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PHOTOS: The incredibly bizarre world around us

August 13, 2015 08:38 IST
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10 photos that prove the world we live in is crazy and strange


A visitor poses for a photo during the first day of the M’era Luna Festival 2015 on in Hildesheim, Germany. Photograph: Nigel Treblin/Getty Images


Giant panda Wei Wei rests on a block of ice to beat the heat at Wuhan Zoo in Wuhan, China. Photograph: ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images


Tibetan women stand on their horses as they give an equestrian performance during the 10th Chinese Traditional Games of Ethnic Nationalities in Erdos, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China. Photograph: China Daily/Reuters


People look at the lighting test inside a new sculpture in the shape of a giant oil bubble, at a tourism resort built near the first drilling well of the Karamay oil field, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China. The sculpture, consisting of one giant “oil bubble” and many small “old bubbles” which are mostly made of stainless steel, will be finished at the end of August, local media reported. Photograph: Reuters


A woman rides a donkey during a donkey race in Roum village, Jizeen countryside, southern Lebanon. Photograph: Ali Hashisho/Reuters


People attend a foam show, part of a local cultural and sports festival, in the far eastern port of Vladivostok, Russia. Photograph: Yuri Maltsev/Reuters


A child plays with a giant public pay phone at a Square in the town of Itu northwest of Sao Paul. Photograph: Nacho Doce/Reuters


Tourists traveling on rafts look on as women dressed as mermaids pose for photographs in a river, as part of a promotional campaign at a tourism resort in Yongshun county, Hunan province, China. Photograph: Reuters


Cosplay artist Sisu Squid watches broadcasters during The International Dota 2 Championships at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The multiplayer video game tournament launched in 2011 with a then-groundbreaking grand prize of $1 million and now offers an $18 million prize pool. Photograph: Jason Redmond/Reuters


A man wearing a floral arrangement on his back takes part in the annual flower parade, in which flower growers known as ‘silleteros’ present their floral arrangements, in Medellin, Colombia. Photograph: Fredy Builes/Reuters

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