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'Why is Alonso such a bad loser?'

October 05, 2006 19:14 IST

The Formula 1 Championship battle has never been more alive, with Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso tied on points, and Michael barely ahead by the merit of winning seven races to Alonso's 6.

Rediff readers provided a massive crowd for this week's F1 chat on Monday, catching up with Sumit Rajwade and Raja Sen and going on about the Chinese Grand Prix. And with Raja having caught the action in Shanghai, most wanted to know about the from-the-tracks experience.

In case you missed any of the action, here's what went on:

Raja Sen says, Hi guys! Great to be back and chatting with you all, especially after such a fantastic Chinese GP! Bring on those questions!

Chandranath asked, Hi Raja, You were live in Shanghai. How handsome is Schumi ?
Raja Sen answers, Hi Chandra :) Schumi is a very smart and charismatic man, and many Chinese women justifiably now bear a torch for the racing driver! :)

Chandranath asked, Whats up ? I s everyone drowsed in Champane ?
Raja Sen answers, The celebrations were awesome, Chandra. Ferrari fans from across the stadium kept celebrating constantly after the race -- strangers from different countries united just by the word 'Ferrari' hugged and drank, merrymaking for Michael.

Sumit Rajwade says, Hi! guys. So, it was an amazing race start to finish all the way till the bottle dropped and caught :) Questions please.

Mahipal asked, HI,The genious is back. He again accupied the chair where actually he allways to be. what do u say raju..?
Raja Sen answers, It was a drive too hard to describe, Mahipal. Lets just say he broke his China jinx with the grand style only he is capable of.

zaki asked, Do anybody have any idea who is going to replace Alonso at Renault and KIMI at McLaren
Raja Sen answers, The McLaren seat hasn't been announced yet but De La Rosa might stay on. As for Renault, their lineup next year pairs Giancarlo Fisichella with rookie Heikki Kovallnen.

Preeth asked, ShumiShumiShumiShumiShumiShumiShumiShumiShumiShumiShumi
Raja Sen answers, :)

Hitendra asked, Shumi needs to win 1 race and get 3 position at least in order to win the world championship
Raja Sen answers, actually, he just needs to maintain the points tally. so if he's 4th and alonso 3rd, then he needs to reverse that in the next race. that's all.

zaki asked, Do anybody have any idea who is going to replace Alonso at Renault and KIMI at McLaren
Sumit Rajwade answers, It seems Pedro de la Rosa or GP2 champion Lewis Hamilton will replace Kimi

Sato asked, Hey raja , how are you? Me sato here. Do u have any suggestion for me? Don't you think Formula 1 is race competition of better cars rather than better drivers? I always lose becoz I have the worst car. ƒ¼
Raja Sen answers, Hey sato. I think you're just trying too hard, man. You used to be great fun to watch but this year you've been totally outdone by your teammates, don't you think -- and they're in the same car!

kk asked, Hi Raja What do u think are chances of Shumi taking Japanese grand GP?
Raja Sen answers, Hi KK. I think Suzuka has always been a happy hunting ground for MS, largely because it is Bridgestone's home track and the tyre firm will make sure they have the advantage for the weekend.

Vipin asked, Now that Schumi has decided to retire, which exciting battles should we look forward to in the next season?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Alonso v/s Kimi will be a treat to watch. Also not to ignore are Roseberg and Button.

Vipin asked, Now that Schumi has decided to retire, which exciting battles should we look forward to in the next season?
Raja Sen answers, I'd like to see who finishes better: Kubica or Rosberg :)

rajiv asked, were u at the race
Raja Sen answers, yes Rajiv I was there and it was incredible :)

Vipin asked, Who will replace Schumi in the Ferrari?
Raja Sen answers, Kimi takes over from Schumi in Ferrari, Vipin.

schumirocks asked, what if schumi and alonso get the same points after 2 races- r they co-winners?
Sumit Rajwade answers, It is not possible now. Though they are tied on the points, Schumi has an extra win than Alonso. There are 2 races reamaining now, so its very rare that they will have same points and same number of victories.

Merve asked, Who was responsible for alonso's tyre problems in china?
Raja Sen answers, largely alonso.. but the latest is that alonso is now claiming that Renault don't want him to win the title! :D lol! This kid is losing it!

schumirocks asked, what if schumi and alonso get the same points after 2 races- r they co-winners?
Raja Sen answers, not quite. see, currently they have the same points but Michael leads because he's won 7 races and Alonso's won 6. So if the points tally stays the same it's most likely that MS wins.

Merve asked, Who was responsible for alonso's tyre problems in china?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Obviously, it was clear that michelin was good on wets but not as good on dry track. The tyres were completely gone on the dry track.

