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'Will Lewis Hamilton move to Ferrari?'

Last updated on: August 09, 2007 17:06 IST

Formula One is seeing complete chaos right now as McLaren lead both championships -- and are in a state of utter disrepair, with both drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, as well as team boss Ron Dennis, considering their exit strategies.

Rediff readers rose to the occasion at the Formula One chat this Tuesday with resident race-nut Raja Sen (driving solo because colleague Sumit Rajwade was unavoidably detained) and they talked about Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and a lot of conspiracy theories.

It was a fascinating chat, and here's what went on:

Raja Sen says, Hello all. Things are chaotic in the world of F1 and -- hot off the presses -- now we are informed that Ferrari are making a 17 million pound bid for Lewis Hamilton. Whoa. Alright gang, lets chat.

JeanTodt asked, hey Raja Sen r u there Jean Wants to chat with u and wanna know where is that Sissy Ron Dennis hiding with all my tenchinal data and desgins
Raja Sen answers,  Currently, Jean, I think Ron Dennis is just hiding under his table while his two drivers sling it out.

Nazim asked, Hi Raja... don't you think it's all over for Ferrari and Kimi... even for the constructor's. History says a driver losing from this stage has happened only twice in 15 years... It'll be Hamilton now, whatsay
Raja Sen answers, Nazim, Hamilton's definitely in control but a 20 point deficit has never been insurmountable in F1. The kid's really driving excellently, though -- it'll be hard now for anyone to reel him in.

Maverick asked, i know it is gonna be atough fight now.. kimi is catching up
Raja Sen answers, yeah Kimi seems to have found the right fit in the scarlet machine.. his driving the last 3 races has been far more assured and he's definitely gunning for more.

Ashish asked, I think Mclaren has better skilled driver than Ferrari...So fight or no fight..controversy or no controversy...this season will be dominated by Mclaren..What do you say??
Raja Sen answers, Well, first of all if their drivers keep complaining to the stewards about each other -- and then announce that they're not talking.. its going to be very hard for them to hold on to the constructor's title.

manohar asked, I think Kimi and ferari are still strong contenders.....two good or bad races can change the whole scenario....wot do u say guys....
Raja Sen answers, well Manohar I think nobody can be written off right now. All four drivers are close -- close enough for one non-finish to level the points table -- and the teams are closer than they've been.

JeanTodt asked, its going to be Kimi who will win the Drivers Chamiponship from now on look out for him coz he is the dark horse in the race
Raja Sen answers, Kimi could surely do it, but he and Massa will have to dominate all the remaining races..

booboo asked, Hamilton is in the league of Shummi and poor oh boy Alonso is having a night mare at his hands.( he told before the announcement of Hamilton & after Shumi's retirement that no one is there to challenge him & he doestn't consider Shumi as a real champio. If he has guts let him now challenge his own team mate first & then challenge Shumi & Ferrari. He should hv been stripped of the points for deliberately blocking Hamilton in the pits as he could not set a fast lap
Raja Sen answers, Well he was stripped off pole position -- and Hamilton wasn't blameless. He was supposed to let Alonso pass the lap before the pitstops, but in his urge to race Kimi, he didn't. Hence the infighting.

vikram asked, HI, Why does the headline say "disaster strikes McLaren". They still won the grand prix and they are poised for winning both WDC and WCC
Raja Sen answers, Hi Vikram, glad you asked. Because right now McLaren is in serious trouble: Team boss Ron Dennis has turned 60 and never looked angrier or more exhausted -- he could quit at the end of 07; the drivers are not on speaking terms, and both are actively rumoured to be considering switching teams, with Renault targeting Alonso and Ferrari now targeting Lewis.

test asked, Hi Raja, is Alonso going to leave Mclaren next year ?
Raja Sen answers, Well, Renault is rumoured to be making a serious bid -- and Alonso enjoyed his world titles at Renault, for sure. And he's been very noncommittal about next year's contracts...

