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Reader on Mumbai train strike: 'I reached 30 minutes earlier'

May 04, 2010 16:35 IST

We asked our readers in Mumbai to share their harrowing experiences due to the strike called by the motormen of Western and Central Railway that has left lakhs of commuters stranded.

Arun Giriyan from Thane shares his story about reaching his destination earlier, thanks to the strike.

"When I reached Thane station on Tuesday morning, there was no movement of any trains. I travel from Thane to my office in Kalyan daily.
I saw the Lucknow-bound Pushpak Express reaching platform no. 5. I heard an announcement about commuters being allowed to travel up to some stations on the central line on the long-distance train, including Dombivli, Kalyan and Kasara.
I hurriedly went to platform no. 5 from platform no. 2 and managed to get a seat in the train. Within 20 minutes, I had reached Kalyan station.
What a surprise! I had actually reached my destination 30 minutes earlier than my usual time.

But how do I go back to Thane in the evening?

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