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Tamil Nadu cop eyes 14th Guinness record

August 25, 2005 15:43 IST

His appetite for records never seems to end. Police constable Velmurugan of Tamil Nadu is all set to make an attempt at creating his 14th Guinness record.

The constable, attached to the neighbouring Tirupur station, plans to jump from an height of 36 feet into a tank filled with 18 cms of water on September 3 at the VOC Park Grounds in the city.

The 35-year-old is attempting to break the record of A Cubert of United States, who jumped from a height of 28 feet into a tank filled with 30 cms of water in 1999.

Velmurugan other records listed in the Guinness Book of World Records include:

  • Standing on one leg for 81 hours
  • Swimming 157 kms in Periyar river
  • Rotating one hand in one direction for 12,000 times
  • Jumping into four-foot deep tank from an height of 81 feet
  • Non-stop lifting of an object weighing six kgs 27,000 times
  • Jumping down on six-inch sandpit from a height of 32 feet
  • Diving in the sea from a height of 126 feet
  • Covering 3,600 kms around Tamil Nadu by running 1,107 hours continuously
  • Covering 100 kms in 24 hours carrying 15 kgs of weight

According to the Guinness Book of World Records the individual to hold the most current Guinness records is Ashrita Furman of Jamaica, New York, USA. Ashrita holds 20 official world records across a range of disciplines, including milk-bottle balancing, lunging, skipping, forward rolling, glass balancing, joggling, and, most recently, pushing an orange with his nose (fastest mile)!.