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WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny

Last updated on: August 20, 2015 20:00 IST
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Here's your weekly digest of the craziest stories from around the world.

1) McDonald's goddess' becomes viral hit

You've heard of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, but what about the glorious McDonald's goddess? That's the name that's been given to McDonald's worker, who has people flocking to see her in real life after she became an online viral star.

Wei Han Xu, also known as Weiwei, has soared to online fame after she was noticed under the golden arches in Taiwan.

A blogger called RainDog shared some images of her and work and she was quickly named a 'McDonald's goddess', although she's no stranger to fame having appeared on some Taiwanese game shows.

Weiwei is a keen social networker and also has a profile on Facebook as a model.

2) From bushy to bendy to downright

From bushy to bendy, these beards are the cream of the crop. Entrants for the 3rd annual Beard and Moustache Competition showed off their whiskers on Saturday travelling from all over the USA to compete.

The Los Angeles Facial Hair Society hosted the event in Hollywood, with 12 categories including goatee, business beard and the whiskerinas for the ladies. There is even a kids category.

The winner had a Mad Hatter theme, with ‘Tea time’ written in his beard hair and a cup created out of his whiskers. 

3) The man who gave up being human to live like a GOAT

This is the man so intruiged by goats he gave it all up to live with them in the mountains. Thomas Thwaites spent three days as part of a herd in the Swiss Alps while investigating goat behaviour.

He used special prosthetic limbs made to enable him to move around on all fours easily. And the designer even considered having a fake stomach fitted to let him to eat grass, just like his four-legged friends.

Mr Thwaites cloven-hooved sojourn was aimed at "taking a break from being. He told Mashable: "My goal was to take a holiday from the pain and worry of being a self-conscious being, able to regret the past and worry about the future."

Photograph: Tim Bowditch

4) Chinese Celebs are outraged by 'Ugliest Wax Museum'. You should be too

Waxing angry. Celebrities across China are outraged at their unauthorized wax figures being included in a museum in Sichuan Province that has been dubbed by netizens as "the ugliest wax museum." See the comparisons for yourself. ?#‎TrendingToday

Photograph: Facebook

5) Obsessed wannabe teen spends thousands to look like Ronaldo

A Danish teenager gripped with 'Ronaldo fever' has spent thousands of pounds just to emulate his football hero. Shanta, who even adopted the surname Ronaldo, has already met his idol five times this year alone. The 17-year-old who looks remarkably similar to Cristiano Ronaldo began to copy the footballer's fashion sense as well. He insists he is just trying to "be himself" and claims that the footballer "motivates" him to pursue his goals.

The teen has become well known around the football club, where he waits for hours outside just to get a glimpse of his hero.

Shanta has also developed a fan base himself, with over 14,500 people following his journey on Twitter.

Photograph: Twitter

6) Forget Trump, Canada candidate slays dragons to nab votes

He rides a Canada goose, slays a dragon and fist bumps an alien - and that's just in the first 30 seconds of Wyatt Scott's campaign video for the upcoming Canadian federal election.

Scott, an independent who is running to represent a region of rural British Columbia in the Oct. 19 vote, posted the attention-grabbing video on YouTube in mid-June, but it went viral this week after being shared widely in online forums.

"I'm here to fight for Canada," Scott proclaims in the special-effect-heavy clip, jumping from the back of a giant Canada goose to stab a dragon through its head. 

7) Apparently the top fantasy job is being a Minion

Being a minion is the top fantasy job which Britons secretly hanker after. The cartoon blobs who found fame in the Despicable Me film franchise took the top spot in a poll of the Top 10 fantasy jobs conducted by vouchercloud.

Minions were closely followed in the poll by being a Hogwarts professor, a superhero or a dinosaur trainer. Other popular picks included being a time-traveller or Jedi Knight. 

8) Sky's the limit for duo making shaped clouds

Everyone's had their head in the clouds at one time or another, but it's even easier thanks to this duo - who are literally making their own clouds. The two men have developed a machine to make artificial clouds out of foam. And what started as a light-hearted hobby has turned into a full-time profession.

The 'cloud vendors' from Zhengzhou City, capital of China’s central Henan Province, built the machine which makes foam bubbles. The bubbles are then forced through wooden boards containing cut-out shapes.

This creates clouds in the shape of stars, hearts, marshmallows and birds.

Photograph: Twitter

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