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Simply following Manmohan's advice: JP Nadda on CAB

Source: ANI
December 11, 2019 16:20 IST

During the debate on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Bharatiya Janata Party MP JP Nadda said that the leader of Congress in the house, Anand Sharma, was attempting to digress from the main topic.

"When a lawyer does not have an argument, he tries to show his intellectual abilities by bringing in arguments not linked to the main issue. CAB talks only of rights to minorities facing religious persecution. This is the essence of the bill and not to be digressed from," Nadda said.


Earlier, challenging the CAB, Anand Sharma had said that it is an attack on the 'foundation of the Indian Constitution' and fails the 'morality test'.

"The bill that you have brought is an assault on the very foundation of the Indian Constitution. It is an assault on the Republic of India. It hurts the soul of India. It is against our Constitution and democracy. It fails the morality test. It is divisive and discriminatory," Sharma said in the upper house.

Nadda said that it was keeping in line with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's demand for better treatment of the minority refugees from neighbouring countries.

"In 2003, Dr Manmohan Singh had spoken to then-deputy PM Advani ji on the treatment of refugees and persecution of minorities in countries like Bangladesh. He said we should have a more liberal approach in granting citizenship to them. So, we are following what he said," Nadda said.

In the 245-member Rajya Sabha, the halfway mark is currently 121 as five seats are vacant bringing down the strength of the House to 240.

Source: ANI