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How dangerous are the Rohingya?

By Uttam Ghosh
September 25, 2017 09:03 IST
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The Rohingya crisis -- where members of Myanamar's Muslim community have been driven out of their homes by the Myanmarese army's brutal repression -- is said to be the worst humanitarian crisis confronting the world today.

About 40,000 Rohingya live in India, having fled Myanamar for fear of their lives.

Ignoring criticism at home and abroad, the Narendra D Modi government plans to send the Rohingya back to Myanmar in a decision that overturns everything that this great nation has stood for for centuries -- as a safe haven for communities like the Jews and Zorastrians in earlier times, and the East Pakistan refugees in 1971, fleeing persecution and likely death.

Uttam Ghosh asks the prime minister and his government why the Rohingya are a threat to our country.


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