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'Can Schumacher come back?'

September 11, 2006 23:51 IST

Formula One is in shock.

Michael Schumacher's retirement decision has resulted in heartbreak across the globe, and rediff readers too felt let down by the legend's decision. Tributes to the great man were the order of the day as readers caught up with Raja Sen and Sumit Rajwade, apart from some Fernando Alonso criticism for his 'crybaby behaviour.'

Here's how the chat went:

Raja Sen says, Hey guys, assuming you all caught the race. And the aftermath. Let's talk about the most important F1 day this decade.

Bala asked, if Schumi not opting to race in 2007, can Kimi do it for Ferrari ?
Raja Sen answers, Yes, Ferrari's lineup next season has been announced : it will be kimi and massa.

schumi_fan asked, Alonso had an engine failure and did not go off the track cleanly. He has disturbed Massa's race although it was not his intention. Bad luck Massa
Raja Sen answers, Alonso, under pressure to perform, overdrove his car leading to the blown engine. But hey -- he's 25 and capable of some mistakes. Yes, unfortunate for Massa definitely.

vamsi asked, can schumi turn off his decision to quit
Raja Sen answers, well there's nothing stopping him from joining another team but it's highly unlikely that he do something last minute. The announcement was made with dignity and he has bowed out in style, with a win. I don't think he needs to recant that now.

julio asked, It was terrible to hear it from Schumacher that he would retire at the end of this season. It is the end of a great era with probably the greatest F1 driver ever [even better than Juan Manuel Fangio]. In a way, though, it is good that Schumi has decided to retire while he is at his peak.
Raja Sen answers, Exactly, Julio. I agree entirely with your sentiment. And very few sporting legends have the courage to retire when they are on top. The 8th world championship would be a fitting end, surely.

sss asked, Kimi is the best option for Ferrari after Michael I think...
Raja Sen answers, yes, Kimi is a very talented driver who has struggled with an unreliable team. Ferrari next year has a huge advantage, leading the pack as the whole field turns to bridgestone tyres. the young Finn will definitely be the favourite next season.

Rahul asked, That's it - It was emotional watching Schumi bid adieu ! - F1 is never gonna be the same again
Raja Sen answers, It was definitely an emotional goodbye, Rahul. And no, raceday is never quite going to be the same. But one era ends and now begins a fierce competition among the super-talented youth.

ramandeep_kaur81 asked, Dont u think schumi shud have stayed on for at least one more year?
Raja Sen answers, Well, he obviously felt he wanted to leave on top. He has fought amazingly this season and deserves all the accolades. We'd all have liked him to be around for longer.. but we must respect his decision. 3 historic races to go..

Hermit asked, Kimi is a fantastic driver .His clinical drives might win Ferrari titles, but still the void of Schumi cannot be filled
Raja Sen answers, Definitely. But I don't think anyone expects another Schumacher in F1 suddenly. That kind of genius is rare and special, and we've all been privileged to see him at his best.

Alonsofan asked, Who do you'll think will win the championship????
Raja Sen answers, I'd bet on the 8-time world champion ;)

pankaj asked, hey what u say??? who will be champion next season? kimi or alonso?
Raja Sen answers, It'll be a close season but Kimi will have the upper hand in the Ferrari. I expect other contenders though -- Heikki Kovalnen of Renault, Kuvica in the BMW, Jenson Button -- to join the fray.

sss1 asked, Will Schumi have announced his retirement if he had not finished first???
Raja Sen answers, that's a fabulous question. apparently schumacher only actually made the announcement official over his team radio while driving the last lap towards his 90th win.. Knowing Schumi, he would have wanted to give his fans a big victory before dropping in the heartbreak.

julio asked, A strong chance of Schumi winning the championship. Both Alonso & Flavio Briatore showed poor sportsmanship by complaining about Ferrari & the FIA.
Raja Sen answers, Yes, very true. It's quite ridiculous to see them being so stubborn and petulant. Alonso has been a brat all weekend, blaming his overdriving on his qualifying penalty. It's bizarre and no way for a Champion to behave.

Akki asked, We will never know how good Ferrari would have been with Shumi and Kimi as their main drivers.
Raja Sen answers, Yes that's a real shame.. would have been great to see them racing side by side. But lets hope Kimi can prove a worthy successor.

venki asked, will Alonso perform well in 2007 with the Mclaren
Raja Sen answers, He might, but it looks like an uphill battle given the car's development curve and its constant reliability woes. A struggle for alonso looks imminent at least in the first half of next season.