Nazim asked, Hmmm Raja... it's deja vu... Except that now it's Hamilton vs Alonso and Kimi, last year it was Alonso vs Schumi... But I feel for poor Alonso... in fact, i've become his fan... my heart always goes out to underdogs :)
Raja Sen answers, :) What makes you call the ruling double world champion an underdog?

JeanTodt asked, listen Raja and all u guys its going to be my team and my driver Kimi who will win both the championship coz 1 bad race for Mclaren drivers and good one for Ferrari it will all cover up and knowing the current relationship between Mclaren drivers both of them will be gunning for each others head in the Turkish Grand Prix
Raja Sen answers, That's true, they're really warring it up -- but if the Ferrari rumours are true then there will be severe unrest in the Ferrari camp. Lets hope the teams confirm their driver lineups quick.

Anand asked, I feel that hamilton is letting the sucess get to his head. Even if he is leading the standings, he should follow team strategies. Thats how the team as a whole gets success.
Raja Sen answers, absolutely agree with you, anand. It is a team sport and Hamilton's behaviour this weekend has been very disappointing.

kislay asked, i think, McLaren should suffer, not the drivers..Bcz McLaren is not a proper co-ordinator..and it failed in maintaining co-ordination between both brilliant drivers..
Raja Sen answers, ah and both brilliant drivers are supposed to go at each other's throats? come on, kislay. No offense but McLaren's having a tough time -- they've (mostly) played fair this season, without playing favourites.. and this is how it comes back to bite them?

nkg asked, I ferrari bids for hamilton , where will Kimi and Massa go ?
Raja Sen answers, well I don't think even Ferrari's sure yet. They'll wait for another couple of races before deciding, though I think they would prefer holding on to Massa -- he costs lesser and seems more of a team man.

VenkatForFerrari asked, Hello , how good is for Ferrari Drivers Kimmi and Massa to Win the Drivers Championship this season ? Kimmi is a great driver so is Massa, When will we see them winning the Driver's Championship ?
Raja Sen answers, We could see them do it this year, Venkat. Six races to go and there's everything to play for.

Jay asked, I think no points for constructor championship will hit mclaren hard, we all know that the Ferrari's are better car in race pace & they will very hard to beat in coming circuits which don't have many corners!
Raja Sen answers, That's true, the fact that they managed to close the gap in Hungary, where they are never too good, must have been quite a relief for Ferrari.

manohar asked, Wot happened to Masa in the last race.....two race back he started from pits but still he was able to finish in a good position....r ferrari cars becoming unreliable.....if yes bad luck again for KIMI.....wot do u say....
Raja Sen answers, no I think the cars were fine, but Ferrari had a qualifying blunder for Massa -- and they are never great at the hungaroring, it's too twisty a circuit. Of course Massa should have made up at least a few more places.

Harish asked, Whatever anyone says dont u think Alonso can take a lesson in humility and learn to behave properly off the track?
Raja Sen answers, Well, I'd agree but right now his teammate, the popular golden boy, isn't doing a dream job in terms of decency either.

booboo_sk asked, Briattorie is booing Alonso & i guess after being chucked out at Mclauren Alonso will lick his wounds in hapless Renault ( u know how they own the last 2 seasons) by illegally placing a wet dampner. It was found out half way thru the season last year & after that Ferrari started dominating. FERRARI is the BEST & is a class of its Own. Mclauren could catch them after 3 years only after fraudulently espionaging Ferrari techincal documents.
Raja Sen answers, And would you like to see Hamilton drive a Ferrari in 2008?

Jay asked, Hi Raja, I know this weekend is all about McLaren problems, but do you think its Ferrari are losing its focus slightly due to ongoing investigations? I mean, Kimi failed to finish last race & this time they forgot to put fuel in Massa car. I think they are taking their eye of the ball here!!
Raja Sen answers, That's a fair point, Jay, and one I hadn't considered. Indeed they really need to get their act together, time is running out.

vikram asked, raja sen: thanks for answering that, do you honestly think alonso would consider renault at this point in time! I think the dust would settle on this matter pretty soon, both drivers would be throwing away their careers if they made any rash decisions. Next season, I agree it could be a different story altogether but i dont think Mclaren are in any serious trouble in the short term.
Raja Sen answers, vikram, the situation has escalated to dangerous levels. The Daily Mail reported sources saying Alonso might take a sabbatical in 2008 just to escape the McLaren contract.