Mahii asked, Hi raju, Still schumi had lot of energy to race for a couple of years.The yesterday race is just a masterpiece. So,what do u say about his retirement.? did he taken a correct decission about his retirement..?
Raja Sen answers, I know we'd all love to see him race, and he's in incredible form. But he's leaving the sport still at the peak, and I think we need to respect that decision. Sure, F1 won't be the same without him but maybe this is better than watching him race and lose to younger drivers in better form.

Merve asked, Exactly Raja,Renault handed him second place and he says that the team dosent help him,what else could they do for him. he is losing it big time and i wont be suprised if renault dont help him futher.
Raja Sen answers, I can't wait for Flavio Briatore's next statement ;)

amit asked, hey guys dont u feel that Alonso's engine or car should breakdown in the coming race???
Raja Sen answers, ;)

zaki asked, Sumit., don't you think that Alonso might regret his decision to moving to McLaren. KIMI has already bearing it
Sumit Rajwade answers, Alonso's decision came in dec 05 when the season was over with the victory in his hands. He also had a tie-up with Ron Dennis, the head of mclaren (he started his career with him) .. He had to move and take chances.

Merve asked, Raja,according to you who is the rainmaster alonso or Michael
Raja Sen answers, Michael, of course, but the Bridgestones weren't prepared. Michelin had a definite wet-weather advantage.

venki asked, my money is on schumi whats about u?
Raja Sen answers, won't bet against you, venki

SKA asked, Alonso got 8 points due to team orders.
Raja Sen answers, exaaactly! And where are all those anti-Ferrari folk now who say only MS benefiTs from team orders??

SKA asked, blaming Michelin, it is the drivers input that decides when to change the tires.
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah agreed. But post the initial laps, the only reason why Alonso took a pit stop to change the front tyres was to not to get bursted tyres. The same laps by MS, the tyres were in good condition.

Nicky asked, where did you hear alsonso saying that renault doesnt want him win ? he must have gone bonkers..
Raja Sen answers, his bizarre funda is that Renault doesn't want him to take the Number 1 tag to McLaren and so would prefer them winning the Constructors but losing the Driver's! He indeed seems to have gone bonkers.

del21 asked, What if schmi wins the title, then what happens to no1 since shumi is retiring?
Sumit Rajwade answers, There will be a 1 step push upwards :)

Vipin asked, Will you agree if it is said that F1 will lose its charm once Schumi hangs up his boots?
Raja Sen answers, well a lot of new talent will come to the fore, but an entire generation of F1 enthusiasts have seen the sport revolving around Schumi and they might not follow the season as loyally, at least next year.

Vipin asked, Renault boss had some races ago said that the season had been 'fixed'? Is there any truth in it or is it just because their engine & crew just have not been delivering?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Crap! One can even say that when they were winning the initial 8 - 9 races about them. There is way too much at stake to "fix" things

SKA asked, raja next season : KR vs Alonso, even FM vs Alonso. Rosberg vs Kubica should be good one
Raja Sen answers, SKA, forget FA, I'd like to see who comes up top between Felipe and Kimi! That should be one helluva dogfight.

SKA asked, Suzuka is one of MS's favorite circuit
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah ... and moreover its Bridgestone's king track

vikas asked, i hope that alonso wins the next race so that there is an exciting last race but isnt schumi on a better wicket??//
Raja Sen answers, vikas, either way the championship will only be decided at the very last race :)

Merve asked, Sumit,but if you see that fisichella can keep his tyres in goog condition the so should alsonso,but he cant. he only knows to drive flat-out,sometimes you have to preserve your machine to win and michael does that beautifully.
Sumit Rajwade answers, Hmmm. you make a right point here. If there is a lot of late breaking and flat out lapping, the tyres do get burnt out faster.

zaki asked, Atlast Fisichella Shines.,. but the young driver Massa is missed out
Raja Sen answers, frankly, massa drove a very ordinary race, was caught out in the rain, and looked clumsy all weekend. Lets hope he gets his act together for Suzuka.

Sathu asked, Why in God's name this man is retiring?
Raja Sen answers, because he'd rather people ask what you asked, instead of 'why isN'T he retiring?' :)

Nitin asked, Looks like the Ferrari have made a perfect team after the loss of last year. The team looks good and Schumi is awesome. Be it wet condition or track is hot, Ferrari are stealing victory. What do you say?
Sumit Rajwade answers, All well for them as of now. And on top of it, Massa proved to be a great fnd and a 2nd driver in later races.

SKA asked, @Sumit, but he kept his rear tyres, and that was where the problem began
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah. Ideally, he should have changed all. But, I think the reason he kept rear tyres, is not to lose out on the speed. New tyres do take a lap or 2 to get into right motion and speed.

Nicky asked, Guys, dont you think that Kubica nad Vettel could be the next superstars, given that they have shown tremendous potential despite being newcommers?
Raja Sen answers, oh very likely. Vettel is stellar, I can't wait to see him next year. As for Kubica and Rosberg, they seem set to shine. Definitely exciting times from these kids.

