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How Jaimini Hula Hooped To World Record

June 13, 2024 08:27 IST
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IMAGE: Nine-year-old Jaimini Soni's hula hoop feat. Photograph: ANI

Nothing deters India's brave women BSF warriors.

The Top Videos of the Week, listed by Shailajanand Mishra.

Also see: A baby elephant is rescued.

As is a giant crocodile.

Videos chosen by you through your likes on iShare.


Udhampur's Bumper Apricot Crop
Location: Udhampur

The Basht area of Chenani tehsil of Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir is celebrating a bountiful crop of high-quality apricots.

Rattan Kumar, a farmer thrilled to see his trees laden with the fruit, has this to say:

All Videos: ANI


An Amazing Rescue!
Location: Nilgiris

This baby elephant fell into a 30 foot deep pit in the Nilgiris' Kolapalli area.

Thankfully, forest officers rushed to its aid.


Another Superb Rescue
Location: Bulandshahr

This time, a giant crocodile was in trouble.

The locals carried it to safety on their shoulders.


Jaimini Hula Hooped Her Way To A World Record
Location: Vadodara

No, the nine year old was not spinning the hula hoop around her waist.


Our Brave Women BSF Warriors
Location: Samba

Temperatures in India may have hit 50 degrees Celsius but that didn't prevent the women soldiers of the Border Security Force from performing their duty.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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