Ram85 asked, McLaren Played Fair?? I think this is an unfair comment, given the fact that they spied on Ferrari and had all the knowledge..
Raja Sen answers,  no no that's not what I meant. We were talking about treating their drivers equally and -- outside of Monaco -- McLaren's stayed away from team orders. Not that those two are likely to obey quietly, anyway.

manish asked, With limited chances for overtaking; the race at budapest was too predictable. In fact it was a little boring. Massa remained stuck in the rear despite a good car and good driving skills. Don't you feel we should have more competitive tracks?
Raja Sen answers, YES! It was mega-boring. The hungaroring is a sleepy, overtwisty race. Lets wait for Monza :)

Jay asked, We all wants to talk about Mclaren & Ferrari, but BMW have got me interested recently! They are going about their business quietly and I am very impressed. If they can just improve their car slightly, I can see them competing next season for championship. What you think?
Raja Sen answers, I agree completely. They've been a great team, improving race pace constantly, and have fantastic drivers. That is another Alonso option, by the way -- for some reason BMW isn't signing the fabulous Nick Heidfeld for 2008 just yet. Something Ron Dennis must surely be considering.

Harmeet asked, Comparing McLaren's last year and this year's performance, followed by the Ferrari allegation, can it be inferred that Ferrari is right?
Raja Sen answers, well the official verdict is that there was espionage but that mclaren haven't actually stolen any data to give themselves a technical advantage.. but the jury's still out. McLaren sure looks awesome this year, that's for sure.

shankar asked, who do you think will replace alonso at Mclaren if at all he moves out of the team next season??
Raja Sen answers, as I just mentioned, if he goes to BMW, Nick Heidfeld would make for a great replacement for him over at McLaren.

Nazim asked, Here's a scenario for next year: McLaren snaps back Kimi... Alonso goes back to Renault... Ferrari are Hamilton and Massa... How would this be?
Raja Sen answers, It sounds pretty fascinating -- and with all the pit-lane poker being played right now -- not at all unlikely. Wow.

CHETAN asked, Can Ferrari consider Barrichello for their next season ? He was doing well when he was driving alongside Michael.
Raja Sen answers, Yes well Rubens is a spent force now. I doubt any of the major teams will contract him anytime soon.

Jhumpachika asked, Will Hamilton move to Ferrari???...Methinks Ferrari is the BEST team suited to a driver like him...wot say????
Raja Sen answers, Well all I can say is that he'd look good in red overalls ;)

Farri asked, the whole last weekend has been a nighmare for alonso and his team, mc laren seem getting involved in some controversy or the just doesn't stop !! maybe what happened at hungary, and the disgrace caused to alonso bcoz of his demotion to P6, was the last nail...he has had it enough...there is every chance renault takes him to replace fisichella for next year, but this might require a lot of negotiations with mc laren, and if alonso is willing to leave mc laren, they might just give in !!
Raja Sen answers, yeah Alonso and Ron Dennis both seem exhausted. Dennis was prompted to quiet the speculation and all he said was -- I paraphrase -- that they have contracts with their drivers for two years now, and they will respect them. and that they expect and hope that the drivers will respect the contracts too.