MFan asked, can anybody tell me how much ferrari is in advance in points in constructor's c'ship
Sumit Rajwade answers, Laggaing behing Renault by 1 point

SKA asked, @Raja...i bet fisci did not like it one bit, to move over and to let the pretender go past
Raja Sen answers, yeah and there was much laughter and booing in the stadium when that happened..

lesliemasc asked, Raja Can not the RACING STEWARDS & FAI take action against Alonso for stating that FORMULA 1 is fixed.Favio apologised but Alonso has stated he stands by what he says.It is a balant slap on the Formula 1 world & i feel he should be made a exception of.
Raja Sen answers, if Alonso thinks F1 isn't a sport, then why is he still racing? The man should let his (excellent) driving do the talking, instead of constantly opening his mouth to show that he is indeed a jackass.

SKA asked, @Sumit..season fixed, i still have not forgotten Monaco Gate, MS would have the title under his belt
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah. I think its a bad moment which one must put behind and move forward. I look at it as the right practice for people to have a fair game.

Nitin asked, Looks like the Ferrari have made a perfect team after the loss of last year. The team looks good and Schumi is awesome. Be it wet condition or track is hot, Ferrari are stealing victory. What do you say?
Raja Sen answers, The momentum is definitely on the scarlet side. I'd like to see what they do next year.

Nicky asked,  Which drivers do you rate as the best of the rest I mean after top three?
Sumit Rajwade answers, MS -- without any doubts.

MFan asked, can anybody tell me how much ferrari is in advance in points in constructor's c'ship
Raja Sen answers, Ferrari is one point behind Renault.

shummim asked, anybody please comment on the behaviour that alonso showed after the race? he didnt mind schumi..
Sumit Rajwade answers, Did you see that post race, MS did not even speak with Alonso. Alonso had made some bad remarks about MS in the recent past.

HariharanN asked, What position will schumi take, when he retires from Ferrari?
Raja Sen answers, no one knows. but I tell you what, despite it sounding very laughable right now, MS could well make a good successor to Bernie Ecclestone in about 5-10 years time. It's possible.

ohan asked, shdnt have ferrari signed Ralf to continue the schumacher legacy?
Raja Sen answers, ferrari aren't fools. ;)

schumirocks asked, who do you think is better of the 2 second lead drivers - fischicella or massa? what can we expect from these guys in next season?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think fischicella might take a lead depends on who comes in Renault. Massa will remain driver-2 as Kimi will take a lead.

Vipin asked, Why is F1 such an imbalanced sport? Why can't the FIA make engine requirements same for all teams? For instance Red Bull and Super Aguri do not operate on V8 engines like others.. which is quite a big disadvantage...
Raja Sen answers, why is that a disadvantage? They're on limited-rev V10 engines, which actually give them an impressive straightline speed.

Nicky asked,  Raja, Isnt webber going Monty way? all hype and very little results in five years. Roseberg who is in his first year, outqualified him so many times.
Raja Sen answers, Webber hasn't had a good year, but I think he's a decent driver. Won't write him off yet but you have a good point.. he may end up like a Button/Coulthard -- solid driver but incapable of championships.

prajeesh asked, Do you think Montoya has taken the early dcsion to quit F1 bz Padro de la Rosa jst to finesh the race not keen to win and Mclearn yet to decide about their 2nd driver for nex season and do you think we hv to blame montoya for whole things hppnd or their engine to realible to win a race otherwise kim would not remain even 1 top podium finsh
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think Montoya was a great driver. He however got into the wrong position at the wrong time. He could never do his job assigned to him as 2nd driver. I could never understand who is no 2 there.

HariharanN asked, Hi Raja, Whom will you support after scuhmi's retirement? If you ask me, my answer is kimi.
Raja Sen answers, well Ferrari will be the team to beat next year. As for driver to support, lets wait and see what the young boys do.

HariharanN asked, Sumit, Renault team Broke Alonso's party of celebration by delayed pit stop. Alonso broke Renault's party champane, by dropping it down. How was that? I liked every bit.
Sumit Rajwade answers, He he. All I can say is nice observation. But if Alonso does that, he will be a fool. I don't think that he dropped the bottle delierately.

Kiran asked, Hi Raja: I'm not the biggest supporter of Schumi, but I really do adore him..At this age, he has got the aggression and the hunger to win races...But somehow, I feel, he will go down in history as the most controversial driver (for all the wrong reasons) My Q to u (An ardent supporter), do you support schumi for all his misdeeds, for ex. damon hill incident?
Raja Sen answers, Controversy, shmontroversy. Kiran, all Greats have shadows dogging their past. It's how we wrap our brains around their incredible superiority. MS is the best ever, and while controversy will be the topic for a while, in the end all that will remain is his grand legacy. There will be no other MS.

