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'It was a miracle': Thai boys discuss their cave experience for the fist time

Last updated on: July 18, 2018 20:12 IST
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The 12 boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand's Chiang Rai province left left hospital on Wednesday and spoke publicly of their ordeal for the first time at a press conference.

IMAGE: The 12 boys and their coach react as they explain their experience in the cave during a news conference in the northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand, on Wednesday. All photographs: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters

The members of ‘Wild Boars’ team looked healthy as they answered questions about the nine days they spent in the cave before being discovered by members of an international rescue team.


IMAGE: The boys left the hospital on Wednesday, with doctors saying that they were in 'good physical and mental health'.

The boys also played footballs with their other teammates and friends on a small makeshift pitch before the press conference. They were greeted by a cheering crowd as they left the hospital.

IMAGE: Massive crowd gathered outside the hospital cheered as the boys came out.

"It is a miracle," said 14-year-old Adul Sam-on about the rescue operation.

WATCH: Thai boys rescued from flooded cave make first public appearance

Though the boys had no food until they were found deep in the complex, surviving only on water that dripped down the side of the cave, doctors said they were in good physical and mental health after recuperating in hospital.

IMAGE: Coach Ekapol Chantawong introduces himself during the news conference.

Earlier, they were advised not to speak to the media or the public about their horrifying experience as it could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

IMAGE: It was time to hug their buddies after long as the boys met their teammates and friends before the conference.

In fact, the questions that were asked in Wednesday’s new conference were forwarded to psychiatrists for screening beforehand by the public relations department in Chiang Rai.

IMAGE: They also played soccer on a small makeshift pitch at the conference venue.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha also urged the media to be ‘cautious in asking unimportant questions’ that could cause unspecified damage.

Doctors have advised families of the boys, aged 11 to 16, that they should avoid letting them contact journalists for at least one month.

IMAGE: The boys have been advised not to speak to journalists or others about their cave experience as it may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The international rescue effort captivated the world after the football team walked into the cave on June 23 and were trapped by rising floodwaters.

After nine days without food, they were found emaciated and huddled in a group on a muddy ledge by British divers several kilometres inside Tham Luang.

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