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'Anna should allow doctors to administer a drip'

Last updated on: August 25, 2011 11:37 IST

'In Gandhian methods, there is no space for fast unto death'



As social activist Anna Hazare's fast enters the tenth day,'s Toral Varia, who has been covering the event at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan, spoke to prominent civil society member Swami Agnivesh on the way ahead for the team Anna.

Do you think Anna Hazare should continue the fast?

My suggestion is that he should at least allow them to administer a drip for the simple reason that in Gandhian methods there is no space for fast unto death.

Besides, Hazare himself has given a written undertaking to the Delhi Police that his is not a 'fast unto death' but an indefinite fast. In the last 10 days, he has been able to generate a lot of support and solidarity in the nation towards his movement against corruption.

But there are many many more issues that he needs to take up. Therefore, he should not refuse the doctors to administer drip.

Is it right to demand that the parliamentary process be short circuited?

The instrument to change a bill into a law is through the parliamentary process. That procedure should be respected.

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Image: Swami Agnivesh


'Anna's fighting for nation; it's not blackmail'

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There are no shortcuts to parliamentary procedures in a democracy.

However, they should and must put a peaceful pressure on the government to create an effective, credible and strong bill.

The manner in which things are moving ahead, would you call this blackmailing by putting a gun on government's head and asking them to accept the Janlokpal bill in toto?

Certain things, when they have a selfish interest involved, can be called blackmail. But here Anna Hazare is fighting for a national cause.

There is no personal interest involved. He is merely creating a moral pressure on the government to stick to its promise.

The government had assured that they would introduce a string and an effective bill before Parliament. However, it has presented a highly ineffective and a farcical Lokpal incorporating all the stands of the society.

What is your appeal to team anna?

Anna Hazare's health is of a serious concern.

Even though doctors say that they are monitoring his health, but we must not allow it to precipitate into a death unto fast.
Even if he says he is fit, the human constitution is such that it can dip to irreparable damages. Hence, it is best that Anna Hazare allows the doctor to administer drip to him. 

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