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This article was first published 2 years ago  » News » How these elephants were saved

How these elephants were saved

December 30, 2021 08:54 IST
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Shailajanand Mishra lists The Top Videos of the Week! Take a look.

IMAGE: This government-run elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Trichy provides treatment and care to ill-treated elephants. Photograph: ANI Photo

Every week is full of newsworthy events. And we make sure we bring you the most interesting ones, with a special twist.

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Why these brown-headed gulls love Gujarat

Date: December 18
Location: Surat

A home away from home... that's what we all look for when one steps on -- or, in this case, flies into -- foreign soil.

Every year, thousands of migratory birds fly into different parts of India when the winter chill freezes their homeland.

In Surat, these annual migratory visitors include the brown-headed gulls and Siberian seabirds.

Dr Nilay Desai, an avid birdwatcher, says, "Many such birds migrate to Surat at this time of the year and return to their homes in March and April."


Killer monkeys captured!

Date: December 19
Location: Beed

When you think of monkeys, you think of monkey antics.

But why would two simians go on a killing spree and take the lives of over 250 dogs?

The monkeys, who had wreaked havoc in Beed, Maharashtra, were captured by a team from the Nagpur forest department on December 18.

They will be kept under observation there before being released into a nearby forest.


A blissful wedding for 468 couples

Date: December 20
Location: Aligarh

Hindu shaadis. Muslim nikaahs. Solemnised on the same premises. At the same time.

What a beautiful way to send a beautiful message. A message every Indian needs to hear.

Recently, in Aligarh, 469 couples -- 453 from the Hindu community and 16 from the Muslim community -- exchanged wedding vows in presence of their relatives and friends.

The ceremonies were conducted by religious leaders from their respective religions.

This initiative, undertaken by the Uttar Pradesh government, is garnering a lot of praise.



Ill-treated elephants get love and care

Date: December 22
Location: Trichy

They are the gentlest of wild animals.

And sometimes, they are shockingly abused.

In order to aid such elephants in need of help, the government-run elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Trichy offers these majestic pachyderms treatment and care.

Forest officials rescue ill-treated elephants and send them to the rehabilitation centre, which is currently looking after eight female elephants.

District Forest Officer Kiran says, "We give them a bath, provide food and take them for a walk every day as per the instructions of the forest veterinary officers."


Woman feeds 800 stray dogs daily

Date: December 23
Location: Mangaluru

She's a real life heroine, a saviour of stray animals.

Animal lover Rajni Shetty and her husband have devoted their life to taking care of them. They feed them, treat them and give them shelter -- as needed -- in their house in Mangaluru.

"We feed 800 stray dogs every day and look after dozens of dogs, cats, rabbits and birds in our house. We also provide treatment to injured animals," says Rajni.

Her bond with strays began 15 years ago when she began feeding street dogs.


Skating the ice at a historic Shimla rink

Date: December 23
Location: Shimla

It is one of the most beautiful ice rinks in the country.

With the sky as its roof and stunning Nature as its surrounding, it is no wonder that this outdoor ice rink in Shimla is attracting school children, local youth and tourists.

While the organisers expect good footfalls this year, their only worry is how climate change and global warming will impact India's only outdoor ice rink.


126-year-old church reopens after 35 years

Date: December 23
Location: Srinagar

After a long gap of 35 years, a 126-year-old church reopened in Srinagar ahead of Christmas.

The St Luke's Church has been renovated and restored to its old glory by the Jammu and Kashmir department of tourism.

Since its reopening, the historical church has seen a surge in the faithful and well as those interested in its wonderful architecture.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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