ND asked, Hi Do you think Massa really desrves the prime seat at Ferrari? No doubt the team goofed up by not putting fuel during a crucial stage of Qualifying, but he was chasing Sato for the whole race !!!!Surely with Ferrari power(though full tank) he shud have managed to overtake Super Aguri
Raja Sen answers, well honestly Fernando's been overtaken by a Super Aguri too, and the same one :)

ND asked, Raja, I must say, today for the first time, you are being Fair and not doing your typical bash Alonso bit...
Raja Sen answers, thanks ND :) I think Alonso usually deserves a rap on the back of the head, but this weekend's been very tragic for him -- and I hate the way the British media glosses over Hamilton's mistakes.

gopal asked, ferrari can bounce back, but i doubt whether can they win both drivers and constructor's championship
Raja Sen answers, I think the constructor's title is within reach for sure. As for the driver's title, one great race where the mclaren duo fail to score points will make this race a nailbiter all the way.

Rajesh asked, Alonso is a good driver but very aggressive. He doesnt care about his team mate or for that matter anyone. His sole aim is to win the championship. In a way this is good as well as bad. Do you think anyone can stand a chance against him? leave alone hamilton. Guess we need Schumi back...
Raja Sen answers, Schumi's probably content just watching all these kids tear into each other. And I disagree, I do believe Hamilton's capable of taking on Alonso.

Prem asked, Raja,next season we will we having the first night race in u feel that there will be a lot of changes the teams have to make when it comes to racing under lights, and yes what happens if there are wet conditions under lights ?
Raja Sen answers, A wet night race sounds far too perilous. Either way, the night racing won't be that hard on the drivers -- the kind of lighting they'll use will be, they claim, 'better than daylight.'

abhimanyu asked, I am impressed with BMW consistency they have a driver in top 5 in almost all races.Can they be a threat to other teams next season?
Raja Sen answers, I was hoping they'd be a threat this season itself, but yeah next season expect them to be fighting with the top teams.

Jay asked, I like Hamilton & think he's a very good driver, but recently (especially after last race) I think he need to learn to be team player. He needs to realise that he is extremely lucky to be in the best car this season & no reliability issues whatsoever. He needs to stop believing his own hype & remember it's the team who is responsible for where he is & he must obey the orders given to him!
Raja Sen answers, Yeah, I agree. This is a time when he shouldn't get too carried away and try and remain grounded. He's got amazing potential, but he needs to stay focussed.

Anoop asked, They shouldn't have penalised Alonso in the Hungary. Don't you think it was Lewis who was suppossed to be penalised. Poor Alonso
Raja Sen answers, And Hamilton was the one who asked the FIA stewards to investigate the incident -- at least according to Alonso.

Abhishek asked, I think that all these controversies(regarding Alonso-Hamilton, McLaren-Ferrari), are manipulated stunts by Bernie Eccselstone, so that he can maintain viewer's interest in F1, which was deteriorating fast after Schumi's exit. What do you think ?
Raja Sen answers, A very valid thought, Abhishek. Cynical, but valid. There has been far too much drama this season and the story of a debutant champion (also, F1s first black driver) is too good to be true. So sure, they could be planned, but neither Ferrari nor McLaren are likely to sit and roll over for Bernie.

Jay asked, I am a fan of Massa & think he's done extremely well this season, but for some reason I still don't think he's ready for championship! I have backed Kimi even when he was a fair bit behind. Something about Massa that does not fills you with confidence that he got what it takes to be a world champion!
Raja Sen answers, I dont' quite agree. I think he's risen to the occasion splendidly and is ready for the bigtime.

Anoop asked, I just cannot stop laughing seeing Button & Barrichello languishing at the back on the pack. Both had big egos. Look where Barrichello is. He would have been a Champioship contender if he were at Ferari today.
Raja Sen answers, its like what happened to Eddie Irvine, driving for Jordan after quitting Ferrari -- saying he wouldn't be number 2 to Schumacher. Sigh.