Hermit asked, Alonso will have 2 sweat it out with the Mclanen's which are not as reliable nd robust as the Renaults this season .My money is on Kimi for the next season
Raja Sen answers, Yes, that looks like a safe bet.

Raja Sen answers, It's a choice he had to make and we must applaud it -- but yes, it's very very hard to accept the fact that he's leaving us.

BOXER asked, Do you not feel Schumi should have announced his retirement after 100 GP wins
Raja Sen answers, 100.. 120.. 10 world titles.. all dreams.. after a point numbers don't matter. For Schumacher, the world was not enough. :)

raj211 asked, frankly everyone on the chat....for me yesterday formula 1 announced it's retirement the most important aspect known as "passion" is no more in F1
Raja Sen answers, The world moves on, raj. Have faith in the sport. New kings shall rise, and while there may never be another Michael, the game goes on. Passion never dies. We all mourned for Senna but Formula One went on...

Princess asked, So, with three races to go, are we expecting fernando alonso to just roll over and die?
Raja Sen answers, Judging from his pre and post-race behaviour, the pressure is telling. No, he isn't going to give way but with 3 races left and Schumi just 2 points adrift, Ferrari look in the driving seat for now.

sss1 asked, Rediff mentioned him as a controversial gr8... aggression and arrogance comes naturally to winners
Raja Sen answers, Exactly. Every sporting legend worth his salt has had some controversy on his coattails. It's what makes him special.

Akki asked, Flavio Briatore world ends and starts with Alonso.Now that he's going to Mclaren and his main enemy Schumi retiring,I think it's high time for Flavio to Retire.
Raja Sen answers, :) But then there was a time that Flavio's world began and ended with Schumacher. He's a shrewd boss, and a great talent-spotter.. and has signed on the untried Heikki Kovalnen for Renault next year. Expect fireworks.

Raja Sen answers, But Schumacher has promised to stay on with Ferrari in another role. I'd love to see him mentoring Kimi and Massa and helping Ferrari to more championships, in a role like Ross Brawn or Jean Todt.

Amit asked, How would you rate Michael Schumacher as a sportsman from since he had a controversial career?
Raja Sen answers, Amit, I rate him as the finest driver to ever drive a racecar. It's that simple. He was born to win, and that's all he knew to do. How do you rate Schumi?

Hermit asked, yeah, Kimi is a wonderful driver no doubt.nd with a Ferrari machinery, he can go all the way nd win his debut championship.But still, the aggression nd never-say-die attitude of Schumi will be missed for sure
Raja Sen answers, Exactly. F1 next season will take a little getting used to.

Sid asked, I don't have a question...but just something I'd like to know there's a whole generation of us who have simply come to the point of loving the sport because of the fact that Michael Schumacher is on track. We have seen him ever since we started watching many he's the reason people switch to Star Sports on Sunday evenings. this void that has been created will not be filled up.
Raja Sen answers, I know what you mean, Sid. I empathise. Even people who didn't know or care about F1 knew Michael Schumacher, the living legend.

kamalesh asked, what u think will scumi make it 3 out of 3
Raja Sen answers, lets just say -- considering win 90 -- that one shouldn't bet against it! ;)

Amit asked, As you know Michael Schumacher has been blamed for quite some controversies by his critics. Would people still talk about this even after he retires?
Raja Sen answers, Yes, of course. There will be talks of flawed genius. But like Maradona and the infamous Hand Of God, the legendary shadow of Michael will always loom grandly over the sport.

veeyess asked, Kimi's car reliability issues should be sorted out once he is behind the steering of a ferrari ... i have already started having great hopes for the next season. Surely a worthy successor as a driver though the legacy will be one that is hard to match
Raja Sen answers, Yes, Kimi is a superb racing driver and deserves to race for the finest team. The Scuderia have a massive void to fill but there could have been no better successor.

bratpack asked, you are a self confessed ferrari fan, but if you had to lay your bets on another team for the next season.. based on various parameters which one would you choose?
Raja Sen answers, I think there are a few teams in the fray -- I think BAR has an edge (like Ferrari, it's another Bridgestone team), Renault will definitely be fighting, and most strikingly but vitally, BMW is looking blindingly quick and next year could be a special one for them.

