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Now Mahashweta Devi says she has full faith in Mamata

November 23, 2011 17:03 IST

Two days after she dubbed the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal as 'fascist', Magsaysay award winner social activist Mahashweta Devi has said she had full faith in the chief minister.

"I have full faith on Mamata Banerjee's leadership. She only can rebuild a new Bengal. Her work among the poor, backward classes, tribals and minorities are well known," sources close to the 87-year-old Mahashweta Devi told PTI quoting a synopsis of a column by her to be published in a newspaper on Thursday.

"What I had said that day, should not create any misunderstanding. I have taken up the pen only to express my feelings. What I had said that day should be taken in its proper perspective. I have no desire to see this government lose power," the sources said.

"There can be criticism of the government. That is democracy. But if my criticism leads to misunderstanding, I will desist from doing so in future," according to the synopsis.

The sources said that she had made certain critical comments against the state government as she was 'emotionally surcharged'.

They said that Mahasweta Devi had made the critical observation as there was undue delay by the government in allotment of a venue for an APDR rally.

The writer's critical observation of the state government at a press conference organised by Association for Protection of Democratic Rights on Monday, prompted the chief minister to react.

The chief minister had said that though she respected the writer and her age she had been tutored and that she spoke was also a testimony to democracy in the state.

The writer in a letter also to Trinamool Congress General Secretary Mukul Roy on Tuesday, said "a new Bengal will emerge under Mamata's leadership."

Roy said "she regularly corresponds with us on a number of issues."

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