N asked, will mclaren win the appeal and gain the constructors points for the last race ?
Raja Sen answers, actually, McLaren is considering not appealing the decision too strongly -- because they don't want the espionage verdict (which is still open) to be turned against them.

mama asked, Raja.... Is Alonso a champion ?? I think he always had luck factor in his wins rather than his technical skills !
Raja Sen answers, well he surely has been fortunate but luck alone can't be responsible. "Last year it looked as if Michael (Schumacher) was going to win, but then his engine went and I won the Championship," he said in an interview late Sunday night. Luck just gives you the opportunity; you still have to make it happen.

mahendra asked, Kimi is the best. Alonso is a good driver but he can not stomach even a few set backs. Imagine Alonso in Kimi's shoes. In 2005, 2006 and now again in 2007 Kimi's dream of winning the championship is being screwed because of an unreliable car. Some or the other problem has to happen with Kimi, but he takes them all in the right spirit and continues fighting. Alonso would have committed suicide by now or would be in jail serving a sentence of killing his engineer.
Raja Sen answers, LOL :D

keshabhishek asked, Don't you think that when Alonso was at the receiving end of Schumacher's tactics, he cried foul. But, now when he's in Schumi's shoes, He's acting "holier than thou".
Raja Sen answers, I think he needs to go a while without talking to the press. Just shut up and let his driving do the talking.

manohar asked, I dont agree that viewers are loosing interest after schumis departure...infact its more interesting now four drivers driving for drivers championship....viewers were bored of seeing schumi....wot do u say....
Raja Sen answers, I agree but now people like almost all 4 drivers equally. None of these yet inspires a devotion, a passion to support them blindly. Most fans would be okay with either Lewis or Alonso or Kimi or Massa winning -- they all look equally deserving.

Lewis asked, Massa or Hamilton who is better agreed that Hamilton is a rookie and leading Massa but obviously he has had the better car. Raja your thoughts on this?
Raja Sen answers, It's a tough call. Hamilton's shown great pressure but I'd like to see him start from the back of the grid and make his way up the order to really rank him.

Kapel asked, hi there,on the spygate-does anyone considered Ferrari plotting the entire saga,sending Stepheny to Mclaren with the ferrari bible,planting it and being suprised they were found at the Chief Mclaren employee through a photo copier guy??doesnt it seems fishy?Raja ur comments
Raja Sen answers, ha, now that's a pretty wild conspiracy theory. What about McLaren designer Coughlan then? And Ron Dennis would never have admitted the fact that they had possession of the Ferrari 'bible' had Ferrari not had adequate proof.

sumit asked, Schumi (read ferrari driver) blocks someone (i think at monaco GP) in qualifying all his qualifying times are scrapped and he has to start 22nd. Alonso(read Mclaren driver) blocks teammate or Fisichella(read Renault driver) the penalty they get is 5 places ?? Why is there such discrimination when it comes to Ferrari?
Raja Sen answers, Very fair point, Sumit. The stewards almost seemed confused by the Alonso punishment and complaint. It would be much better to have regular procedure for situations like this instead of these haphazard punishments.

booboo_sk asked, F1 races should not be held in street circuits as it almost makes overtaking impossible.Hence Monaco/Hungary/ future Singapore races should be shelved & circuits wide enough shall be permitted so that overtaking is possible. It makes viewing 7 the race very thrilling & the likes of Ferrari/Mclaren/BMW having a go at everyone at all possible corners shall be a treat to watch
Raja Sen answers, yeah overtaking's essential. I love Monza and Spa the most. What about you?

Anoop asked, Mahendra. I guess Kimi has this bad luck where ever he goes, or is it him spoiling the car? While he was in Mclaren, his car used to get screwed up. Now at Ferrari (which is known for reliability), his car only gets screwed up. Why not Massa's? Whats your say Raja?
Raja Sen answers, yes, he seems accursed but this year's retirements have been largely gearbox and tyre related -- so saying that he's overdriving the car might be unwarranted.

Abhishek asked, Don't you think that teams like 'Super Aguri' should be either banned or fined heavily. They are showing a consistently Super Poor performance for the past many years and blocking someone else..or is it the money which is keeping them afloat ?
Raja Sen answers, so you mean a small team should be banned for being small? that's not fair, abhishek. the minnows are a great training ground for f1 drivers and top talent -- Mark Webber? -- is often spotted there. and sometimes they provide thrilling entertainment. besides, they aren't as easy to pass as they used to be.