Hermit asked, I guess Coulthard summed it up perfectly well saying that for all these talk abt controversies nd stuff, there is no denying that Schumi remains a great champion . Well said David !
Raja Sen answers, And David knows first hand, having almost been beaten up by Schumi ;)

veeyess asked, absolutely raja; strange to see Briatore and Alonso bickering..need more class
Raja Sen answers, It's petty and very, very disappointing from a team of such stature.

funnytothelimit asked, Have you taken a look at the BBC Have YouR Say message board? Infact, 95% of the responses and the people posting the responses hate Schumi there. But here in India particularly he stands out. Is that an indication of the lack of true experience of Indian Fans in F1 sport and politics or is it simply that the foreigners (from an Indian point of view) understand the sport and politics better and are fed up with F1?
Raja Sen answers, Honestly, and no offense, but British media has always had a pretty strong anti-Schumi stance, and tried to play down his finest moments --- which reflects in situations like this. On the other hand, I agree that f1 awareness in India is largely Schumacher-driven. But that is an inevitability. For over a decade, Schumacher has been Formula One.

Akki asked, Schumi went to Ferrari when it was not the top teams and along with Ross Brawm.Jean Todt turned the team around.He is a complete driver.Just thinking of Alonso if he could go to Red Bull with Flavio and turn things around for them.He is only good in a fast car.
Raja Sen answers, Exactly. Michael created his Ferrari legacy, and that makes him an even more complete performer than most of the other legends who kept switching teams to stay only with the fastest car.

Raghu asked, of course the never say die attitude of schumi will there, but it'll be kimi whoz gonna me in his shoes as i said... remember the last season? how raikkonen fared even though later part of the season he lost due to unwanted incidents.. i am sure kimi is equally competent. but one question here what about McLaren even though ALonso will be joining McLaren.. will that fierce competition be there between kimi & raikkonen
Raja Sen answers, Kimi's definitely got the edge for next season, based on current team form.

veeyess asked, wasn't it a great race between massa and kubica and then massa and heidfeld? massa was unlucky in having to brake in alonso's debris :(
Raja Sen answers, Oh, Kubica is an absolute find. The way he drove away from making the Massa-mistake was awesome. This driver is something very very special, with a podium in just race 3. No flukes here.

paresh asked, this is to all of you why schumacher is the greatest driver of all times read the book "DRIVEN TO EXTREME by JAMES ALLEN" its a phase before the ferrai dominatoion pre 2000
Raja Sen answers, Yeah, that's a very neatly summed up book. I wish Allen updates it after this season and completely covers his career; that'd be perfect. for now, read allen's great tribute:

dan asked, Hey Raja. what have u got to say on the cry made by Flavio saying that "they want schumi to win and hence are targetting Alonso"..
Raja Sen answers, sour. grapes. :)

Sathu asked, F1 has lost its leading light. Its ridiculous to see people saying Schmi could be the best driver but not the Greatest. People need to judge athletes by the desire to win, the never-say-die-attitude, the "I'll give it my all" way rather than anything else. Its sad that the world is dividen in admiring such a great driver. Ethics can be practiced elsewhenre and the need of the track is the Schumi Way. Do you agree that his is the Greatest?
Raja Sen answers, I do, entirely. Schumi has changed motorsport forever, and deny all you want, his influence will live on.

veeyess asked, and let us not forget the role massa played in bringing ferrari where they are in the constrcutors'. massa has effectively neutralised fisi ... from maverick to a more reliable driver ...the transition has been remarkable
Raja Sen answers, Yes, Felipe has been dramatically consistent WHEN IT COUNTS and given Ferrari the edge in a tight, tight battle.

vishnu asked, With Schumacher gone, do you think that formula 1 will lose its huge popularity in Germany ?
Raja Sen answers, nope.. I think europe loves its racing, and F1 popularity will live on. But yes, I think people will definitely take a while to recover from this massive farewell.

Sumit Rajwade says, Hi! All, its been a pleasure to see you all after a long time.

sarfraz asked, Will anyone of the current lot rule next five seasons like schumi did?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Difficult to say. But Kimi and Massa are definitely to look at as a great pair.

