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These images will make you forget your COVID-19 worries

April 10, 2020 09:43 IST
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As you are stuck at home owing to the coronavirus outbreak, here are eight images that will bring a smile on your face -- even if it's just for a while!

Hadeel Alami, a Jordanian judo practitioner, uses the sofa as a part of her trainings at her home during the curfew imposed by the government amid concerns over the spread of the coronavirus disease in Amman, Jordan. Photograph: Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

Men dressed up as superheroes Spider-Man and Captain America stand with a banner reading "Stay at Home" in Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph: Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

A chocolate easter bunny wearing a protective face mask is on display at the confectionery of Greek pastry chef Marios Papadopoulos in Thessaloniki, Greece. Photograph: Alexandros Avramidis/Reuters

Nurses hold newborn babies wearing protective face shields during the coronavirus disease outbreak at the Praram 9 hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Photograph: Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters

French chocolate maker Jean-Francois Pre displays Easter eggs shaped as coronavirus in his pastry shop ahead of Easter celebrations in Landivisiau, as the spread of COVID-19 continues in France. Photograph: Stephane Mahe/Reuters

A man wearing a makeshift protective head gear holds palm fronds outside his home as he waits for the blessing of a priest roaming around neighbourhoods to celebrate Palm Sunday amid the lockdown to contain the coronavirus disease in Manila, Philippines. Photograph: Eloisa Lopez/Reuters

A gibbon, named Jim, holds an employee's protective mask, which is used as a preventive measure against the coronavirus disease at a zoo in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Photograph: Pavel Mikheyev/Reuters

Panji, 8, wears an animal-shaped face mask amid the spread of coronavirus disease in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photograph: Ajeng Dinar/Reuters
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