Jhumpachika asked, Webber, Heidfeld are drivers with immense potential...though i dont know why they are not in the top 5 more.
Raja Sen answers, Heidfeld's consistently been in the top 5, actually :) Webber just needs a better drive.

Senna asked, hey what about Kubica ? he seems to be biding his time ?
Raja Sen answers, hey Ayrton. I think Kubica's doing well to race within himself -- and every now and then he shows a flash of absolute brilliance. :)

Sudhij asked, Do u think Kimi is under pressure to give the performance at the same level as Michael did for Ferari and that's the reason for his nonperformance?
Raja Sen answers, well Kimi's definitely under mega pressure. He has to deliver now to take the fight to McLaren.

Mamboz asked, Wot a show!!! They cheat, they lie, they play dirty games, they play politics only to win the F1 Crown... I think this is the worst ever you can see of F1 ever. Mclaren should be banned from Formula 1 atleast for 10 years..
Raja Sen answers, Well I won't blame McLaren alone but its been a really ugly year.. and it's tragic that a season of such excitement will inevitably always be scarred by such controversy.

Shadowfax asked, Well away from the drivers here a bit. Hungary seems to one of the circuit where over-taking seems to be notoriously difficult. Do you think they might get the axe in (near) future considering the pace at which new circuits are coming up ? We have Abu-Dhabi in the wings.
Raja Sen answers, Abu-Dhabi, India, lots of them waiting in the wings, sure. Lets hope they all turn out to be good overtaking tracks. I love what they did with Shanghai.

booboo_sk asked, Ferrari is going to win the constructors championship as Mclaren are sure to be stripped of the points.problem with Ferrari is that both the cars are not finishing at the top in a single race for the past 4/5 races. If they do rectify that from now onwards in the nxt 11 races they can definitely catch up with Mclaren
Raja Sen answers, I see you're quite a self-assured fan :) good luck.

kumar asked, Do you think Mclaren will be penalised regarding the spying contraversy?
Raja Sen answers, well right now, they've won the first battle at the FIA hearing but ferrari are going all out to make sure some major penalty is enforced.

keshabhishek asked, Who do you think will be the last man standing (Champion of Champions) from Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen 5 years from now?
Raja Sen answers, On current record -- and this is slightly skewed as he's had the shortest career of the three -- it has to be Lewis Hamilton.

kimiii asked, Whatever is happening to Williams?! Will they ever climb back to their championship winning days?!
Raja Sen answers, well the sauber engines aren't really the way to go, clearly. I must say it'll be great to see a Williams leading the pack though, been a long while since they did that BMWlessly.

Jhumpachika asked, Heidfeld has been in the top 5 due to some other factors....not the car itself. ;)
Raja Sen answers, well well so I see Quick Nick's fast becoming a posterboy, eh?

Jhumpachika asked, Any pointers towards who can really be as good as, or better, than Schumi amongst the current drivers???....(or is that a tough one???) lol.
Raja Sen answers, that is a tough one. and an unfair one too. let the new drivers carve out their identity instead of trying to become the next Schumi. Anyway I have to constantly try and stop myself from crowning Hamilton the next Ayrton Senna... there, I did it again! :)

arupghoshal asked, it was just reported that hamilton has been offered $21M by Ferrari.
Raja Sen answers, 17 million pounds, arup. And considering that he makes $250,000 at McLaren, the offer sounds tempting.

rikhav asked, Even ferrari is under pressure to be as reliable as they were in the Schumi era
Raja Sen answers, absolutely. right now they may have better straightline speed but mclaren surely has a better overall package.