Amit asked, Hi Raja - my thoughts. Winning is not only everything. I completely admire Schumacher, but for me to become my sport hero and a legend, he needs to be much more than a great driver. For me, first you have to be an ethical and value driven person then be a great sportsman. I am just wondering how controversial he is - or are the stories just being overplayed?
Raja Sen answers, All great heroes are flawed. There are chinks in the armour, which we need to magnify -- if only to be able to relate to them as mortals. Schumacher is a glorious driver, and the numbers and controversies tell their own opposing stories. The truth lies in seeing him race -- what you saw yesterday is all there is to it.

dan asked, Raja, arent we all sad. But then if Schumi wins the championship, it would be a great decision. And he has done a favour to Massa as well..
Raja Sen answers, Yes, Massa's future at Ferrari promises great potential now.

veeyess asked, coming back to this season, as we said in an earlier chat, the season heading towards a grandstand finish. A legend who has announced retirement - will he clinch it? The defending champion under intense pressure. Could you have asked for more?
Raja Sen answers, *smiles* very true. it's drama at it's highest, and only fitting for the end of an era. after yesterday, we can safely say that no matter which way the title falls, this legens is leaving the sport not just at the top of his game, but taking it to unrivalled heights with the most historic season in decades.

Button asked, Hi Sumit. How are u? Schumi is retiring. How do u feel?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Not too good. But I think he is retiring at the right time. He has achieved what he wanted to and he now makes road clear for the younger gen to compete

shweta asked, do you ppl think that after schumi retires both driver will gat equal place in the ferrari team?? coz whn schumi is there the second driver kinda plays role of second fiddle......
Raja Sen answers, no I think Kimi will be No 1 driver next season.

dan asked, Raja, Alonso's engine failure, Kimi second behind Schumi, Schumi wins last race at Monza, retires, gives matle to Kimi.. Well all this seems too right out from a fairy tale..??
Raja Sen answers, Definitely. It's a superb script indeed.

sanjay asked, hi , was schumi afraid of Alonso, as he is quitting after this season.......AS, Schumi may lose all his success fame in next season
Sumit Rajwade answers, Hey! You chould look at MS's career recod and his this year's performance to get answer -- he is a better driver and matured person the Alonso

raj211 asked, one thing is for tht schumacher fans will have nothing to look forward to in the sport of F1 victory leap on the orchestrating the italian anthem....
Raja Sen answers, so I think we should all just hope to see that leap and hear that anthem three more times. that will be as poetic as it gets.

sidd asked, Hs schumi gotten bigger than the team and the sport...also with montoya moving out of it doomsday for f1 next yr onwards
Raja Sen answers, sidd, do you think anyone misses montoya? sure, the following of the sport may drop a bit right now but next season sees a really evenly matched field with everything to play for. It should be really exciting.

harinder81 asked, What about the pace by which coulthard was going heywhere overtaking other cars..... i loved the moment when at a single instances he overtook two cars behind him
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah, that was a sight to watch. But I really am willing to see David starting from first couple of lanes and then compete

ray asked, I have been a big fan of F1 for about 12 years hunting for F1 news years back on the internet and all. Of late F1 does not interest me anymore like it used to. For me Max Mosley has screwed up the whole thing ur comments please
Raja Sen answers, oh, I'll never forgive Mosley for messing up the overtaking. I used to love the classic format which let Michael and Mika battle.

Akki asked, Now that Schumi has retired we will really get to know how good a Ferrari is as against a Renault or Mclaren.No one can drive a Ferrari or for that instance any F1 car as good as Schumi did.
Raja Sen answers, that's a very fair point, akki. Now the car's true skill will be up for measure.

Akki asked, Now the only question remaining is WHO WILL WIN NEXT YEAR'S CHAMPIONSHIP? This year's championship is going to SCHUMI,surely.
Sumit Rajwade answers, Amost .. as you can see. There are still 3 races and 2 points gap to go. If they sustain their team performance, they will win both. Next year, I'll put a good lot on Massa

schumi_fan asked, Hi Guys, Kubica's great drive is overshadowed by Schumi's retirement. But what a great drive in his first season. What do you say Raja
Raja Sen answers, Oh certainly. Kuvica was amazing yesterday. This guy is gonna be around for a while ! :)

veeyess asked, getting into yesterday's race, the way schumi handled heidfeld first and then speed on the curva granda was magnificent and look at how kubica reacted to alonso whilst exiting the pits .. that in itself tells a story ;)
Raja Sen answers, indeed. it heralds a passing of the baton, from a legend to a hungry new generation.

