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This article was first published 9 years ago  » News » This 'selfie museum' is where YOU ought to be

This 'selfie museum' is where YOU ought to be

April 17, 2015 11:10 IST
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Ever heard of a museum that just let's you free to touch, play and even "climb" on the paintings and sculptures? No? Then just head straight to the Art in Island museum in Philippines's capital Manila that is gaining popularity because it lets you do what none of the traditional museums will: play with the art.

It is full of 3D reproductions of famous paintings that are designed to offer the wackiest possible selfie poses. The Filipino gallery describes the experience it offers as an antidote to the usual museum visit.

'Whenever you visit an art museum, you are always expected to just look around quietly. You are not allowed to touch anything nor take pictures. You don’t even have a single proof of being there,' it says on its Facebook page.

'Art in Island allows visitors to interact and have fun with the art pieces. You can take as much pictures [sic] and videos as you want! Here in Art Island, we want you to BE PART OF THE ART :)'

Here's what visitors have been up to here:

All Photographs Courtesy: Art in Island/Facebook

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