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Pakistanis want govt offensive to end barbaric Taliban terror

October 16, 2009 18:24 IST

The recent spate of terror attacks across Pakistan, including the one on the Army General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, has not only highlighted the reach and the clout of the Taliban, but also worked to create a favorable public opinion over the planned military offensive in South Waziristan, the outlawed outfit's stronghold.

The 'chained' terror strikes on Thursday, in which more than 30 people were killed including some security personnel, has seen Pakistanis rally support in favour of the offensive against the extremists in their own backyard. People believe that it is high time the government takes on the militants and breaks their nexus, which

is fast gripping the entire nation.

"It's really time for the government to act now and break their networks everywhere, including Waziristan. They need to stop these terrorists from infiltrating. Right now, they are targeting security forces, but the next target might be public places," The Christian Science Monitor quoted Salman Kazmi, a Lahore based doctor, as saying.

Ali Ibrahim, a lawyer by profession, said militants should be dealt with full force as people have seen the result of half-hearted efforts in the past. "We should definitely be moving into Waziristan right now. Once you decide to take action, that should be wholehearted and made with a full effort," Ibrahim said.

Source: ANI