Hermit asked, dan, as long as cricket rules in India, nothing else is gonna get the attention :(
Raja Sen answers, I think cricket too will dip massively in popularity after Sachin quits. True greats leave the sport and things are never the same.

Rishi123 asked, hi what will be the line up for ferarri in 2007? any clue wat so ever?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Kimi and Massa , if Massa stays

Sid asked, There have been many greats even during his "regime" if I may call it..Hakkinen, Hill..and Alonso off late..I think it was fantastic the way he won in 2005, but you know one has bounced back and bounced back hard the way Schumi has. Not to mention his perofrmance with Benetton in 94 and 95 and might I add that Mika and Coulthard were very much with McLaren even at that time.
Raja Sen answers, Here's an interesting fact about his early years: Schumacher was NEVER outqualified by any teammate in 1992, 1993, or 1994. Talk about a young tiger!

dan asked, Raja, Kimi is making the best move of his career. With Ferrari he can do wonders. What say?
Raja Sen answers, He's definitely a valiant successor. Looking forward to see the fabulous Finnish driver in the scarlet livery.

schumifan asked, I think that all of us irrespective of our fav teams and drivers should honestly ponder over the fact that noone has come even half way in achieving what Schumacher has achieved and that Schumacher raised F1 to level it is today. Also everyone should stop blaming Schumacher for everything(there are people who feel that he deliberately retired as he was scared of racing with Kimi!!!!!) Lets all salute the man for all his achievemnts and hope that we see his active involvement in F1 in future as well!!!
Raja Sen answers, Amen.

veeyess asked, hey sumit, in the earlier chats u seemed to be hellbent on revolutionising the F! with rule changes... did u manage to come up with any funky ideas :D
Sumit Rajwade answers, :) I did with a couple of them. First was the combined points system if both the players complete the race and the other was a function of Safety Car on track .. no one should be allowed a pit stop.

dan asked, Raja, What are ur predictions for the next 3 races. Do you think renault is stronger on Asian circuits ?
Raja Sen answers, I think Ferrari's a faster car, and bridgestone have come up with a crucially fine package. Michael will be trying to sandwich Kimi between himself and the Renault.

dan asked, Hi Sumit, Wasnt Kimi too gracious yesterday in not challenging Schumi that seriously.
Sumit Rajwade answers, You think Kimi is of this sort who will give up so easily. Once the Gap was created beyond 3 sec .. it was just toi maintain the Gap and its difficult to chase MS when he is leading .. So, its a lost battle. I think Kimi took care of his car not to be blown out in last few races.

asa asked, hey raja,what's the maximum age to start a career in motor racing and then climb up the ladder? is it necessary to start off from age of 5 or 6? i am 18 and waiting for ur reply!and if 18 is ok how to start off?
Raja Sen answers, hey asa. go-karting is really the only way to start in f1. head to your nearest kart-track and ask them for details about local races. start small and stay focussed. but yes, it's better to start younger. Good luck :)

dan asked, Raja, Whats the reason behind the great starts that Alonso makes..Almost everytime. Even with back of the grid he makes up quickly like yesterday and in Hungary..
Raja Sen answers, Renault is supposed to have the best launch control in the business. And this has been a status quo for the team for a really long time now.

Akki asked, I am just praying that Ross Brawn,Jean Todt dont leave Ferrari.Hope to see them working with Kimi,Massa in taking Ferrari to even bigger heights.
Raja Sen answers, Brawn, Todt, Schumacher, maybe? :)

Ranjan asked, Hi Sumit, Congrats on the Michael Schumacer win. Will he be able to win the F1 Championship this year? And do you think he took the right decision by the retiring after the season? I think nobody can replace him.
Sumit Rajwade answers, It was one good win indeed. AsI said earlier, I think its the decision made at the right point.

abhishek111182 asked, Who will be first driver for Ferrari .. kimi or massa
Sumit Rajwade answers, Tough question looking at Massa's performance. But I think Kimi will be. My guess obviously.

schumi_fan asked, Raja, your answe for what Amit asked is too diplomatic. Why don't you agree that Schumi is a controversial driver without ethics. Why was he stripped off all his points in '97?. Is it not because of his acts on track?
Raja Sen answers, He was disqualified, sure. And he regrets the Villeneuve collision in 1997. But the fact that he could take that infamous, shameful incident and bounce back to win again is what makes him super.

dan asked, Raja, dont u love the sound of these F1 machines that Echos out of the trees in the narrow lanes of Monza circuit..
Raja Sen answers, oh Monza is my absolute favourite circuit, dan. Love the speed and the passion palpable from the roar of the crowds.

