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PHOTOS: Total solar eclipse captivates crowds

Last updated on: March 09, 2016 10:51 IST
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Crowds across Asia were treated to stunning views of a total solar eclipse on Wednesday morning.

Those in Indonesia had the best vantage point. The moon blacked out the sun in totality over Indonesia’s main western island of Sumatra, before moving eastwards across Sulawesi and Borneo, and then over to the Maluku Islands.

The eclipse was also partially visible in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hawaii and northern Australia, NASA said.

The last total solar eclipse was in March 2015, and the one before that was in November 2012.

The next total solar eclipse is on August 21, 2017 and will be visible from a narrow corridor across the United States.


Isn't it just stunning? A total solar eclipse is seen from the beach on Ternate island, Indonesia. Photograph: Beawiharta/Reuters


When day turned to night! The moon completely blocked the sun, providing people in Indonesia with their first solar eclipse in nearly 33 years. Photograph: Edgar Su/Reuters


Words can't describe the beauty: Youths watch a solar eclipse with self-made solar filters at the beach on Ternate island, Indonesia. Photograph: Beawiharta/Reuters


OMG, is what this girl appears to be saying after she catches a glimpse of the total eclipse. Photograph: Olivia Harris/Reuters


A partial solar eclipse is seen over the Independence Monument in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photograph: Samrang Pring/Reuters


India, unfortunately, missed the total eclipse, but views of a partial eclipse were visible from Assam. 


A capsule of the Singapore Flyer observatory wheel is silhouetted as the sun goes into a partial solar eclipse in Singapore. Photograph: Edgar Su/Reuters

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