SKA asked, There will rain in the qualifying in Suzuka and dry race on Sunday
Raja Sen answers, Amen ;)

Rahul asked, Hey Raja. Chatting with u after a long gap. Same question as I had asked some time back---- Whats ur view about Nico Rosberg? I had him in high regard earlier but now I am having some niggling doubts
Raja Sen answers, why doubts, Rahul? I think Rosberg is a very skilled young talent. Get him into a good car and we'll see some serious results.

prajeesh asked, Do you think Montoya has taken the early dcsion to quit F1 bz Padro de la Rosa jst to finesh the race not keen to win and Mclearn yet to decide about their 2nd driver for nex season and do you think we hv to blame montoya for whole things hppnd or their engine to realible to win a race otherwise kim would not remain even 1 top podium finsh
Raja Sen answers, I think Montoya left because he might have been fired. DLR is driving far better than him, don't you think?

Nitin asked, What would be the impact in the next season as far as tyres are concerned. How will Renault and Mclaren respond to Bridgestone?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think they will. What is a response to the tyre once you know how they work. If one suffers, all do. So, its the choice of when to change !!

veeyes asked, hi raja .. sorry to be a bit late 2day .. fantastic experience at Shanghai hey? Where exactly did you view the race from?
Raja Sen answers, hi veeyes.. I was at the very end of the loong straight. basically at the speed trap watching them go by at their peak speeds :)

sachin asked, @Sumit, How is @@Raja Sen ??
Raja Sen answers, @Sachin, Ask me yourself ;)

msfan asked, micheal schumacher was awesome in china grand prix..he proved his critics once again wrong..his performance showed that he is the great form..i think he shouldnt have this form he can complete 100 grand prix win?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Thats = he becoming 2007 champion as well :)

zaki asked, what might be the reaction if MS wins the Drivers and Renault wins the Constructors or the other way around
Raja Sen answers, parties for both teams, but tradition dictates that the driver's trophy is the bigger victory.

Nicky asked,  Raja, dont you think that the renaultss seem to be faster than the red cars even in the dry conditions??
Raja Sen answers, The Renault has a faster engine, but the Ferrari has a straightline advantage. At least that's what I feel.

Rahul asked, One question for u. Who in your opinion is going to do better next year kimi or massa?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think there is a surprise pack in Kimi next year, and I will be surprised if Massa does not perform. they will make a good combo

veeyes asked, quite an exciting many overtakings .. schumi himseld did it 4-5 times? And as the track was drying there was a sense of dejavu - Hungary all over ...
Raja Sen answers, incredible race veeyes.. and Schumi roared through the track.. each overtake was magical. this was really one drive for the ages :)

hm asked, what do u think abt Massa's future at Ferrari
Sumit Rajwade answers, Strong .. and great going. He will not become Barichello for sure.

SKA asked, I love the way, MS went past Button, and then went past FA and Fisc on the inside. Perfect drving
Raja Sen answers, indeed. The Alonso overtake was sheer manhandling of the Spaniard. The Fisi move was the most stylish, IMHO :)

vivek asked, do you think schumacher is taking a year off as retirement only to come back after a year with renault under flavio briatore
Raja Sen answers, Flavio'd adopt you, Vivek. I'm serious :)

HariharanN asked, I love this season of F1 and MotoGP for the simple reason, both were not cake walk for the champions. Be it MS/Alonso or Rossi/Melandri/Hayden. Thrilling and hot stops, if you watch. Isn't it?
Sumit Rajwade answers, 

Raja Sen answers, lets wait and watch (and hit caps lock, maybe? :) )

parvez asked, Hi, why is Alonso such a bad looser? one could surely make out from his body language and expressions. When fischella gives way to alonso for pts no one makes a sound but if schumi is involved all make a noise. How insecure and foolish, they must admit that schumi is the god of F1 and he is sure to win the championship for the 8th time.He rocks.
Raja Sen answers, why is alonso such a bad loser? :) I wish I knew.

parvez asked, Hi, why is Alonso such a bad looser? one could surely make out from his body language and expressions. When fischella gives way to alonso for pts no one makes a sound but if schumi is involved all make a noise. How insecure and foolish, they must admit that schumi is the god of F1 and he is sure to win the championship for the 8th time.He rocks.
Sumit Rajwade answers, Not a bad loser. They just have to get their minor points right. Some decisions were made wrong in this race from Renault's team

prajeesh asked, any chance to montoya to cm back for f1 or Mclaren if he show good prformce in Nascar bz i really missing him bz he is a aggrsive driver and not want to finesh but belive in wining
Sumit Rajwade answers, Not really

prajeesh asked, any chance to montoya to cm back for f1 or Mclaren if he show good prformce in Nascar bz i really missing him bz he is a aggrsive driver and not want to finesh but belive in wining
Sumit Rajwade answers, Not really

SKA asked, @Sumit..FM could actually win the championship one day
Sumit Rajwade answers, Very much. He is having an immense potential. And he proved it as no 2 and as no 1 both.