Ajay asked, Do u think ferrari find MSC replacement in kimi
Sumit Rajwade answers, Its a team effort. Imagine can Kimi sustain lead the way MS did. Really a thing to watch. This ley decision will decide the 1st driver in Ferrari in 2007

Roshan asked, If you had carefully listened to post race conf from schumi, he said he had to decide on his future with Ferrari before Massa does. This means that Ferrari had a secret deal with Kimi raikkonen and the fate of massa in ferrari depended on schumi's decision. And in no way schumi is going to block the future of massa in ferrari. Hence he decided to retire. Now does this not mean that Ferrari forced schumi to retire by making secret deal with kimi and giving +ve indications on massa ? Was this not an inferior way to treat the great Micheal schumacher by ferrari ?
Raja Sen answers, I think there is a time to be cynical, and this is not it. And Michael had very generous offers from other teams, and chooses to remain with Ferrari in a new role. He is leaving because he doesn't want his competitive spirit to dull at all. He has the courage and will power to say goodbye while he is on top, and that must be saluted.

dan asked, Hi Sumit and Raja, What now, can Alonso turn it for Mclaren cos Ferrari with Kimi and Massa look like a lethal combo. What is ur guess for Alonso's partner in Mclaren.. Doesnt look like De La rosa will get the nod.
Sumit Rajwade answers, McCalren will not have a equalizing combo as that of Kimi+Massa, I think they will pitch for someone else.

RedBaron asked, I think all other drivers and the media overdo it when they say Schumi has cheated. For heaven's sake, Senna used his car as a battering ram to push Prost out.Just that tis fashionable to say Schumi is a cheat
Raja Sen answers, :) fair point.

schumi_fan asked, One more great thing about Schuumi. He was always the guy who could drive well at new and Non Europe circuits. Be it Malaysia, US , Bahrain etc. Getting used to tropical conditions and driving on new circuits is an art. And don't forget his skill on wet circuits !!
Raja Sen answers, ah yes, Michael in the rain has always been incredible. That rainmaster nickname was very stylishly earned :)

Akki asked, With Schumi gone we are saying an era ends.But now a new era starts with Massa,Kimi,Alonso,Kubica driving without Schumi's shadow clearing over them.Now drivers with get some acknowledgement and some TV footage with F1's greatest icon retiring.
Sumit Rajwade answers, :-) They did. Kimi, Massa, Alonso, Fisicella, Roseberg all got it while he was there also. The main fun will be who leads the max races now.

dan asked, Hi Sumit and Raja, What now, can Alonso turn it for Mclaren cos Ferrari with Kimi and Massa look like a lethal combo. What is ur guess for Alonso's partner in Mclaren.. Doesnt look like De La rosa will get the nod.
Raja Sen answers, Pedro De La Rosa should actually get the nod. Unless Ron Dennis is busy trying to swipe Kubica, which wouldn't be such a bad idea. ;)

aka asked, starting young for karting is good.. but what is the upper limit of the starting age?
Raja Sen answers, dude, a 37 year old is fighting for the championship. there is no upper limit if you're good enough and have what it takes.

rachit asked, schumi is sposed to carry on a new 'role' in ferrari after he retires.. any clues on what tht could be??
Sumit Rajwade answers, He is a brand by itself. He and Ferrari now go as 1 word. I think he will be their Brand Man. But, honestly I believe hw should become the president of F1 GP.

