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'My application will expose the govt on Lokpal issue'

October 09, 2011 21:37 IST

Right To Information activist Subhash Aggarwal is a pleased man today. After waiting for four months, his application, which appealed to make public the deliberations of the joint Lokpal drafting committee, has been finally heard on Sunday.

Speaking to, Aggarwal said, "I'm delighted to get the records for public benefit that would expose the government of India and the stand taken by the five Cabinet ministers who represented the government to draft the Lokpal bill along with five members of the civil society headed by Anna Hazare."

Aggarwal, who filed the RTI application on June 7, said, "It took four months to get a response. I paid money to get the documents, although the RTI act clearly says that if there is delay and the required information is not given within 30
days then the applicant need not pay anything. I would ask for the refund later. My immediate concern is to get the information."

Team Anna members and civil society representatives Arvind Kejriwal and Prashan Bhushan would address a press conference after the tapes are received. "Of course I would be present at the media interaction," Aggrawal said.

Members of the civil society agitating for a stronger Lokpal Bill have been claiming that the government was leaking out wrong information and had demanded that the tape recordings should be made public so that the people of India get to know 'the truth.'
Onkar Singh in New Delhi