Danny asked, Raja, The way Schumi overtook Fisichella, had fisi crashed on. then what would have happened. I mean would FIA check all these aspects?
Raja Sen answers, well there is a fine line between a deliberate maneuver and an inadvertent 'racing incident.' I assure you everything is scrutinised but if Fisi had crashed into Michael Renault would likely have been penalised because of visible intent. As they say in crime novels, 'he had a motive' :)

HariharanN asked, Sumit, What is your comments on robbing the points from Heidfeld in the last lap? Wasn't rubens stupid then?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Well. its driving at the end of the day and who drives faster, wins. But, yeah I thought it was a nice cheeky way to earn it

TrueTifosi asked, Raja you saw the race live in the stadium, tell me how fast schumi was when he overtook Fisi, its always different to see in real than on Television, I envy you.
Raja Sen answers, :) I must admit the speeds in the stadium make TV look really tame. Especially the sounds. Schumi skewed through Fisi superbly, but I saw him pick off Button and Barrichello earlier and he roared past amazingly fast! The Ferrari's roar is a special sound.

prajeesh asked, how mch chance for young driver Himilton for mclern next season??
Sumit Rajwade answers, Very high. They are trying to see if he scales to the F1 level as he is the champion on the GP tracks.

ashutosh_mhr asked, hi raja this is ashutosh first time on rediff chat so what do you think will kimi perform better at ferrari seeing his going all out attitude wtatever may be the nature of the track and the condition of the car
Raja Sen answers, hi ashutosh welcome to the chat. I think he might but he will have to work closely with the team -- a bit of a challenge for such a self-styled driver. Flat-out isn't always the answer, and I'm counting on Todt and Brawn to teach him that.

Vipin asked, How is it that Alonso manages to lap better and better than others even on intermediate tires? The grip of tires used in Shanghai by Ferrari and Renault were similar.. still Alonso was throwing around his car...
Sumit Rajwade answers, You check out the earlier postings. He drives flat out -- I think at times not worrying about the tyres.

veeyes asked, @Raja ... so did u manage to catch schumi overtaking Fisi? Must have been a heartstopping moment
Raja Sen answers, I used to think it was exaggeration when people talked of a stadium in a hushed silence, but god that was such a special moment. And then came the incredulous jubilation!

sdada asked, Spanish Press: "Alonso says Renault not helping him to win the title". what do you say?
Raja Sen answers, I say Alonso is an Ass.

SKA asked, @Sumit...FA has not endeared to the F1 public. Infact i hold him responsible for not working with the team on the tyre changes. Only he is responsible for this mess. He had pole and was leading...he just blew it
Sumit Rajwade answers, Above that he had 30 sec lead which is so so bad to blow away. As I said, I think this race I saw some bad decisions being taken.

TrueTifosi asked, What are the chances of engine blow up for FA, since he pushed so hard the other day. And he has experienced one already. On the other hand MS preserved his engine.
Raja Sen answers, yeah MS was coasting comfortably. I paraphrase Alain Prost when I say that 'a great race win is won by the smallest margin, not the largest' :)

Kiran asked, Raja: I was listening to "Chequered flag" program and heard the presenter tell Chris Goodwin "Do you think Alonso was defensive?" Why is the whole world (including me) against Alonso??? As much as I hate him, I think he is a superb driver and is as attacking as Kimi, for sure?? BTW, I'm an ardent fan of Kimi....
Raja Sen answers, Alonso is a fantastic driver, and, after Michael, one of the most spirited racers on the track. No doubt. But maybe he should let his racing do the talking.. His interviews are turning into jokes.

HariharanN asked, I love this season of F1 and MotoGP for the simple reason, both were not cake walk for the champions. Be it MS/Alonso or Rossi/Melandri/Hayden. Thrilling and hearts stops, if you watch. Isn't it?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Sorry I missed the MotoGP. But I read the review that it was good. You should know, wet tracks usually brings out the fine races at the end.

chandra asked, any news from Narain Karthikeyan ? any idea where he is headed to ?
Sumit Rajwade answers, No - 4.

Nicky asked,  Can shumacher replace Luca or Todt at Ferrari?
Raja Sen answers, Not Luca for sure! Please don't repeat that, the tifosi and the mafia might just get out a hit on you.

Vipin asked, Straightline speeds are key but so are the chicanes and don't they lack throttle and break power as compared to the V8s?
Raja Sen answers, they should get V8s but their budgets don't allow for new engines.. it's just because they can't afford V8s that the rules are bent to let them race with V10s. they should all have V10s next year, worry not.

