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Trust in talks for Kashmir solution: Young MPs to youth

August 05, 2010 18:59 IST

Concerned over the situation in Kashmir, a group of 40 young members of Parliament cutting across party lines, appealed to the youth there to "exercise restraint" and have trust in dialogue for working out a solution on Thursday.

"We, as representatives of the people ourselves, believe that together with a positive frame of mind we can seek resolution only through open communication," the statement said.

"History teaches us that any resolution can only be brought about through dialogue and not not through violence," the MPs said in their 'Statement for the Youth of Jammu and Kashmir'.

"What has happened in the recent past has been very unfortunate and we are deeply concerned... we urge our young brothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir to exercise restraint and have trust in the power of dialogue," the statement said.

Releasing the statement in Parliament House complex, Congress MP Priya Dutt told the media that the MPs were deeply concerned over the loss of lives in the Valley.

Her party colleague Deepender Hooda said 40 MPs, cutting across party lines, have signed the appeal as they feel that as young people their future was good which applied equally for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

"In this century, when the whole world is looking towards India, and as we look to join the club of developed nations, we believe this dream can only be achieved all of us are equal stakeholders in it.

"Future belongs to our generation.  We, the young parliamentarians, belonging to your generation, sincerely hope for a bright shared future for you and for all of us," the MPs said in the statement.

Among the signatories to the statement are Priya Dutt, Deepender Hooda, Milind Deora and Jyoti Mirdha (Congress), Anurag Thakur (Bharatiya Janata Party), Akhilesh Yadav (Samajwadi Party), Shatabdi Roy (Trinamool Congress), Supriya Sule (Nationalist Congress Party), Bhavna Gavli (Shiv Sena).
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