Ranjan asked, Who can replace Schumi? Massa or Alonso?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Massa -- as it shows today

Chandranath asked, Was it Schumi opting to retire or Ferrari wanting to move on with Kimi and Massa ? Beacuase at 37 Schumi would surely not have stayed till 2009 the time till which Ferrari have contracted Kim ?
Raja Sen answers, I believe with the kind of relationship Schumi enjoys with Ferrari -- he has long ceased to be merely a driver, but is a teambuilder -- the outfit allows him to make his decisions. Also, if there was any ill-will, Michael wouldn't have stayed with the team, which he has promised to do, while not in a racing capacity. This 'new role' might be really exciting, lets wait and see.

schumi_fan asked, ya, that's a great one should be allowed to take a pit stop when Safety car is out. This is giving un due advantage to some teams although they claim it's stratedy
Sumit Rajwade answers, Liked the idea? So did I

dan asked, Raja, Dont u think Fisichella is pretty happy that Alonso is leaving Renault. After all Fisi seems to be fed up of making sacrifices for Alonso.. Next year we can see true talent of Fisichella ..
Raja Sen answers, yes but fisi has honestly not been upto the mark. he's done well at the start but his form has been fluctuating dramatically. he has a good chance ahead of him next year, but he needs to grab it with both hands and drive!

aka asked, starting young for karting is good.. but what is the upper limit of the starting age?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I don't think so there is a rule book which says about upper age limit. But the body has to respond to the reflexes. Its a yound men's sport. So, depends on how young you are at 37 :-)

veeyess asked, Raja...kubica in a McLAren would be absolutely WOW! Except that he would sadly suffer from engine blow outs every 3rd race:(
Raja Sen answers, hehe. yeah. mclaren formula is 25 really quick laps. except the race needs 30 more to go by the time they usually park their cars ;)

Ranjan asked, HI Raja, Can the remaining racers will be able to take place of Schumi
Raja Sen answers, who knows? what do you think?

bharat patel asked, how do you the rate of alonso being a champion next season cause as fas as i am concern raikkonen is a better driver then schumacher and he will drive the ferrari faster then schumacher
Sumit Rajwade answers, The quality of a great driver is to sustain the lead if a leader and to sustain chase if 1nd palced. But what MS showed, is to combine this with Pit stop strategy and amazing art of accurate driving under any pressure on any track. Ability to give 100% without feeling pressured is a greatness. If alonso gets to it, he will be a great driver.

veeyess asked, swapnil and satish ... we did not hear about fixing from Jean Todt or Michael that F1 was fixed when Michael was relegated to P22 in Monaco. Instead, we got a dignified drive which finally resulted in P5 ... who knows it may have even been better were it not for a couple of untimely safet car incidents
Raja Sen answers, EXACTLY! Being a great driver isn't just about going consistently fast, it's about reacting in the face of adversity. Alonso blowing (his engine, and later) his top was totally uncalled for. The spaniard should be spanked.

dan asked, Hey Raja, Did u see that great move Coulthard made on turn 1 yestreday to overtake 2 cars in one shot.. Boy that was amazing. The Scot can still do good. What say?
Raja Sen answers, dan, I agree. I was totally blown over. It was an awesome move and, honestly, the best of the race as far as I'm concerned. The Scot has truly upped his game this season, and must be applauded.

schumi_fan asked, Come on Sumit, MS as F1 GP boss?. Bernie Ecclestone is still alive...I am happy he is not in this chat :-)
Sumit Rajwade answers, He he .... well I should correct myself. Let me put it this way -- He enters the F1 GP management to ultimately become the resident of the event.

dan asked, Hi Sumit and Raja, Why is BMW Sauber suddenly turning out to be a strong package. They got great times in Qualifying and got a podium finish.. Good for the sport
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah ... u remember the way suddenly Honda appeared on charts in 2004/5. Thats the same way some more teams will.

Satyasen asked, Raja, What's your take on the ensuing Kimi vs Fernando battle for supremacy? Your money on?
Raja Sen answers, My money's on Kimi. He has long struggled with an extremely unreliable car and is hungry to prove himself. On the other hand, Alonso is used to a great package and now faces a very uphill climb. it's definitely advantage kimi next season, in my opinion.

Sathu asked, Massa and Kimi are Very Good Drivers, No dounts... But aren't they reluctant over-takers? Wont Alonso with Ferrari make a better combo?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Alonso and Ferrari. Good to think but practically not possible. But yeah, would have been a good combo.

Sathu asked, Massa and Kimi are Very Good Drivers, No dounts... But aren't they reluctant over-takers? Wont Alonso with Ferrari make a better combo?
Raja Sen answers, Good question. But Alonso and Ferrari currently have very strong enmity going.. but things change ;) And NO, you can say that about Massa but Kimi is an absolute fighter, a nut behind the wheel who never shies away from a scrap!

