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Indian American doctor wins top Filipino honour

June 17, 2011 08:48 IST

Dr Navin C Nanda, professor of medicine and director of the Heart Station/Echocardiography Laboratories at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, US, has been awarded the Maharlika Award in Science by Philippines "in recognition of his valuable pioneering work in Echocardiography and his leadership in advocating its widespread utilization on a global scale."

Considered the pioneer of echocardiography in the world, Nanda explained that "Maharlika in the Filipino idiom connotes nobility or royalty -- as someone who has become the respected leader of a clan or tribe reverentially referred to as the Datu or Sultan."

The Inian American doctor told that on being presented with this award, "they said to them I was the Datu of echocardiography, which was quite humbling and even though I've received scores of awards through the years, each one, as did this award, carries with it a special meaning, particularly since it shows a deep appreciation for the cutting-edge work in echocardiography that I've dedicated my life's work to."

The award was presented by the Organising Committee of the Philippines Association of Cardiology during the opening ceremony of the 14th World Congress of Echocardiography, Vascular Ultrasound and Allied Techniques, held recently in Mandaluyong City in the Philippines.

In September 2010, the World Congress of Clinical, Preventive, and Geriatric Cardiology, at its parley held in New Delhi, honored Nanda as the 'Cardiologist of the Millennium.'

Not to be outdone, the Indian College of Cardiology at their annual meeting held in Lucknow, a month later on October 30-November 1, presented Nanda with its 'Outstanding Medical Teacher of the Millennium' award.
Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC