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Kiran Kumar Reddy wanted me to help stall Telangana: Ex-DGP

Last updated on: October 09, 2013 15:45 IST

Once the blue eyed boy of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, the former Director General of Police Dinesh Reddy is up in arms against the CM today.

It was an outburst that no one expected would happen, considering that there were absolutely no signs of differences between the two.

The DGP has accused the CM of adding fuel to the fire and ensuring that the police department came out with fabricated tales to stall the Telangana movement. He told’s Vicky Nanjappa that he was under a lot of pressure from the CM to make statements so that the process of Telangana could be stalled.

"I am not speaking in favour or against Telangana. I am just pointing out what happened. I have been asked by several persons to provide proof about what I have been saying. I am sure about what had happened, and I have not fabricated anything.

"Even the timing of my statements is being questioned. I did my best as an officer and we all need to respect our superiors. I was upset about certain things and the allegation that I am making these statements because I was denied an extension is all wrong. I stand by what I am saying.

"The movement for Telangana was gaining a lot of impetus. The CM was against the movement and wanted to stall it. In fact, when I had gone to Delhi, I was asked by the media whether the formation of Telangana would lead to an increase on Naxal activity in the region.

"I had clearly said that it was a hypothetical question. The media however decided to twist my statement and said that formation of Telangana would lead to an increase in Naxal activity.

"The CM was very upset that I had said that it was only a hypothetical question. I was told to issue a statement saying that Naxal movement would be reborn if Telangana was formed. I however refused to issue any such statement, and this angered the CM.

"There are various incidents to show that the CM wanted to stall the formation of Telangana. Moreover, what we felt that he was not serious about curbing the problem. We were constantly monitoring the situation and even the state and central intelligence had warned us of trouble regarding this issue.

"When the Congress Working Committee decided to form Telangana, there were protests being arranged at the L B stadium in Hyderabad by people from Seema-Andhra. We had clearly stated that the situation was too volatile and no permission should be granted.

"However the CM told me to issue the permission. The same happened with an advocates’ protest in Cyberabad. We did not want the IT corridor to be disrupted, and hence denied permission. I was told point blank by the advocates that I could not stop them since the CM had given them permission.

"It is wrong to say that I was the blue-eyed boy of the chief minister. The problem began when I had refused to help his brother Santhosh Kumar Reddy settle several land-related disputes in his favour.

"This in fact cost me my extension -- before that I had been given the assurance of a year’s extension. I would say that this was the CM’s personal agenda for turning down his brother. I know for a fact that I was one of the best officers in the state and did not deserve to be humiliated in this manner.

"You can see for yourself that my name was not even there in the list of retiring officers of the Union Public Service Commission list of 2013. However, I was handed over my retirement notice two days before my superannuation.

"I only had two days to approach the Central Administrative Tribunal or the Supreme Court. Clearly, the time was not enough. This has hurt me, and I don’t believe I deserved this.

"All through there was interference in administrative matters. I was told by the CM to transfer some officers, which I thought was in his interest. To make matters worse, there are several officers who were awaiting their postings due to negligence on the CM’s part.

"However, I would like to point out that each time I was told to hold back an appointment or affect a transfer that I felt it was being done for a personal reason, I never heeded to that request

"It was very clear that not many were interested in controlling the situation in Andhra Pradesh. The intelligence inputs suggested major trouble in the Seema-Andhra region, following the announcement on Telangana.

"I sought the deployment of 40 companies of paramilitary forces. I think that is what any officer would do as his job is to maintain law and order. I was asked by the CM on whose instructions had I issued such an order. I gave him my explanation but he was unhappy. Does a bureaucrat know the situation better than a politician, I was asked.

“I know what is best for the state, the CM told me,” alleges the former DGP.

Vicky Nanjappa