Button asked, Hey Raja, How is China? Sumeet, sorry u missed the trip
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah! I think I heard the descriptions from Raja today morning and I think it was a great event to witness.

TrueTifosi asked, Yeah especially when he overtook Barichello, his car looked standstill :D
Raja Sen answers, we jumped. honest. :)

Raajesh asked, Hi Raaja..!
Raja Sen answers, hi raajesh :)

Rahul asked, Guys whats your take on Toyota? so much money down the drain but nothing to show for it. Two non-performing drivers... pathetic engines... shoudnt they stick to manufacturing passenger cars
Sumit Rajwade answers, Too extreme a statement. But I dont see them driving in the forefront anytime. I had a lot of expectations from Honda though asked, Schumi is a legend. I just love him. I believe that there is lot of racing left in him and he should continue and with Ferrari only. Probably in the next year if wins all / most of the races then he should retire as a clear winner. This season, if the winner will be decided at the last race and then if Schumi retires, it doesnt suit him to give a fight like this. What is ur say?
Raja Sen answers, I think giving us the best racing season in a decade will be the best parting gift, vishal :) I'm devastated to see him leave too of course, but it's his call.

Thegame asked, Is it true that Michael will continue to be a part of Ferrari team, not at the driving wheel of the car but in management somewhere?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Not known yet. He has not yet decalred plans. His current focus is only on 2006 championship.

bgops asked, Hi Raja, Will Schumi and Ferrari paint Suzuka and Interlagos 'red' after the Shanghai magic?
Raja Sen answers, hi bgops! well lets just say Michael loves Suzuka :)

Button asked, Sorry Guys, Am late. Did I miss anything?
Raja Sen answers, so long as you caught THE race on sunday, button :)

Button asked, Sorry Guys, Am late. Did I miss anything?
Raja Sen answers, so long as you caught THE race on sunday, button :)

g asked, Hi is anyone planning to go for the Japanese grand prix and cherr Schumi
Raja Sen answers, guys I recommend it strongly! GO SEE MICHAEL RACE>

TrueTifosi asked, @Sumit, As FA said Renault is not helping, even after having better tyres compared to BS, FA asked Michelen to improve, do you think there will be quite some problems when he replaces Kimi, McLaren are doing no good at this moment.
Sumit Rajwade answers, He will start accusing Mclaren then. See, there are some who will need a reason to hand their loss against. And we have seen it from Anolso many times this year. Mass damper, Tyres, Pits, blocking .. what not.

Danny asked, raja, what about Fisi holding forth , not allowing MS to overtake while Alonso sat like a sitting duck. Thats sight was incredible.
Raja Sen answers, Fisi did well for his team, but I think it just showed that EVERY team in the pitlane has clear team orders.

bgops asked, Hi Raja, I'm getting goose-bumps reading your text on Schumi's overtaking manouevers! Let you watch more races!
Raja Sen answers, god bless you bgops :) will be writing a lot about the race experience over the next couple of days, don't you worry :)

rahu asked, do you think kimi is gonna be a match for schumi??
Sumit Rajwade answers, Keep the fingers crossed. He will use his new position and potential to the 100 pc value once he enters Ferrari. And the car and tryes look superb.

Nicky asked,  Will alonso get a new engine for the next race?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yes. Look like

Nicky asked,  Will alonso get a new engine for the next race?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yes. Look like

ashutosh_mhr asked, Also the way Mclaren are performing over the past couple of years i wonder what must be going through Alonso's mind. Will he be able to do what Rossi did for Yamaha......
Raja Sen answers, yeah McLaren is going to be a challenge. Lets see if FA is up to it.

chander asked, how in the world that a crying jackass like alonso who could not match schumi on track, could become a f1 driver ?????
Raja Sen answers, because despite the stupidity and the crying, he's a bloody awesome racer.

Danny asked, Raja, For sometime the Renault team screeens went off and Flavio was crying.. The commentator joked that a man in red suit may have pulled off the wires.. Its great to see direct competition in F1
Raja Sen answers, Yeah Flavio had a nightmare weekend :) Everytime they showed him on screen, the stadium burst out laughing -- at least for the second half of the race :)

Danny asked, Hey Raja and Sumit, Do u think inside his heart, Fisi likes schumi and even though he has to play behind Alonso, its his prayers that help schumi
Sumit Rajwade answers, No no. We don't feel it that way. Neither its obvious in their on track and off track actions.

Kiran asked, Raja: Next year my Kimi is in Ferrari...the Ferrari team crew is very used to the jubilation after an MS win..Now what happens when Kimi, who sadly has no emotions, wins for Ferrari?
Raja Sen answers, Ferrari brings the heart to the celebrations :) Trust me, when a young German came to the Italian outfit, he was quiet and reclusive as well.

