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Women who had the courage to FIGHT BACK molesters

Last updated on: December 02, 2014 15:47 IST
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The indomitable courage shown by 2 college-going sisters in confronting 3 men who tried to molest them in a moving bus has been applauded both nationally and internationally.

The incident drew massive response on social media after TV channels showed clips of the girls hit back at the aggressors even as passengers remained mute spectators.

There have been other several instances where women have stood up and taken on eve teasers and molesters. lists a few such cases where the victims have fiercely fought back.  

Bengaluru: Woman kicks man who harassed her

Bengaluru resident Veena Ashiya Chindlur was on her daily jog in the neighbourhood park when a man started harassing her. 

Instead of letting it pass, Veena decided to take him on. She chased him till she caught up with him, hit him and then complained to the police.

Her friend, who was working out along with her, pulled out her phone and recorded the entire chase.

The entrepreneur posted the video clipping on social networking website Facebook with a message: "Taught an eve-teaser a tough lesson! I was eve-teased this morning by a guy in a park where I run regularly. I chased him, hit him hard and filed an FIR.

She said the police were quick, polite, prompt and respectful.

Mumbai: Nutritionist chases rickshaw driver

Rujuta Diwekar, a Khar-based celebrity nutritionist, was walking towards her workplace around 4 pm on Ramkrishna Mission road at Khar in Mumbai when an auto rickshaw driver passed lewd comments, blew a whistle and drove away.

Rujuta decided to chase him and as soon as the offender stopped at a signal, she caught hold of him pulled him out of the rickshaw and slapped him.

A woman in a nearby car got off and gave Rujuta moral support. She even clicked photographs of the man and his autorickshaw.

Rujuta told the rickshaw driver that she had the right to wear whatever she wanted and that a woman is not a property to be harassed or taunted. Looking at the mob gathered around him, the offender decided to apologise to Rujuta.

Assam: Girl thrashes Army jawan

This incident took place in Assam's Halflong town when an Army jawan made lewd comments and even touched the victim Rali Faihriem. The incident would have gone by unnoticed but Rali decided to take on the jawan.

Lance Naik Gurvinder Singh of the 8th Battalion of the Sikh Regiment visited Rali’s garment shop in the middle of Halflong town. Gurvinder Singh was in his combat dress with arms and was there to buy innerwear. The jawan allegedly made advances when Rali was showing him the stock she had in her shop.

Rali pulled him out of the shop beat and stoned him in front of everyone.

Meerut: Wife thrashes goons

A few youth misbehaved with a woman and her husband at a crowded chowk in Meerut city but no one came to the couple’s rescue. Even a policeman instead of taking action was a mere spectator. 

The victim and her husband were heading home when they were knocked down from their bike by a car. The youth in the car got into an argument with the victim’s husband and hit him.

The injured woman came to her husband’s rescue, fought off the youth and the couple managed to get away. 

The crowd that had gathered were mere spectators and only clicked photos of the fight on their mobile phones.

Mumbai: Women beat up stalker

Two eve-teasers were beaten up by an angry crowd at the Bandra local train station in Mumbai for harassing a nursing student.

The two offenders harassed the nursing student repeatedly on her way to work, brazenly passing lewd comments. The girl first approached an NGO for help, who then contacted the police.

The policemen laid a trap for the men and filmed the incident. An angry mob caught the offenders and thrashed them before they were led away by the police.  

Mumbai: Woman takes on 5 Navy men

Image used for representational purposes only 

In April this year 5 Indian Navy men were arrested for allegedly molesting a young female banker before attacking her husband in a pub at Khar in Mumbai. 

The class IV personnel with the Indian Navy were booked for unlawful assembly, rioting, molestation and wrongful constraint.

One of the culprits had made lewd remarks at the woman that led to a heated argument between the group and her husband. The accused punched the victim's husband and molested her when the bouncers at the pub intervened and threw the group out of the pub.

The fuming men waited outside until the pub shut down and began chasing the victim while she was travelling in an autorickshaw towards Borivali. The rattled victim then dialed the Mumbai police helpline number.

The police directed the victim to tell the autorickshaw driver to take the vehicle towards Kasturba Marg police station and accordingly, a trap was laid and the accused were intercepted under the Borivali flyover.

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