Jhumpachika asked, What if the Delhi MCD...or Ashok Malhotra...or Sheila Dixit...pool some of their reserves (black money) and sponsor Narain Karthikeyan for a BETTER TEAM in F1...???????
Raja Sen answers, I'm just glad you didn't suggest they pool money to get a racing seat for Rahul Gandhi!! :D :D

Shadowfax asked, Lewis Hamilton has put up an amazing show till now. Do you think the young drivers in the GP2 series might have it easy to get a race seat in F1?
Raja Sen answers, actually, right now the talent pool is overflowing. several tremendously talented drivers -- including sebastian vettel, nelson piquet jr, bruno senna -- are just readying for the bigtime so it'll be hard for abject newcomers to make an impression -- unless they're stellar, of course.

Felix asked, Alonso shld go from Mclaren
Raja Sen answers, Hi felix. and go where, you think?

Abhishek asked, Any news about Juan Pablo is doing up in NASCAR ?
Raja Sen answers, I haven't followed it much, but he's been doing okay. In June he won a Nextel Cup race -- becoming the first foreigner to do so. Of course, in April he was fined $10,000 for a rude finger gesture --- so I'd say things haven't really changed :)

Kapel asked, Raja,would u know..if any of the technology that is used in these f1 cars implemented on road cars..apart from safety & traction brakes?petrol?aerodynamics?,suspensions?,gearbox? etc.
Raja Sen answers, well Kapel, BMW is the most proactive -- followed by Mercedes -- in terms of adapting racecar technology to the roadcars. Ferrari's promising some tremendous racecar-based enhancements for its next lineup, though. On average though, petrol not so much but gearbox and suspensions are the most commonly implemented.

salim asked, I don't think that the FIA penalty against McLaren was in any way justified. it was a matter between 2 drivers of the same team, no one else got to suffer because of them, so why penalise the team. if u they thought one of the drivers was out of line they should have penalise him. but they did the exact opposite. what do you think? am i just over reacting??
Raja Sen answers, no, you're absolutely right. The FIA should have cut the driver points, not the constructor. This was a confounding decision -- but then aren't we used to the FIA making those?

Krishnan asked, Hi Raja, is it a fact that the leaders like Ferrari, Mc laren and all do not go for sponsored drivers as their 'test drivers'?
Raja Sen answers, of course. you can't pay for a Ferrari/McLaren race seat, you have to earn it.

Felix asked, Alonso shld go back to his mentor Flavio, as they had a good team 2gethre. im still saying this cause i personaly dont like the current champ.
Raja Sen answers, well that might not be an unsmart move if Renault get their act together. He and Flavio made a great team, and understood the one-two dynamics perfectly.

Shadowfax asked, Brings me to an interesting point - Do you think Vettel's move to STR was a right one ? And what about Sebastian Bourdais ? He has the carrot dangling in front of him all the time. Only tests but no race.
Raja Sen answers, Ah but it's just a matter of time before Seb gets a drive, and I can't wait! Vettel's move might have been a trifle premature, yeah -- I think he was tired of waiting to drive, and was spurred on by the one race where he filled in (superbly) for Kubica.

Naresh asked, What is your view on the alligation by Farrari on Mc Laren having their technical document and FIA still not banning the team since they have not used it. As Farrari boss mentioned its as good as having someones money and not spending it, but its still with them.. Its against the sporting spirits. I personally feel that Mc Laren should be banned from the season however allowing the Drivers to compete for the Drivers Championship. Whats your say?
Raja Sen answers, Well, it's a murky area really. Not as black and white as it seems. Ferrari say McLaren was tipped off about their car using illegal technology -- but that means Ferrari was aware of bending/breaking the rules themselves.

salim asked, i agree with felix, alonso should go the Flav. they suit each other, and both have a very prominent mean and crooked streak in them. and they both whine all the time..
Raja Sen answers, hehe :)

Felix asked, i feel Ferrari shld not bid for lewis, as it will hamper Massa's input in the team.
Raja Sen answers, ah but you think Hamilton's automatically going to be Number One?

Raja Sen says, Alright, it's been one of the best chats in ages -- and hope to see all of you back after the Turkish GP, in 3 weeks time. Bye for now.