Button asked, No Regrets Sumit, We will goto Bahrain. Will join u there.
Sumit Rajwade answers, :) -- get the best seat possible.

Danny asked, Hey Raja, I will be in China next year for watching the GP live.. After this one, I feel F1 is the greatest sport in the world.. Isnt it?
Raja Sen answers, Danny, that's a great move. You definitely must go! Shanghai is a great city. And F1 Live is an indescribable experience :)

HariharanN asked, How small flavio's face would have been? I love it. Hey hey. Schumi you have done it. It is a matter of time, that a champion will tell the whole world, that how to retire when you are at the top. Sachin, listen. Sourav learn.
Raja Sen answers, Rahul moan? ;)

dxnation asked, Hello sumit and raja..had it not been a 2nd Pitstop delay for alonso, would he had took his car to chequered flags ?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think then it would have been a nice chase. Did you see in this race MS overtook almost all on the track and did not use pits so much to cover the lag.

TrueTifosi asked, There is one more corollary of that quote, the best victory one, where one's slowest lap is the victory lap.
Raja Sen answers, :) God, the victory lap is such an experience. The champion waving as the stadium erupts into wild, disbelieving celebration :)

gurpreet asked, how come schumi leads alonso?? arent they on same points....116 points??
Sumit Rajwade answers, MS has 7 race wins as against to FA who has 6

rimpy asked, alonso is being very mean minded,he dint even once looked at schumi at the podium.isnt it?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I will say -- MS does not bother to see if FA is there.

Tika asked, Schumi's win is much ado about nothing, just hyped up by his crazy fans
Raja Sen answers, hi tika :) so you think his taking the Driver's Championship lead *isn't* a big deal?

mihirdighe asked, hi sumit do u see ferrari being reduced half their strength once schumi is gone
Sumit Rajwade answers, Not really. Massa and Kimi are a great combo. We will witness a great race.

sumanth asked, What about the future of kimi? where does he go from now to Ferrari & be in same team?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I see him there for at least 2 years,

zaki asked, Why most of the time test drivers has a good timiting than the Racers
Raja Sen answers, during the practice sessions? good question, Z. Well that's basically because they drive a lot more laps flat-out. An MS or an FA will drive 8-12 laps in a practice session, while an Alexander Wurz or a Vettel will drive about 30-odd laps.

HariharanN asked, Why Chris goodwin and steve slater always term Schumi "One of the greatest F1 Driver" and not Greatest F1 Driver? Anybody have better record than schumi? Is it because of controversies that schumi created over the years? I fail to understand. For me he is simply the greatest ever.
Sumit Rajwade answers, Its not the record. Its the overall track record. Senna, Prost were the old legends.

Aniruddha asked, hey Raja I think raikkonen is going match shumi's performace when he joins ferrari .... he is the best after Schumi ... had he not faced mechanical failure ...he wud have been the winner in china ..wat u say raja
Raja Sen answers, I think Kimi's stop would have seen him drop down a littel, but yes I think he's a great driver who's had awful luck. Lets hope Ferrari turns the tide for Kimi.

dafunk asked, Robert Kubica, next schumi??
Sumit Rajwade answers, Still a long way for him to go.

Danny asked, Raja, we cant ignore the fact that Alonso is probably the toughest competitor to trouble Schumi. DO u agree with the TOI article on this last week.
Raja Sen answers, Alonso's troubling Schumi at the dog-end of MS's career, with a much-faster car when Ferrari is at the bottom of its Development cycle. No, I personally think Mika was Michael's toughest on track opponent.

zaki asked, Do you think Ferrari will able to handle the Aggressive driving of KIMI
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think theuy will. And Kimi will drive better and safer with reds. Its the way they train drivers.

Gerrard asked, Hi Sumit, How about Luzzi, spinning around the whole track on boht days of Qualifying and racing.. Gerat fun to watch
Sumit Rajwade answers, he he. Yeah he was a fun. See, there are not many who know how to handle a wet -> dry track.

Nicky asked,  I think Button is the first of the most overrated drivers. all hype and very little result still a bigger hype after one accidental win. rediculous!
Raja Sen answers, Brit racers get overrated easier cause the UK has the finest F1 publications and websites :)

bgops asked, Thanks. Raja Dada. I thought noone's going to answer my questions. Shubho Bijoya! Ciao.
Raja Sen answers, Shubho Bijoya to you too BG :)

Aniruddha asked, Raja ...looking at mclauren's consistency dont u think FA's decision to join Mclauren is disasterous ?
Raja Sen answers, he's dead scared, and I'm sure. who knows, maybe yet another NASCAR decision is in the offing? *winks*

rahu asked, but kimi is never consistent da . what if he does the same with the reds
Raja Sen answers, I think he is consistent. The McLaren has never been. In a reliable car, Kimi is likely to be on top next year.

arun asked, It is going to be a real thriller in Suzuka this weekend, i feel it will be the championship decider. what do you say?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I think Suzuka is a made for Bridgestone track. The tyres and the track are perfect combo. But, we will see over this weekend.

