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A-I schedule from May 1-3

May 01, 2003 00:55 IST
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Air-India has finalised the following flight schedule in the wake of the agitation by the Indian Pilots' Guild.

While all flights to Western destinations -- Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York, New Jersey and Chicago will be operated, changes have been effected in the schedule of services to the Gulf and South East Asia. The schedule of flights is as under:

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Flight No.                                 Sector                                  Departure
AI-632                         Mumbai-Ahmedabad                       0245 IST
AI-807                         Mumbai-Kuwait-Jeddah                  0705 IST
AI-111                         Mumbai-London-New York            0830 IST
AI-145                         Mumbai-Paris-New Jersey               0900 IST
AI-963                         Mumbai-Kozhikode-Jeddah             0930 IST
AI-717                         Mumbai-Dubai                                 1745 IST
AI-877                         Mumbai-Bahrain-Doha                     1805 IST
AI-811                         Mumbai-Dammam                            1815 IST

Friday, May 2, 2003
Flight No.                         Sector                                     Departure
AI-630                         Mumbai-Ahmedabad                          0015 IST
AI-112A                      Mumbai-Delhi                                     0030 IST
AI-810                         Mumbai-Delhi                                      0320 IST
AI-129                         Mumbai-London-Chicago                    0515 IST
AI-101                         Mumbai-London-New York                0830 IST
AI-713/968                  Mumbai-Abu Dhabi-Kozhikode-Mumbai 0830 IST
AI-927                         Mumbai-Riyadh                                    0845 IST
AI-121                         Mumbai-London                                   0900 IST
AI-165                         Mumbai-Frankfurt                                 0920 IST
AI-885                         Mumbai-Delhi-Jeddah                           0920 IST
AI-819                         Mumbai-Delhi-Dammam                       0930 IST
AI-859                         Mumbai-Kuwait                                    0945 IST
AI-610                         Mumbai-Kochi                                      1715 IST
AI-717                         Mumbai-Dubai                                      1745 IST
AI-306                         Mumbai-Bangkok-Tokyo                      1810 IST
AI-835                         Mumbai-Delhi-Muscat-Abu Dhabi         1900 IST
AI-957                         Mumbai-Bahrain-Doha                          2245 IST

Saturday, May 3, 2003
Flight No.                       Sector                                             Departure
AI-690                         Mumbai-Kochi                                  0030 IST
AI-112A                      Mumbai-Delhi                                    0030 IST
AI-144                         Mumbai-Ahmedabad                         0100 IST
AI-620                         Mumbai-Bangalore                            0100 IST
AI-145                         Mumbai-Paris-Newark                      0720 IST
AI-101                         Mumbai-London-New York              0830 IST
AI-650                         Mumbai-Chennai-Kochi                     0930 IST
AI-963/962                  Mumbai-Kozhikode-Jeddah-             0930 IST
AI-717                         Mumbai-Dubai                                    1745 IST
AI-851                         Mumbai-Kuwait-Mumbai                    1820 IST
AI-729                         Mumbai-Muscat-Abu Dhabi                2315 IST

For more information, call Air-India reservations in Mumbai at 22876464; Mini-booking office: 28318115/6; Airport: 23818888.

Flights on the Delhi-Mumbai-New York sector will depart from Delhi at 0515 IST on May 1-3, 2003.  In addition, on Friday, May 2, 2003, the Delhi-Mumbai-Frankfurt flight will depart from Delhi at 0600 ISTFor re-bookings and any other information, please contact Delhi Air-India Reservations: 23736446/47/48/49, Airport: 25652050, 25696621.

An Air-India Press Release

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