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Your Say: 'Mr PM, sack non-performing ministers NOW'

Last updated on: February 10, 2011 14:02 IST

'The PM has forgotten that we elected him'



Prime Minister Manmohan Singh -- who is facing a plethora of problems including price rise, corrupt ministers and feuding allies -- could use some help in steering through the rocky terrains of governance. We had asked you, dear readers, to send in your suggestions about how Dr Singh can save UPA-II. received an overwhelming number of responses from readers. We present some of the best ideas, suggestions and tips to the PM right here:

Part 1 : 'PM should retire and rest at home'

Part 2: PM has to become a democratic dictator'

Name: Manoj Kumar Singh

Sugesstion: The PM must do some ground work. He has forgotten that we elected him. Get rid of your companions who are not faithful and loyal to the country, however close they are. Book (former telecom minister) A Raja and cancel 2G licences immediately. Bring back black money stashed abroad within 6 months. Fix the prices of essential comodities

Image: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh


'Sack Sharad Pawar'

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Name: Akhil Sharma
Suggestion: Order a joint parliamentary committee probe to look into the 2G scam. Introduce political reforms. Political parties should be able to accept donations officially to cut down on black money in politics. Disclose the names of Swiss bank account holders.

Introduce judicial reforms; we need stronger laws and a better judicial system. The CBI should report to the President of India and operate independently.

Introduce police reforms; we deserve a better and more professional police force. Appointment of governors of state should be done by the President; people with political background should not be considered.  Control prices of food and vegetables.

Sack Sharad Pawar, he is more interested in managing the International Cricket Council than his ministry. 

NameM V Suresh
Suggestion: This rot can be stemmed only when professionals are encouraged to join government service. It is time there is a paradigm shift from the present, wherein there is no criterion for inducting professionals as ministers. A minister after being sworn in should be given a performance target of one year. Non-achievers should be sacked.


Image: Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar

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'Send Mamata back to Bengal'

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Name: Pavan
Suggestion: We need to develop more and more business hubs across the country. Our existing cities will implode in a few years if we do not create new urban areas and places of business that provide jobs to people. 

Name: Ganesh Bhat
Suggestion: Send Mamata back to Bengal. The railways are going down in service and will start making losses soon. Allies should not be allowed to propagate a different ideology on sensitive issues like Maoism, sedition etc.


Image: Railway Minister Mamata Bannerjee

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'Control price rise immediately'

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Name: Ashwajeet
Suggestion:  Railways should switch to high-speed trains in the next 10 years. The foremost problem is controlling the population. Immediately set concrete rules to control it. Build good roads and flyovers to ease traffic and save petrol.
Take strict action against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Encourage the use of solar energy. Introduce tough laws to control deforestatation.
Make the Defence Research and Development Organisation more accountable. Initiate strict action for non-payment of taxes.

Name: Jasjeet
Sugesstion: Control price rise immediately
Crackdown on corruption and black money: we have been talking about it for years without any serious action coming forth from anyone. What we need is a law to be framed for STRICT action -- even if the person is a politician.
Boost the sagging morale of the investors and induce growth.

Image: MPs protest outside Parliament against price rise

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'Start acting as an independent PM'

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Name: Subbakrishna Y K 
Suggestion: Ban circulation of 1000, 500 and 100-rupee currency notes, which will help control curruption to a large extent.
All financial transactions should be done through bank accounts and the taxation system should be simplified.
Introduce capital punishment for terrorism, adulteration and rape.

Name: Anil Kulkarni
Sugesstion: Firstly, start acting as Independent PM and not as a dependent of the party president. Irrespective of the culprit, book anybody who faces a case of corruption.
Remove discretionary powers of CMs with respect to land allottment.
Make the judiciary repsonsible for delivering verdicts in time.
Get the government machinery to work faster and take decisions as fast as possible.
If the coalition is a hurdle, get a fresh mandate from the people of India.

Photographs: Reuters
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