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Is an official BJP-TDP alliance on its way?

February 05, 2014 15:47 IST

Chandrababu Naidu’s meeting with Narendra Modi later on Wednesday will be closely monitored. However, the TDP chief maintains that at the moment he is only concerned about the Telangana issue and nothing else. Vicky Nanjappa reports.

Is an official Bharatiya Janata Party-Telugu Desam Party alliance on its way? All eyes would be on the meeting between TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi scheduled for later on Wednesday.

However, Naidu made it clear that this is not an alliance talk but the issue is about Telangana alone.

Naidu told that this is not the time to speak about alliances as there are other pressing issues before them.

“The state of Andhra Pradesh is in doldrums thanks to the conspiracy of the Congress and the YSR Congress. None are serious about the issue, and are only speaking for their political gains. My job is to ensure that there is a decision taken on the basis of a large consensus. I had met with (BJP president) Rajnath Singh a few days back and discussed the issue. Even the meeting in the days to come with BJP leaders will only focus on Telangana and not an alliance,” he said.

It must be pointed out that the BJP does need an ally in Andhra Pradesh. While it is confident of making Telangana a stronghold in the next five years, the same cannot be said about Seema-Andhra where it needs allies.

The BJP is keen on the alliance, but is facing opposition from its leaders in Telangana. The leaders from Telangana say that any tie up with Naidu will be suicidal for the BJP’s future in Telangana as he is seen as an opponent of the state formation.

The TDP, on the other hand, makes it clear that it would formally announce an alliance before the elections only if the BJP manages to stall the Telangana bill in Parliament.

The BJP is in a fix since it has always been committed towards the formation of Telangana. Even the few clauses that the BJP put forth which have to be added into the bill are accepted by the Congress.

Only the clause regarding a capital for Seema-Andhra will not be added by the Congress since a committee has to be set up and only after taking a view of all interested parties can the same be decided.

The TDP is, however, hell bent that it would form an alliance only if the BJP stalls the Telangana bill. However the TDP also does realise that it is not in a great position to bargain since on the other end Jaganmohan Reddy is waiting to grab any opportunity with a government that may be formed at the Centre.

However, TDP sources say that there is also a Plan B. In case the BJP fails to stall the Telangana bill, there will be no pre-poll alliance. “But after the polls and depending on the circumstances, the TDP will decide on whom to ally with”, the TDP source pointed out.

Meanwhile, the leaders from Telangana have already decided to take the next step forward. An invitation card that has been printed by a Congress MP refers to Telangana as a state. The invitation for the marriage of the nephew of Madhu Yaski Goud while mentioning the normal formalities has an address at the end of it which reads, Kompilli Garden, state of Telangana.

The leaders from Telangana are sure about the bill going through. They are not worried about the protests that are carried out by Kiran Kumar Reddy and the rest.

“Even if 25 MPs in Parliament quit it will make no difference to the bill since we are sure that the BJP will ensure the same is passed,” the leader noted.

Image: Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi

Vicky Nanjappa