Sathu asked, Massa and Kimi are Very Good Drivers, No dounts... But aren't they reluctant over-takers? Wont Alonso with Ferrari make a better combo?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Massa is not. If you mean lazy by reluctant, then may be. But once you are wearing the hat of 1st driver, you automatically will become aggro.

dan asked, Raja, wasnt it quite strange that in the post match conference, Schumi was gearing up to announce his decision while the question asked to him was about the first lap with him and Nick Hieldfield locked together.. Schumi had to change topic and Announce his retirement. Queer!!
Raja Sen answers, I think it was merciful as we all waited with nails in mouth and breath bated. He couldn't wait.

sss1 asked, Can Schumi become a coach to some F1 driver which will be a new concept???
Raja Sen answers, lets hope that he takes his ferrari legacy forward by guiding kimi and massa to new glories.

Chandranath asked, Has any other individual sport seen a bigger and more dominant personality than Michael ?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Tiger Woods in Golf.

RedBaron asked, Alonso really is becoming very arrogant and it is sad that the current champion lacks maturity or poise. For all the times Schumi has been penalized in the past, he did express his opinion if he disagreed but not in this manner like a crybaby.And Briatore much the same.
Raja Sen answers, I agree. It's very ill-form to see the current World Champion act this way. Very disappointing indeed.

Nishit asked, @Raja: Ahh.. I am too late, I didn't know this was going to be held. I hope you got my message on your blog
Raja Sen answers, Yeah I did N. But the chat notice has been up forever. Anyway, welcome to the chat. Your thoughts?

swapnil asked, How will be Renaults preformance next year?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Renault is planning the tech corrections to overcome so called "mass damper" removal effect. So, it will be fun to see how they make it.

bharat patel asked, same with me raja kimi realy rocks all these years we have seen him loose races with a non reliable car infact once on the last lap his tyre just went off i think he will jus do wat ms has done all the years win championships
Raja Sen answers, he's always been a driver with massive potential, and it'll be good to see him in a fine racing package. I definitely feel he'll look good in red ;)

veeyess asked, sumit...dont forget roger federer in tennis!!!!
Sumit Rajwade answers, But still there are people bigger and better than him. This is his career beginning. Woods has cracked all records on palte

Nishit asked, @Raja : What do you think Schumacher's role could be with Ferrari now?
Raja Sen answers, Honestly, I think Schumacher may just step in and develop into the Brawn/Todt kind of role. As a race strategist and mentor, he has lots to offer the team. Plus, lets not forget Todt's announcement that he might be taking some time off... maybe that means everything ;)

aka asked, but still give me a practicle age for kicking off ur career in motor sport from the scratch?when is is too late to start
Raja Sen answers, aka, why don't you try winning a kart-race and then think about a career in motorsport? good luck buddy.

swapnil asked, What about Larnce Armstrong sumit
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah .. I should not have missed him . A great soul and the biggest brand "Live Strong" across the world. Very true

Chandranath asked, Who is Villunueve to question Schumi's greatness ? After all we can see the difference ( for the better)in BMW after he has been asked to step aside. Opinion ?
Raja Sen answers, JV is a nut. I really like him and his departure saddened me, but he's a nut who never keeps his mouth shut.

Raja Sen says, hey hey when we talk of greats who have reinvented the sport, please lets not miss out Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

veeyess asked, Who are the drivers to watch for in 07? Besides the usual suspects of Kimi and F'nando my take is that Massa, Kubica and Rosberg will be the ones to watch out for.
Sumit Rajwade answers, You have almost covered all. May be Button.

Sumit Rajwade says, All right people, it was a great fun to chat and share the F1 fun again with you. See you post the next race. Till then, Happy week ahead.

Santosh asked, I think Schumi should have till one more year so that he could have achieved 100 grandpix wins. What do you say?
Raja Sen answers, I wish He agreed with us, Santosh. But in Schumi we must trust.

Roshan asked, Hey Raja I just checked up the facts and you were right. Schumi decided to quit in July after US Grand Prix. And he had hinted the same to his team after San Marino. No wonder we get to hear a seemingly ardent MS fan in chris Goodwin our commentator from an Maclaren (Kimi supporter) guy that he is !!!
Raja Sen answers, :)

Raja Sen says, Alright guys, was a great chat. We'll be putting up some Schumi specials soon, and catch you next time for the post-China chat. Cheers!