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Protestor calls Tony Blair a 'war criminal' in UK HC

May 28, 2012 20:17 IST

Proceedings at the widely followed Leveson Inquiry were briefly disrupted on Monday when a protester managed to burst into the high court chamber and harangued former Prime Minister Tony Blair for allegedly being a "war criminal".

Several protesters held placards outside the high court against Blair for his role in the conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan. But one protester, named David Lawley Wakelin, managed to evade security at the court and called for Blair's arrest for allegedly being a "war criminal".

Reported to be a documentary maker, Wakelin produced 'The Alternative Iraq Enquiry' film. Wakelin said after bursting inside the chamber, "This man should be arrested for war crimes. JP Morgan paid him off for the Iraq War. This man is a war criminal".

Blair, who was perceived as one prime minister who relied much on "spin" and "spin doctors" during his tenure as prime minister from 1997 to 2007, displayed his inside knowledge when he remarked later that the intrusion was likely to be reported more extensively than other aspects of his evidence.

Justice Leveson apologised to Blair for the intrusion, and ordered an inquiry.

He said, "I'm sorry for that, Mr Blair and I'd like to find out how this gentleman managed to access the court through what is supposed to be a secure corridor and I'll have an investigation undertaken about that immediately. I apologise".
Prasun Sonwalkar in London
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