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NRI kills Israeli girlfriend

October 03, 2005 08:58 IST

An Indian national working in a hotel in the southern coastal city of Eilat has strangulated his Israeli girlfriend to death alleging that she "betrayed" him.

Kansal Sani, 23, himself called up the police an hour after killing his girlfriend Shlomit Elkobi on Friday and confessed to the murder.

He told the police that an argument broke out between them over his suspicion that she had "betrayed" him, which she denied, a media report said.

During the noisy scuffle, he said that he caught Shlomit by her neck and kept her in his grip till she was dead, the daily Ma'ariv said.

The police chief said Kansal re-enacted the whole scene after they arrived at the scene.

Kansal came to Israel in April 2004 from Mumbai and met Shlomit about a year back when she was staying at the luxury hotel as a guest.

"A romance immediately sparked off between the two, which even led to the Israeli girl divorcing her husband to move in with Kansal in the same apartment," an Indian national working in the city told PTI.

Shlomit, from the northern town of Kiryat Bialik, moved down to the south and also found work in a hotel to live with her new found love.

The Indian national however said that the going was never easy between the two during the last three months that they stayed together with frequent fights over cultural issues such as language, place of living and religion.

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