching techniques and drills. It is very essential that our system of training at the grassroot, domestic and the national team level is well tuned to the changes in the game in international hockey.
kamal asked, do u think hockey player can live a decent life with the earnings he get from playing
Viren Rasquinha answers, Yeah sure, a hockey player can live a very decent life.
hellish asked, is ric charlesworth as a coach a solution to the Indian problems?
Viren Rasquinha answers, Ric Charlesworth is regarded as one of the best, most progressive hockey coaches in the world. But like I said before just getting a foreign coach will not change our results overnight. We got to concentrate more on the root causes of the downfall of Indian Hockey, which are very many.
navin asked, hi will indian hockey will bounce back ever in the near future
Viren Rasquinha answers, Yeah Indian hockey can definitely bounce back but we got to ensure that there is a vision for the future and we have to make sure that it is implemented honestly.
Kayvian asked, Is there bureocracy in Hockey? What would be one change that you would do if you were made head?
Viren Rasquinha answers, Probably the one thing I would do first is to ensure that the talented youngsters at the grassroot levels get proper grounds to play on, modern coaching techniques, proper diet and motivation and encouragement.
milan asked, viren,u r the most handsome player in the hockey team:-)..i watch hockey,just to see u.
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think you are really kind. I also think thats a really good reason to watch hockey. Please tell all your friends to watch too.
milan asked, viren,u r the most handsome player in the hockey team:-)..i watch hockey,just to see u.
Viren Rasquinha answers, Milan, by the way are you a girl or a boy? :))
Saswat asked, Viren we don't have any good drag-flickers.We are handicapped because of Sandip Singh's absence. Why don't you try your hand on drag-flicking ? How much practice it requires ?
Viren Rasquinha answers, Drag flicking is a very tough technique to master. It requires a lot of skill, power and accuracy. It requires years of training to master. It would be a bit tough for me to take up drag flicking at this stage of my career, but we definitely have to work on the young junior drag flickers in the country so that there are ready replacements if tragedies like what happened to Jugraj and Sandeep happen again.
Amit asked, Hi Viren, Why there is no money in hockey like in Cricket. I guess thats why youngsters are not taking hockey these days. How can we help Hockey?
Viren Rasquinha answers, You guys can help hockey by supporting the national team and encouraging young players in every way. That always means a lot to the players when the fans back them whole-heartedly.
Gautham asked, all my best wishes with u :)
Viren Rasquinha answers, Thanks so much Gautham.
Abhijit2 asked, Why Gagan has been dropped from the team? He is far btter a player than Arjun Halappa or Tushar Khandekar.
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think that question would be better asked to the selectors. But Gagan is a very good player and a world class striker.
kamal asked, do u take advice from dhanraj? is he helpful
Viren Rasquinha answers, Dhanraj has always been very helpful and encouraging to me. I remember when I played my first Champions Trophy match in 2002 and I was nervous like hell. He was the guy who calmed me down on the ground and just told me to play my game. I have always looked up to him and idolised him for whatever he has done for Indian hockey.
DhanrajPillay asked, Whenever I think of hockey, only three names come to my mind - Dhyanchand, Dhanraj Pillay and Viren Rasquinha. I have played some hockey and really adore you. Its so heartbreaking to see you out of the team. Best of luck.
Viren Rasquinha answers, Thanks so much for the support. It means a lot to me.
pushpi asked, Dont you think India shouls stop playing hockey for 5 years.Then they shouls come up with fresh talents,newer strategies and ofcourse better facilities and administration?
Viren Rasquinha answers, We could still come up with fresh talents, newer strategies and better facilities and administration even if we don't stop playing hockey. So stopping playing hockey is not the solution.
sportsfan asked, Viren, how come no one speaks out in the open about the real reasons behind the sorry state of Indian hockey today?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think everyone, especially the players are worried that they will lose their place in the team if they speak up. I think that shouldn't be the case and everyone voice their opinion as long as its for the good of the game.
bobby asked, The problem with Indian hockey is that not many people are playing the game. Most of us only talk abiut it. Also, we need strong players from Punjab, Haryana etc.
Viren Rasquinha answers, It doesn't matter whether the players are from Punjab, Haryana, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai or wherever. What matters is that the best 18 players represent the Indian team.
Gk asked, Viren, what are your hobbies????
Viren Rasquinha answers, To be really honest hockey takes up almost 10-11 months for me and I get very little free time for myself. So no time to pursue any serious hobbies but I do love reading a lot, not really novels or anything, but I keep myself updated with current affairs by reading a lot of newspapers and magazines.
honkytonky asked, Ahoy Viren! What happened to Rajiv Misra!!!
Viren Rasquinha answers, Rajiv Misra had a knee injury which unfortunately did not heal properly before he came back on to the field and as a result it only got worse. Its very difficult to play at the highest level carrying any major injuries. Rajiv still plays domestic hockey for Indian Railways nowadays.
deepak asked, i like you, and i know without dilip,viren and gagan there is no indian hockey team
Viren Rasquinha answers, Individual stars don't make a team. Team work consists of contributions from all the 18 players and the coaching staff.
viren ka dost asked, Viren, what advice would you like to give to young hockey players?
Viren Rasquinha answers, I think its very important for youngsters to take training very seriously and fitness very seriously. Its also important that they enjoy the game and always try to improve their skills.
pushpi asked, That makes me confused because i work under your brother(Vinod) in Deloitte Consulting.How many brothers do you have??
Viren Rasquinha answers, Vinod is my eldest brother, I will tell him at night that you are not working and coming on Rediff Chat :)) Maybe he might give you a promotion.
Gk asked, Viren, apart from Hockey, which sport do you follow???
Viren Rasquinha answers, I like soccer, tennis, basketball, athletics, badminton, basically all outdoor physical sports.
Viren Rasquinha says, Thank you for your time. I enjoyed chatting with all you guys. Hope all of you support me and Indian hockey in the future.