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Expansion of UNSC necessary: Moon

February 16, 2007 02:07 IST
The expansion of the United Nations Security Council is necessary given the changes in international relations but member states should continue with the dialogue for the broadest possible consensus, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has said.

"Considering the dramatic changes in international situations, then the expansion of the Security Council is necessary," Moon said in an interview to the PBS. "But at this time, what is more important is that in view of the sensitivity and difficulties in agreeing to a specific formula, the member states of the United Nations should continue their dialogue and consultations, so that we'll be able to agree on the broadest of possible consensus," he said.

"As the secretary-general, I will try to facilitate such process so that the Security Council reform can be made in the most democratic and transparent and representative way," he added.

Ban stressed that the subject of global warming is a serious one and called for urgent attention from the international community. He called on major developing countries like China and India to take the lead on the issue of global warming.

"This is, again, a very serious, important issue to which international community must pay attention on an urgent basis," he remarked. "We need to act on the basis of several principles, that this global warming is a global issue.

"Therefore, we need to address it on global scale. At the same time, big developing countries should also participate in this, while the international community should be able to give some due incentives to those big developing countries," he said.

Moon was responding to a comment that the "huge" economic growth of China and India is leading to an "obviously" negative effect on the environment.

"Again, I would hope that the industrialized countries -- who have technical know-how, and the long-standing experience, should take a lead, while trying to promote this technological innovations... we must look at beyond 2012," he said.

"Therefore, it is crucially important for those big developing countries to participate in this process, while at the same time industrialised countries should also be prepared to provide certain incentives for their active participation.

"And active participation of the United States is also a crucially important one," he added.

Sridhar Krishnaswami in Washington, DC
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