Ranjan asked, WHAT IF BOTH MSC and Alonso finish on equal points and equal number of victoies in an year. I mean what is the criteria then , to decide the winner
Sumit Rajwade answers, Its answered earlier. Pl refer to it. asked, raja, if i remember correctly, i was watching the race last year (dont remember which one) and Barrichello was about to win and suddenly he gave way to Schumi to win the race and himself came second. people say that he was told to do so. may be, but still, doesnt it show the respect and adoration towards Schumi even if he is opponent?
Raja Sen answers, vishal, it happened most significantly in Austria a couple of years ago. Yes Barrichello was told to move over (just like Fisi was, on Sunday) but that's because every point counts.

Button asked, Best possible seat is in the cockpit.
Raja Sen answers, oh god I have no clue how those guys see in the rain. On the track the spray they throw up is immense!

TrueTifosi asked, Korea is going to host a GP from 2010, when India will get a shot at it? looks tough huh?
Raja Sen answers, I think we shouldn't even think about an Indian GP. Too much money, and honestly we can't afford it right now.

Gerrard asked, Hi Raja n Sumit, what do u have to say on the Kubica aggression on the pit stop alomots hurting his crew. although he was frustated cos on changing too soon on dry weather tyres..
Sumit Rajwade answers, I saw the rush Kubica made. Its the lollypop man who needs to be more accutate.

ajay asked, Raja, this years championship takes us back to the Schumy-Hakinnen days. What say??
Raja Sen answers, ajay, it's truly been an incredible season. one of the finest and most dramatic ever.

manoj asked, Schumi's brilliance aside, the last lap incident was shocking. I have no idea what Sato was trying to do there.
Raja Sen answers, it was scary, man! that boy needs to occasionally get his head slapped!

Nicky asked,  Sumit, Ferrari's fortunes are destined to dwindle next year. No Schumi, Brawn on a sabbatical, probably no Todt and a less focussed team. I wont be surprised if Ferrari repeat the 2005 season next year... comment.
Sumit Rajwade answers, They won't. See 1 driver or 1 manager does not make a team. It indeed is a very strong team. They have great pit stop crew, strategy, data and guidance in the form of past by MS.

TrueTifosi asked, I wonder why people require evidence that MS is the best, time and time again he has performed well on less superior car(Tyres included). It can observed this year the tracks where tyres made a difference he was the Fastest BS runner and the closest BS was way behind.
Raja Sen answers, Let those people be, TT :)

Gerrard asked, Raja, Do u think Ferrari will pay Kimi to block Alonso in next races if situation demands.
Raja Sen answers, I seriously don't know if Kimi is capable of driving a slow, defensive blocking race. :)

form1 asked, Hi Raja n Sumit.Do you think any one can replace SCHUMI..????Your Comments Please..???
Raja Sen answers, nope.

dafunk asked, Is Alonso going to now be paid back for his arrogance(Accusing f1 of being unfair) and greed(shifting to McLaren when Renault was giving his so much) in the fast but unreliable McLaren??
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah. Alonso needs to improve a lot on his temper and what he speaks. He is a good driver, but has to be matured.

kannan asked, Raja can you let me know if Narain Karthikeyan has a little chance to make a comeback
Raja Sen answers, yeah Kannan lets hope Williams lets him race next season.

Button asked, Raja, in this world, everyone is replacable
Raja Sen answers, well, then I must have missed out on seeing the next Michael Jordan or Steffi Graf. Do point them out, my friend?

Rathish asked, never give wrong answer. where did fisi gave way to alonso?????
Sumit Rajwade answers, Of course he played as no -2. He allowed FA to take the lead by driving 1 sec slower and restricting all the cars behind him to widen the gap. Shot-gun approach.

ricky asked, Schumi what are your plans after retirement?any plans to be technical director at Ferrari ?
Raja Sen answers, Tech Director might not be likely, given he isn't a tech guy, right? But maybe an ambassadorial role for now..

Nicky asked,  Kimi is also a quite overrated. His machines have failed so often and it doesnt seem to be a mere coincidence. It seems he overdrives and abuses his cars. How come his team mates cars did not break down so often?
Sumit Rajwade answers, He is quite a flat out driver himself. He overtakes well. If he learns to maintain the lead and drive safe, he is a 5-star

Raja Sen says, Alright guys I'm off. Was great chatting about the race, and we'll catch up after Suzuka. Meanwhile will write more on the Shanghai experience soon. Have a good week and enjoy the Suzuka race.

Sumit Rajwade says, All right folks. This was it then about the great race of China. We will join next week post the Suzuka race. Wishing you all a happy week ahead, Sumit signing off.