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Sep 26, 2003

Microsoft chat move 'irresponsible'
Microsoft's decision to close the free, unmoderated chatrooms of its MSN Internet service has sparked strong reactions.

Want PC security? Diversify
A study blames Microsoft's "monoculture" in the operating-system business for growing security risks. Critics say the real problem is ignorant or negligent computer users.

Pop-ups assail through Windows
Advertisers are increasingly taking advantage of a feature, Windows messenger service, built into PCs using the Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. This includes all Windows PCs sold in the past two years.

Toward a weblogging empire
The former editor of the Silicon Alley Reporter, the once high-flying chronicle of Manhattan's high-tech mania, plans this week to launch a new venture, Weblogsinc, that intends to make a go of publishing business-to-business blogs.

IM coming of age
Instant messaging doesn't mean a whole lot to those who don't use it. To the rest of us, it's nothing short of a godsend, given the levels of spam clogging email inboxes and its direct, no nonsense style of communication.

Sep 25, 2003

Electronic paper has movie potential
Scientists have created a new type of "electronic paper" that may one day enable books and newspapers to show full-color movies.

Do unregulated chat rooms have a future?
Microsoft has announced it plans to close all unregulated chatrooms on its global sites. What do you think of MSN's move? Should other chat providers take similar action? Are the days of unregulated chatrooms over?

Want to sue a buggy code?
Forget it. Microsoft and other software makers shield themselves with the "End User Agreement." What if no one agreed?

Downloading claim against granny dropped
In a possible case of mistaken identity, the recording industry has withdrawn a lawsuit accusing a 66-year-old US woman of illegally downloading and sharing more than 2000 songs online. They had included the rap song I'm a Thug

Makers of Kazaa are suing record labels
Turning the tables on record labels, makers of the most popular Internet song-swapping network are suing entertainment companies for copyright infringement.

Sep 24, 2003

'Welchia worm' hits U.S. state dept. network
A computer worm named 'Welchia' contaminated part of the U.S. State Department's computer network on Tuesday. The worm did not affect the network's classified files.

Site finding system faces suspension
A controversial change to the way the net handles mistyped domain name queries could soon be

Blaster worm took heavy toll: survey
A survey carried out by the security firm TruSecure to measure the corporate impact of the Blaster worm has found that an average company suffered an impact of US$475,000 as a result.

'Relentless' pace of hack attacks
Web sites that do nothing to protect themselves can expect to suffer a hack attack every few minutes.

Yahoo launches new product search engine
Internet media company Yahoo Inc. , broadening its efforts in the red-hot search services market, on Tuesday rolled out a new search platform that lets users find products, compare prices and buy from different merchants.

Rabbit eggs used to grow human stem cells
Dr Huizhen Sheng led a team of scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University who have reported fusing human skin cells with rabbit eggs to produce early stage embryos, which in turn yielded stem cells.

Sep 23, 2003

Nigeria goes surfing with wheels
Nigeria successfully tests a plan to send satellite-enabled buses around the country to encourage Internet use.

Uncovering the Napster kitty ads
Billboards all over the United States are sprouting Napster stickers. The former bad-boy company is about to relaunch as a legal music-download service, so surely it wouldn't be illegally stickering billboards, would it?

Banner ads excite bloggers
Yes, banner ads. Those mundane, aggravating bars of blather that blink, flash and annoyingly try to sell you a product associated with the web page content.

Chatbot bids to fool humans
A program designed to talk like a human takes on international competition to be the most human of all.

Net piracy has five more years of growth
The ever-expanding market for pirated music will continue to haunt music executives for at least another five years, outstripping growth for the industry's own fledgling online businesses, a new study said on Monday.


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